What are Cake Pops?

Looking for a custom dessert that can take your sweet tooth to the next level? Look no further than the Cake Pop! A dessert option where you need no plate, no fork, it makes no mess, and tastes like a dream come true.

Cake pops are sweet, creamy, cupcakes with intense & colorful flavors on a stick or sometimes a straw.  What makes them special is the unique shapes, sizes & decorative themes that can be basic or customized for any holiday, birthday or special occasion. They are usually shaped round like a globe but can come in creative themes like footballs, hearts or animals.

Cake pops can also come in different styles and are usually inter linked with other dessert pops on a stick  like cookie dough pops, brownie pops, smores pops, and oreo pops. They also come in the convenient form of a push pop.

A  wallet friendly dessert option especially considering the amounts of unique flavors and types that most bakeries offer. They usually range from $2 – $4 a pop at most local bakeries but closer to the $2 range for larger party orders. If purchasing desserts is not your style then they can  be really fun and simple to create at home.

You can usually start a basic cake pop with cake ingredients like red velvet cake, chocolate cake, or vanilla sponge cake. Then include different spreads like chocolate hazelnut, jam or even cream cheese icing. Some plain chocolate bars or flavored chocolate buttons. Decorations like sprinkles of rainbow, ruby red or chocolate assortments and don’t forget, cake pop sticks!

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