These Tiny Treats are a Big Deal

Like with every booming industry, bakeries see many changing trends throughout the seasons. While it is impossible to pinpoint the most popular dessert at any given time, it is certainly safe to say that miniature treats are getting the attention they deserve right now. While cookies and macaroons may have their place in the dessert spotlight, right now it’s all about miniatures.

From dainty doughnuts to petite pastries, small is getting big recognition. All this talk of tiny treats may leave dessert lovers afraid that desserts will be less enjoyable, but don’t fret! Just because they’re small doesn’t mean you won’t get your fill. Rather, their tiny size allows you to indulge in many different flavors without all the guilt.

The following pint-sized delicacies are an incredible, and adorable, way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Try one or all, there will always be room for a tiny taste of sweetness.Tiny Treats DonutsDainty Doughnuts
No longer will these small breakfast treats only be found in paper bags with cellophane windows. Tiny doughnuts have gotten a serious upgrade lately, taking the bakery scene by storm. The perfect way to start the day, miniature doughnuts come in everything from traditional flavors to outlandish toppings like pulled pork (yes, really). What’s the best thing about these shrunken treats? The fact that you can eat a whole dozen without feeling like you’ll burst is a pretty great perk in our book.

Mini Muffins
The great thing about muffins is their incredible versatility. They can be sweet, savory, spicy, or a little bit of every flavor conceivable. The only thing that limits what can go into a muffin is the baker’s imagination. Cornbread, chocolate banana, blueberry, sriracha, and so much more, the options are nearly limitless when it comes to these adorable muffins. With so many different flavor combinations, these wonderfully binge-worthy treats are the perfect addition to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Cutesy Cupcakes
While mini cupcakes have been around for quite some time, they have recently gotten more popular as new flavor combinations and different ways to present them have emerged. Mini cupcakes can be filled, topped with icing or fondant, and come in just about every flavor imaginable. These little cakes can be presented in huge tiers for a wedding, on individual plates for upscale gatherings, or served on a stick for convenience. This shrunken party classic is a great way to serve up something sweet and something cute at the same time.

Tiny Tarts
These small treats consist of a flaky, delicious pastry which is formed into a cup. The small tart is then filled with something sweet, savory, or both. These tiny sweets are the perfect size for serving a large crowd since they can be easily filled with a variety of delicious fillings. They are also easy to eat without being messy. Tiny tarts, or tartlets, are an irresistible way to get a taste of a fancy, unique dessert.

Petite Pies
There is nothing cuter than a pie than has been scaled down to a fraction of the size of the original. Petite pies can be made as hand pies, which are pies that are fully enclosed in a folded over pie shell, or they can be made in a miniature pie tin for maximum cuteness. The tiny size of these pies doesn’t affect their taste one bit. This leaves dessert lovers with the taste of their grandma’s famous pie but in a small, convenient size.

Gone are the days of dessert enthusiasts being limited to cookies or chocolate confections to get their perfectly sized dessert fix. Now, there is a nearly limitless amount of tiny dessert to enjoy. The miniature trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and that is a great thing. It gives diners the chance to explore new, exciting treats without the commitment of ordering a full-sized dessert. With these small treats, diners can enjoy a variety of sweet delights at the same time. Whether enjoying miniature desserts at a dessert bar or just ordering a few off your favorite San Diego bakery’s menu, the satisfaction that comes from devouring one of these tiny treats will be anything but small.

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