10 of the Most Delectable Cakes from Around the World

For countries, people have been baking specialty to produce something exquisite for those who love to indulge in sweet and savory desserts. Cake recipes have been pass down from one generation to the next and actually date back to the 1400’s. In fact,  the Egyptians were the first to ever bake a cake using different essential grains and ingredient for  flavoring

A Cultural History of Cakes

Specialty cakes are some of the most popular desserts all over the world for different reasons and exude a cultural heritage of their own. There are countless recipes that incorporate different ingredients as each type of cake can be made with a different consistency and aesthetic fascination. Historically, each type of cake symbolizes a tradition from each culture around the world and can provide a better look at how people used to live hundreds of years ago.

There are quite literally thousands of cake recipes that are made by different families and pastry chefs that have changed the world of desserts forever. While some recipes are older than others, they still hold the same appeal to the eye and tastebuds. Both chefs and dessert connoisseurs now have the technology to use the most up-to-date baking techniques to produce something out of this world.

What Makes Cakes So Delicious?

It’s not just the tasty ingredients that make up a cake that make them special but also their consistency and appearance. Each type of cake is made a specific way and may only share some common ingredients. Most cakes are made from various combinations of refined flour, shortening, sweetening, eggs, milk, a leavening agent or even flavoring.

Why not let yourself be tempted by some of the world’s greatest cakes? You can choose your favorite flavors, fruits and ingredients and use them in any basic cake recipe to make something truly out of this world. Let’s learn about some of the world’s most famous cakes and reminisce over a taste of the divine.

Sweet, savory and delicious – that is exactly what you expect out of a cake. Here are 10 mouth-watering cake recipes from around the world that people have preserved for hundreds of years.

Angel Food Cake

Some people like to make this type of cake as a birthday cake. Traditionally, it is made with cake flour and almond extract can be topped with almonds. Also, it is generally thought to be a spin-off of the wildly popular sponge cake, which was one of the first non-yeast baked cakes invented in the early nineteenth century.

Bundt Cake

This old-fashioned Southern style cake is baked in a round bundt pan and originated from the European cake called a Gugelhupf. It can be thought of as a baker’s secret weapon it how tasty they are and how simple it is to make. The bundt cake can literally be made with any ingredients that your heart desires.

Butter Cake

This is one of the most practical cakes that is perfect for any occasion. Add your favorite fruit to personalize it and enhance the flavor. Made with all of the standard ingredients in cake recipes, this cake also contains sugar a hint of vanilla for a rich taste that will lure in any cake-eater.

Carrot Cake

Not only can you add fruit to your favorite cake, but you can add a vegetable as well. This type of cake contains carrots in the batter and when cooked, makes a dense and flavor-packed cake. Surprisingly, this cake has been around since the 1800’s and originated in the decadent country of France that is known as the culinary capital of the world.


Originating in the Greek island of Samos, this is one of the specialty cakes that have been used for hundreds of years and modified slightly in the 1800’s to what we recognize it as today. Modern recipes incorporate cream cheese and may even add an extra flavor punch with assorted berries, chocolate or other popular flavorings. What is so unique about this type of cake is that each region in the world has adopted their own way of making it in a way that people crave.

Chocolate Cake

Who can resist the exquisite taste of chocolate that melts in your mouth instantaneously? Chocolate cake is one of the most popular cakes around that contains not only chocolate but other tasty ingredients as well. This may include fudge, caramel, vanilla crème and sweeteners to taste that will make you come back for another slice.

Coffee Cake

This is one of the specialty cakes that are moist and topped with a delicious topping that is out of this world. It’s streusel topping that complements a fine cup of coffee or tea whenever you feel the urge. It is made with all of your favorite ingredients and can be modified with cocoa or cinnamon powder to sweeten each bite to meet your preferences.

Fondant Cake

Have you ever found yourself drooling over an exquisitely baked cake with many fluffy layers jam packed with all the flavors you could ever want? Invented in the 16th century, fondant cake is a layered cake that is most commonly used as a wedding cake that melts in your mouth. In fact, the word “fondant” comes from the French word “fonder”, which means “to melt”.

Fruit Cake

You know it’s the holidays when you see fruit cake everywhere – in the stores, in commercials and even baking in your friend’s kitchens. The fruit cake has been around since the 1400’s and is a type of cake that is literally made up of two to three pounds of individually chosen dried fruits. Interestingly enough, it used to be customary for unmarried wedding guests in olden-day England to gift newly-weds with a dark fruitcake.

Red Velvet Cake

A well-known type of cheesecake that is the pride of Southern bakers is imbued with a fine red hue and a sweet tang of cream cheese frosting. This recipe dates all the way back to the 1800’s and is made with buttermilk, sugar, flavoring and either red or blue coloring additives. Each slice of this cake will sooth your sweet tooth and become hard to resist.

Spice Cake

This is one of the many historically symbolic specialty cakes that originated in different regions of Yorkshire and is often referred to as is often referred to as yule or pepper cake. Spice cake is unique and unlike any other type of cake because it contains ingredients like molasses, nutmeg, cinnamon and even cloves that give it that unforgettable zingy flavor. This recipe has been traditionally made with sultanas, currants, candied peels and a variety of spices that create a memorable experience for those who eat it.

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