When you think of Wyoming, most likely images of the Old, more wild West come to mind. Along with its historical roots, Wyoming is home to seven national parks like Yellowstone, where Old Faithful resides, other landmarks such as Devil’s Tower, and a nice variety of places to get a great cake. So come along with us as we hit the trail and ride through the Cowboy State to check out our top six picks for the best cake shops in Wyoming!

Golden Prairie Bakery

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Located in Laramie, Golden Prairie Bakery makes all of its cakes and other baked goods, like artisan bread and pastries, from scratch only using the best ingredients available. Their professionals are who you want to go see for a custom cake to suit your special occasions, or they have a great selection of cake designs with your choice of flavors and other details.

Golden Prairie Bakery very much regards itself as a local neighborhood bakery in the Laramie area. Its bakers take pride in their homemade cakes, pies, breads, and other baked goods, and encourage anyone who appreciates homemade baked goods to give them a try.

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Loyal patrons say they love coming here not just because of the awesome cakes and baked goods, but also the excellent customer service. Fan favorite cakes include the Flourless Chocolate Cake, the Coffee Cake, and the Carrot Cake.

The Bread Basket Bakery

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The Bread Basket Bakery calls Cheyenne, the capital of Wyoming, home. They specialize in regular and custom cakes as well as cookies, breads, and sandwiches. The staff of bakers and decorators believe that you deserve only the best cakes for all of your special occasions, so whatever you can dream, they can do it with your choice of shape and size, icings, and even jelly fillings.

The Bread Basket Bakery begins its baking early in the morning; one of the first things that hits you as you walk in is the smell of fresh bread, cakes, and cookies all wafting through the air. Their flour is mixed with honey and they strive to use only the best ingredients, so it’s no wonder they have been voted Cheyenne’s Best Bakery!

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Longtime customers say that The Bread Basket Bakery is very much a mom and pop sort of establishment that they love to support. Their custom cakes are a customer favorite no matter what the flavor, but one of their most recommended flavors is their Blueberry Topping Cake with lemon.

Frosted Tops

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Frosted Tops is located in Casper; their specialties are custom, one-of-a-kind cakes, cupcakes, and even macarons for all occasions. When you imagine the perfect cake for your co-worker’s retirement party, your child’s graduation, or even your wedding day, Frosted Tops is dedicated to making it happen, no matter how intricate or simple you want it to be, in their unique, creative way.

Frosted Tops provides treats for any occasion, and they want to make your day a little bit sweeter. They post lots of photos of their incredible, edible artwork on Instagram, leaving many folks wishing Casper, Wyoming, was just a little bit closer.

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Folks love the vibe that Frosted Tops gives off almost as much as they love the cakes and cupcakes offered here! Fan favorite cakes include the Raspberry, Lemon, and Carrot Cakes.

Wind City Sweets & Treats

Another Casper bakery, Wind City Sweets & Treats is a made-to-order gourmet bakery that offers custom cakes for any occasion including weddings, as well as muffins, scones, cupcakes, rolls, and other sugary fare. From elegant to whimsical, Wind City Sweets & Treats can make the perfect cake to suit your occasion.

Lisa Dodds opened Wind City Sweets & Treats in 2016 in her own home. Her cakes and baked goods became so popular that she ended up needing to move operations to a larger commercial kitchen that is located within Gruner Brother’s Brewing in 2019. She is still working towards having her very own storefront, but for now, she plans to keep working hard to provide fresh, delicious baked goods and beautiful cakes to the Casper, Wyoming area.

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Most everyone who has experienced Wind City Sweets & Treats for themselves agree the quality of the cakes, baked goods, and customer service are top notch. One of the most popular fan favorite cakes is their Carrot Cake.

Eileen’s Colossal Cookies

Yes, you read that correctly. This is Eileen’s Colossal Cookies, once again in Casper, where you can get huge, custom decorated cookie cakes that measure up to 16 inches! So if you’re looking for a more unique option for a birthday or any other type of celebration, consider one of these gigantic cookies decorated just like a cake!

Eileen’s Colossal Cookies is a franchise business that began in founder Eileen’s hometown of Hastings, Nebraska in April of 1982. Her desire to make and decorate cookies came from when she took a cake decorating class with the intent of making her own cakes for her children. Soon, she decided to try baking, decorating, and selling cookies rather than cakes. She opened her first storefront in Hastings in October of 1983 and hasn’t looked back since.

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Customers love this alternative to normal cake! The most popular fan favorite cookie cake is the frosted chocolate chip cookie.

Buttercream Design Co.

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Located in Jackson, Buttercream Design Co. is ready to make the most spectacular cake to highlight your most special occasions. Whether you’re looking for a simple and elegant wedding cake or a custom birthday cake, Buttercream Design Co. is dedicated to not only providing your celebrations with a beautiful cake, but one that is equally as delicious.

Owner Ashley and her entire team at Buttercream Design Co. have more than eighteen years of experience with making wedding cakes in high-end locations all around the world including nationally famous locales such as The Biltmore Estate, Pebble Beach, and the Four Seasons. However, no matter how many cakes they have made in their time, Ashley says each one is always different.

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Customers love Ashley and her cakes almost equally. Fan favorite cakes include the French Macaron, the Blackberry Marscapone, and the vanilla cake with blueberries.

So whether you’re on vacation taking a tour of Big Wyoming or if you’re a native to the state, consider stopping in or giving any of our top six cake shops a call if you’re in need of a little something special.