5 of the Hottest Dessert Trends of 2017

Last year, upscale cupcakes and cake pops were all the rage. Bakeries and patisseries are constantly trying to advance their industry with innovative creations and dessert combinations. From cakes to cookies to chocolate, there is something for every taste. Staying up to date with the latest and greatest in dessert trends will leave you the envy of your friends and family. Here are 5 of the Hottest Dessert Trends of 2017.

Island Flavor Cheesecake

Rolled Ice Cream

Rolled ice cream seems to be sweeping the nation these days. Viral YouTube videos have brought popularity to the once hidden treat. The trend, starting out in Thailand, is one of the freshest additions to the dessert world. Philadelphia and New York City were the first to take the art mainstream.

Beginning with a giant metal sheet that is kept ice cold, the ice cream–still in its liquid state–is poured into a thin layer. The ice cream vendor will typically add a customizable range of ingredients and “chop” them into the ice cream. Making sure to keep it thin for the rolling portion, the vendor will use, what looks like, paint scrapers to peel this thin layer. The layer is rolled creating the signature shape.

Bagel Sandwiches

Why would a bagel sandwich be included on a list of the hottest dessert trends? Look no further than San Diego, California for the answer. The Square Bar Cafe serves up a “Rainbow Bagel” which is unlike any bagel you know. Known as “The Bagel That Broke the Internet”, the original “Rainbow Bagel” originated in New York City at The Bagel Store. Being known for bagels is one thing, being known as an innovator of a centuries old food is no small task.

Square Bar Cafe adds their own flair on this tasty treat and dishes out colorful bagels smeared with birthday cake cream cheese and sprinkled with sprinkles or fruity pebbles. The awe inspiring colors come through the bagel dough in true rainbow fashion and the over the top toppings prove that bagels really can be on the dessert menu.

Taste of the Islands

Island flavors have always been an inspiration for delicious desserts and when summer rolls in the taste of fresh fruits are often craved among many sweet tooths. The refreshing tropical citrus flavors from the islands bring desserts featuring Meyer lemons, kumquats, mangoes, coconut, and passion fruit.

Island Flavor Ice Cream

The dessert selections vary from fruit salad to sorbet, and cheesecake to shaved ice. Island flavors are exotic, tongue tickling, and an invigorating addition to any dessert so it’s no wonder so many bake shops, ice cream parlors, and dessert connoisseurs are serving up a taste of the islands.

Less Sweet, More Savory

For those who love a little sweet and savory when it comes to dessert there has been a growing trend of bringing back those unique flours back to the kitchen that lender a little more flavor to many baked treats. Unlike the common white flours, we are used to enjoying in our baked goods, flours made from quinoa, chia, sorghum, and other specialty mills are turning up in many bake shops.

Paired with natural sweeteners like honey, agave, and coconut sugar–these treats are seeming to not only lend new flavors to the palate but may even prove to be a little healthier on the gut too. The addition of these unique flours brings a savory and even nutty flavor to many baked goods–balancing the texture and sweetness found in typical standard white flour.

Pint Sized Pastries

Something about eating miniature bite sized treats is so satisfying when it comes to the dessert menu. Mini desserts have really begun to take off and just about any dessert can be found in miniature form–way beyond the typical “Petits Fours” so famously enjoyed in French pastry.

From doughnuts to cheesecake, cookies to pie, and everything in between, there is an incredible selection available from city to city. These bite size delights allow you to eat less, but still get all the sweet desserts you crave.

Want to be the first on your block with the hottest trends in desserts? We hope the 5 of the Hottest Dessert Trends of 2017 has given you a sneak peek at what’s to come in the world of flour, cream, and butter. The best news is that most of these products can be found online and you don’t have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to find them. Bon Appetit!

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