The 9 Best Cake Shops in Berlin

Serving as the capital city and also being the largest city of Germany, Berlin is home to Alexanderplatz, the Brandenburg Gate, and Museum Island among many other historic sites and great tourist attractions. But if you’re in the area and happen to be looking for a great place to get cake either by the slice or by the whole cake, for an occasion or just to have something sweet to eat, then come along with us as we travel through Paper City to see our picks for the top 9 cake shops in Berlin!

Cakes Berlin

Online bakery Cakes Berlin was established in 2015 and specializes in wedding cakes and custom special occasion cakes. They believe that sweets should play a part in making every day special, so when it comes to creating beautiful, exquisite cakes, only the best will do. All of the cakes are made to-order only, and owner and baker Stephanie Illouz is passionate about making them taste as good as they look. Stephanie started out as a prop maker, then started making edible decorations, which ultimately led her to opening Cakes Berlin.

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Customers rave about how Stephanie goes above and beyond to help make someone’s perfect cake come to life. Fan favorite cakes include the Oreo Bomb, the Pink Bomb, and her mini cakes come recommended as well!

Giomecca Pastry

GIOMECCA PASTRY, Berlin - Pankow (Borough) - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number - Tripadvisor

From cakes and mini cakes to pastries made the Italian way, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, then you should check out the goodies available at Giomecca Pastry! When it comes to high quality cakes, they literally take the cake with their perfectly constructed, visually appealing offerings. At only eleven years old, owner Giorgio Mecca got into the pastry business by watching his neighbor make pastries in his own restaurant. From there, he went to culinary academy at Istituto Albert when he was fourteen and graduated three years later, and in 2016, Giomecca Pastry was born.

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Fans say in spite of its small size, Giomecca Pastry makes some of the most amazing cakes and pastries in Berlin. Fan favorite cakes include the Red Velvet and the Pistachio.

Mr. Minsch

MR. MINSCH, Berlin - Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (Borough) - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number - Tripadvisor

Cakes, sweets, and pies in a variety of unique and creative flavors as well as a few vegan selections can be found here at Mr. Minsch! Whether you’re looking for something simple like Chocolate Raspberry to something more exotic like the Franconian Apple, the Egg Liqueur, or the Lemon Cheese Cream cake, no matter what you choose, you will receive a fresh, delicious cake made with only the finest ingredients and with as much or as little decoration as you like.

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Patrons describe the cakes from Mr. Minsch as fresh and full of flavor. Fan favorite cakes include the Chocolate, the German Eggnog, and the Cheesecake.

Der Kuchenladen

photo3.jpg - Picture of Der Kuchenladen, Berlin - Tripadvisor

Established in 2008, Der Kuchenladen offers pastries and cake by the slice in their cafe, as well as cakes to-go, cake options designed by the staff at Der Kuchenladen, and cakes crafted with custom designs to suit any occasion or dream wedding. Whatever your grandest cake dreams may be, they will work with you to make it a reality. Der Kuchenladen takes pride in offering unique cakes that are rich in flavor and hand crafted with traditional and more creative recipes and decorated by the best of the best.

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Customers are just as impressed with the staff’s customer service as they are the cakes from here! Fan favorite cakes include the Chocolate with Chocolate Cream, the Carrot Cake, and the Traditional Cheesecake.

Du Bonheur

DU BONHEUR, Berlin - Mitte (Borough) - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number - Tripadvisor

Located close to the Berlin Wall Monument, Du Bonheur is a French patisserie and cafe that offers small cakes and slices of cake, pastries that are both sweet and savory, tarts, and full-size cakes, which have to be ordered in advance as they don’t keep full-sized cakes on hand. Owners and co-founders Anna Plagens and Stephan Zuber opened Du Bonheur in April of 2013 along with a talented staff of bakers after they both had gained quite a bit of experience, Stephan as a restauranteur and Plagena as a pastry chef.

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Faithful customers all agree that the cakes are as tasty as they are beautiful in their glass display cases. One of the top fan favorite cakes is the French Style Cake.

Café & Patisserie Lézard Berlin

Lézard - Takeout & Delivery - 110 Photos & 13 Reviews - Patisserie/Cake Shop - Bamberger Str. 49, Schöneberg, Berlin, Germany - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Yelp

From bright and colorful cakes to cupcakes, cookies, pies, muffins, and cake pops, Café & Patisserie Lézard Berlin has you covered! Need the perfect cake for a wedding, a child’s birthday, or any other occasion? Have it decorated and customized to suit your needs in a variety of ways from photo cakes to famous characters, to specialty cakes like ice cream cakes, 3D-style cakes, and decadent drip cakes. Café & Patisserie Lézard Berlin use only the finest quality ingredients in their cakes and other confections, and take great pride in offering not only beautiful but tasty products.

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Customers love how much time the staff invests in listening to their requests and fulfilling their cake desires. Fan favorite cakes include the Cheesecakes, the Chocolate Strawberry, and good ol’ Chocolate Cake.

Frau Behrens Torten

Frau Behrens Torten - Picture of Konditorei Frau Behrens Torten, Berlin - Tripadvisor

Frau Behrens Torten sees cake as more than just cake, they see it as an artform. First established in 2003 by owner Victoria Fernandéz, they were a supply shop for small cafes and restaurants. However, due to their popularity, they ended up becoming their own established bakery and over the last 17 years they have expanded to have three branch storefronts as well as the bakery itself. All cakes made at Frau Behrens Torten are crafted with only the best and most fresh ingredients. They can create a wonderful cake for you for any celebration, or you can choose one of their pre-made cakes from their bakery storefront.

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Loyal patrons love coming to this beautiful Victorian style cake shop and cafe. Fan favorite cakes include the Lemon Cake, the Nut Cake, and the Fruit Cake.

Mansfield Park

Online-Shop | Mansfield Park | Berlin

This online-based cakery offers modern, elegant cakes for any occasion you could possibly imagine. With frosting choices such as Ombre, Monochrome, and Semi-Naked, color and decoration options as well as flavors are almost limitless! Although the cakes are minimalistic, there is nothing simple about these exquisite show-stopping creations. Mansfield Park is a one-woman operation that makes only vegan cakes with the finest ingredients and flowers (for decoration) available.

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Customers say that the cakes made at Mansfield Park are tasty pieces of art. Fans highly recommend any of her cake flavors because they’re all delicious.

Konditorei Buchwald

KONDITOREI BUCHWALD, Berlin - Mitte (Borough) - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number - Tripadvisor

Konditorei Buchwald has been serving Berlin cakes, pastries, ice cream, and coffee for over 160 years, with their specialty cake being the Tree Cake. Baked in the Cottbusser style, their Tree Cake recipe has been handed down over several generations and has earned itself the nickname of “King of Cakes.” Their secret recipe only reveals that it calls for spices and the finest marzipan, and is made by applying many thin layers to a rotating roller. Once constructed, it’s baked over an open flame, then once cooled it’s sealed with apricot jam and then gets coated with icing or couverture. So whether you’re looking to try this German specialty or any of their other delectable quality cakes, you can’t go wrong!

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Visitors love the staff just as much as they love the fresh, quality cakes. Fan favorite cakes include the Baumkuchen, the Mandarin Cheesecake, and the Tree Cakes.


Natives and visitors of Berlin alike who have been lucky enough to visit or place orders with these cake shops recommend them whether you’re looking for the perfect cake for your wedding or any other important celebrations, or if you’re just looking for a slice of cake or even a whole cake to bring home for dessert. No matter which of the nine best cake shops in Berlin you choose, it will be the right choice!