The 7 Best Cake Shops in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the self-billed Entertainment Capital of The World, is known for many things including gambling, entertainment, and a nightlife scene earning the nickname of Sin City. But if you really think about it, this could also apply to their cake shops making sinfully delicious offerings every day. Get ready to explore the leader of the hospitality industry with us as we take you through our top 7 list of cake shops in Las Vegas.

Showboy BakeShop

Showboy Bakeshop says they make the most unique cakes in show business. Their photo gallery can certainly attest to this with heavenly wedding cakes, Instagrammable and delicious cupcakes with a variety of flavors and toppings, and mind-blowing, decadent custom cakes and cupcakes.

Owners and founders Stephen Lowry and Jared Sullivan’s passions are showbusiness and a good cake. Their cakes and cupcakes have been featured on competitive cooking shows including Cake Wars and Cupcake Wars.

Word on The Street

Everyone loves the elegant ambiance of Showboy BakeShop and the amount of choices you have. Favorite cakes include “The Showoff,” “The Chim Chim Cherry,” and “The Bluebell.”

Las Vegas Custom Cakes

This family-owned bakery is all about giving the customer the ability to decide exactly what they want and then going on to create a delicious masterpiece to suit their special occasion. Each of their cakes, no matter whether you are looking for a wedding, graduation, or birthday, is a unique piece of art in looks and in taste.

Las Vegas Custom Cakes has been serving Las Vegas for over ten years and have been at their current location on West Charleston Boulevard since 2012. The family is proud to offer quality service and strive to make your events special with their beautiful and delectable custom cakes.

Word on The Street

Loyal customers love how the owners will work with them to create the cake of their dreams and appreciate their fair prices. Fan favorite cake flavors include Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting, Marble cake with a Bailey’s infused filling, and Strawberry Champagne.

Castle of Cakes

Imagine a cake that looks like a basketball and the hoop and net, or perhaps a football helmet with your favorite team. These and just about anything else you can imagine aren’t off limits here at Castle of Cakes! All you have to do is choose a theme and tell them what you want, and they will make a unique, delicious piece of art for your special occasion.

Castle of Cakes has been in Las Vegas since 2007 and although it has moved a few times due to tragic fires and downsizing, Sonya Washington remains dedicated to creating fresh, made-to-order cakes for her clients. The bakery also teaches cake making classes for children and adults and host a week long Cake Camp two times a year.

Word on The Street

Fans rave about how the shop works with them, and they also love that they offer classes and camps for making cakes. Fan favorite flavors include Creamsicle, yellow cake with whipped cream frosting, and Red Velvet.

Retro Bakery

Retro Bakery lives up to its name with its bright café setting and its authentic midcentury furnishings. Aside of the vibes and ambiance, Retro Bakery offers specialty cakes, cupcakes, and cookies made fresh every day. Whether you choose to order a custom cake from them or if you just walk into the shop and pick the fresh-baked delights that you like best, you won’t come away disappointed.

According to Retro Bakery, “It’s all about the Buttercream,” which is the frosting that they are best known for and often use most. They take pride in creating edible works of art customized for special occasions or their own creations to put in the shop that are as elegant or unique as you can dream.

Word on The Street

Patrons love the vibe and how Retro Bakery makes them feel when they walk in, as well as the fact that they offer vegan options. Fan favorite flavors include Marble with chocolate buttercream filling, lemon with blueberry buttercream frosting, and Funfetti with almond frosting.

Mitchies Munchies

When it comes to their cakes and other custom desserts, Mitchies Munchies doesn’t just make cakes, they create masterpieces. Upon ordering your cake, you describe what you’re looking for and cake artist Mitchie will work out the rest for you. Mitchies offer two cake recipes that will complement their frosting flavors perfectly, and Mitchie herself guarantees that her cakes are some you won’t soon forget.

Michelle Curran, aka “Chef Mitchie,” went from being a travelling comedienne to going through several years of school before she decided she wanted to make cake and eventually, Mitchies Munchies was born. She’s been into competitive baking and has been named the “Femme Fatal of Fondant” by NV Pageant Magazine and The Best Cake Artist by readers of the Las Vegas Weekly.

Word on The Street

Customers say that Mitchie’s cakes stand out, taste amazing, and will definitely make your special occasion pop. When it comes to her cakes, everyone seems to talk most about her delicious ganache, and while no specific cake flavors have been mentioned, everyone agrees that these cakes are tasty and certainly something to behold.

CakeWorld Bakery

CakeWorld creates custom cakes for all special occasions, as well as making other desserts like pastries, pies, cookies, and empanadas. The bakers and decorators here are dedicated to making your cake perfect, whether you want something funny, exciting, or even sad. With incredible attention to detail and flavors that work well together, you’re guaranteed a cake as yummy as it is nice to look at!

No matter what you want, CakeWorld takes pride in creating made-to-order cakes because they know and understand that the cake can make or break the celebration or occasion. Just leave the baking to them!

Word on The Street

According to customers, CakeWorld takes the cake! All puns aside, their customer service, prices, and product makes everyone happy. Fan favorites include vanilla with fudge filling, vanilla with strawberry and banana filling, and white cake with whipped cream frosting and cookies and cream filling.

Cake Designs

Formerly known as Cakes by Ruth, this long-running Las Vegas bakery specializes in cakes baked fresh daily and decorated to the nines. Whether you’re looking for an exquisite wedding cake or a fun, adorable birthday cake, they’ve got you covered when it comes to the look, the flavor, and the filling.

Cake Designs has been operating for over 25 years and has made thousands of cakes and achieved aa huge customer base in all of their years of operation. They take pride in only baking with the best quality ingredients and they strive to make your cake the best.

Word on The Street

Customers love how fresh the cakes are, the attention to design details, and their fair prices. Favorite flavors include vanilla with Bailey’s filling, Coconut Cake with Chocolate Coconut Mousse filling, and Spice Cake with cinnamon buttercream filling and buttercream frosting.

Now when you think of what Las Vegas has to offer, you can add show-stopping cakes to the list of things that come to mind. No matter what the occasion may be, our top 7 cake shop choices have or can create exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to design, flavor, and fillings.