The Covid-19 pandemic has been hard for everyone. From trying to stay home more and wear masks in public, to encountering shortages on essentials and taking unexpected time off of work, we’ve all had to find ways to adjust and roll with the times. With more folks staying home than ever before, it’s become important to try and find fun and engaging things to do in order to keep from going stir-crazy and keep as normal of a life as possible in these unprecedented times.

With all of the extra time at home and cutting out non-essential trips, many people have started doing a lot more home cooking and baking. Many bakery favorites have started offering kits that you can order so you can bake your favorite bread, cookies, and so much more in the safety and comfort of your own home. There are also plenty of baking subscriptions available so you can receive monthly kits with everything you need to create delicious baked goods. Whether you’re a baking pro or a novice, these kits are a great way to have some fun baking at home!

So if you’ve found yourself at home more than usual during all of this and are missing some of your favorite goodies, or if you’re just wanting to try something new but don’t want the hassle of trying to buy all of the ingredients and measure them for yourself, come along with us and check out our list of ten fun baking kits that ship across the U.S. for you to try!

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Survival Kits

The famous and trendy Mr. Holmes Bakehouse of San Francisco is home to some of the most beautiful pastries you can imagine. With the rising number of Covid-19 cases, they have developed some Survival Kits that you can order to bake up some of your favorite treats yourself. For example, they have a Bread Starter Kit that comes with a dough starter so that you can make your own fresh bread; you can also get one of their Chocolate Chip Cookie kits.

Williams Sonoma Flour Shop Rainbow Explosion Cake Kit

Many of us have seen multiple videos and pictures of a barrage of sprinkles and other rainbow goodies pouring from the middle of a big rainbow cake. If you’ve ever wanted to make one of your own, Williams Sonoma has made that wish a reality with their exclusive Flour Shop Rainbow Explosion Cake Kit. All you need are some six-inch pans; the rest is provided for you in this all-inclusive kit. You’ll be making your own impressive Rainbow Explosion cake in no time!

The Innocent Baker Gourmet Baking Kits

Mocha Cookie Butter Babka

If you’re wanting to bake up some tasty cookies, pies, brownies, or even tarts, then you can’t go wrong with the multitude of baking kits that The Innocent Baker offers. You can choose from pages and pages of fun baking mixes, including Christmas Cookie Tree, Red Velvet Churro Cups, and even Blueberry Lemon Pistachio Bread kits – among many others that just have to be seen to be believed!

Whisk Takers Gourmet Subscription Boxes

Whisk Takers is offering monthly subscription boxes that are available in six unique options such as gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan. Each month, you get a kit with easy-to-follow instructions; all of the ingredients are already pre-measured and packaged by number for your convenience. Before you know it, you’ll be whipping up some of the most amazing treats you’ve ever had from scratch!

Foodstirs Subscription Kits

Foodstirs Organic Chocolate Lovers Brownies and Justin's Turkey Truffle Balls

Foodstirs is a company that was co-founded by Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Scooby-Doo fame; every other month, these subscription boxes deliver fun baking mixes as well as all of the fixings to go with them. Each box has a certain theme, whether it be holidays or seasons, and comes with the ingredients as well as some supplies and even activity sheets for the kids. Foodstirs takes pride in making treats that are low in sugar, organic, and that contain no GMOs. Kit purchasing options come in one kit at a time or three-month subscriptions, so you can pick out the baking mixes that interest you.

Red Velvet NYC Gourmet DIY Desserts

Madeleines with Orange Blossom

Even if you are a baking novice, you’ll feel like a total baking pro with a DIY dessert kit from Red Velvet NYC! Each month, you get a kit that’s filled with all of the pre-measured ingredients you need to bake two different gourmet desserts from scratch. This kit gives you the ability to learn new baking tips and tricks from some of the best bakers while creating tasty and beautiful desserts.

Fikabrod Subscription Kit

You may be asking, what is “Fikabrod?” “Fikabrod” are treats that are eaten during the “fika,” a Swedish coffee break. This subscription brings international flavor right to your home with monthly baking kits that offer a multitude of interesting ingredients from various countries as well as decorations and tools so that you can recreate what you’ve learned!

Fresh Baked Cookie Crate Subscription Boxes

Every month brings a whole new fresh-baked cookie to your oven with these Fresh Baked Cookie Crate monthly kits. You’ll get all of the pre-measured ingredients, bonus kitchen items, and of course a brand new cookie recipe in each kit you receive. Some examples of past kits include S’mores Cookies, Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies, and Triple Chocolate Chip cookies.

Williams Sonoma Bouchon Bakery Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix

Bouchon Bakery Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix

Just a short distance from Thomas Keller’s French Laundry restaurant, Bouchon Bakery is well known for their French desserts, artisan bread, and, of course, their Chocolate Chunk Cookies! Order this mix for yourself and give it a try; it’s hard to not be tempted when you see a review that says that person will never eat another Toll House cookie after trying these chocolatey delights!

Culture Cakes Kits

If you’re looking for awesome new cupcake recipes that not only taste good but also give you the chance to learn about new-to-you global ingredients and cooking cultures, then the Culture Cakes Kit is for you! Each month, you’ll get a box that represents a new country; not only will you find some exciting and exotic baking ingredients, but pre-packaged snacks and candy as well! You’ll get a special ingredient from each country, as well as a recipe card that shows you how to incorporate that ingredient into your cupcakes!

Although there are plenty of other baking kits out there that you can explore, we’ve chosen to highlight these fun and interesting baking kits that ship across the United States for you to try. If you choose to subscribe to any of these or purchase one of their mixes, we hope you have fun with these new experiences. Happy baking!