The 5 Best Cake Shops in Prescott, AZ

Most likely when you think of Arizona, the hot and dry desert comes to mind, but Prescott is the historic seat of Yavapai County and the original capital of the state. But beyond this, the city has a great number of bakeries that specialize in making amazingly delicious cakes. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to go for a sweet ride through Everybody’s Home Town and check out their top 5 cake shops.

The Prescott Breadery

Specializing in an amazing, extensive menu full of home made baked goods, this bakery is ready to serve not only you but also your canine companion! When ordering a cake, you have the option between a half or full bundt, 2 layer, and sheet forms – then you have a long list of tasty flavors to choose from! Some of their most unique choices include Frosted Banana, Almond Joy, and Orange Cranberry Walnut. However, if they don’t have something particular that you are wanting, all you have to do is ask and they will try to accommodate you. Don’t forget to ask about a Doggy Celebration Cake or some Doggy Cupcakes for your furry friend!

The Breadery is an in-home bakery that was started in 2013 by Jenny Mills and throughout the years has become Prescott’s Personal Bakers. Whether you’re looking to get a cake for a special occasion, breads, or even a dog cake or treats, The Breadery takes pride in making fresh, tasty goods for one and all.

Word on The Street

Everyone loves the affordability and freshness of the goods that The Breadery has to offer! They’ll tell you that no matter what you get, you will be satisfied. When it comes to cake however, their Chocolate Bundt with Chocolate Covered Strawberries seems to be their biggest hit!

Pangaea Bakery and Café

Pangaea Bakery and Café is a specialty marketplace where only the finest ingredients are used in their goods including 100 percent organic flour. Along with soups, sandwiches, breads, pastries, dinners, and an assortment of desserts, Pangaea offers their pound cake and carrot cake by the slice or whole.

Pangea was established in 1995 and owner Nicole works hard to make sure that each of her creations, whether sweet or savory, are made only with the best ingredients. Treats, cake by the slice, or their lunch and dinner options can be enjoyed in their cozy café setting that occasionally hosts bands for live entertainment.

Word on The Street

Customers love the earthy vibe that Pangaea gives off as soon as you walk through the doors, making it a warm and inviting place to order and enjoy your food and beverages. They say they also love the fact that Nicole uses only the best and mostly organic ingredients in each of her recipes. The Carrot Cake is their biggest hit when it comes to their cake options.

Shannon’s Gourmet Cheesecakes

It only makes sense that cheesecake is counted as cake, right? Especially when the word “cake” is in its name! When it comes to finding the best cheesecake in Prescott, you don’t have to look any further than Shannon’s Gourmet Cheesecakes. When you walk into Shannon’s and see just how many ways a cheesecake can be customized with all of their flavors and toppings, you will be hard pressed to find that many decadent options anywhere else! From the original good old fashioned cheesecake to their Raspberry Swirl, Peanut Butter Banana, Pina Colada, and even candy bar mix-in options, there is a cheesecake for everyone here.

Shannon’s was established in 2009 and is locally owned and operated by Shannon and her family. Along with cheesecake, Shannon’s also serves a lunch menu, cinnamon rolls, and espressos with dine-in and pick-up options. Shannon’s has won the Golden Plate Award for five years straight and takes pride in their cheesecakes being rich, creamy, and delightfully home-made from scratch. They even offer free samples so that you can choose which one will be your new favorite!

Word on The Street

Shannon’s gets glowing reviews for their lunch options and their great café setting, along with the fact that you can sample their cheesecakes. When it comes to those scrumptious delights, fan-favorite cheesecake flavors include their Lemon Berry, Salted Caramel, and New York-style.

Take the Cake

Take the Cake is a custom cake bakery that specializes in wedding cakes, but they can make a cake for just about any special occasion you can think of. They have a huge selection of cake flavors, fillings, and frostings to choose from and mix and match including fondant. Depending on the occasion you are celebrating, your special cake is beautifully designed and decorated with only the best ingredients and unique toppers. When it comes to their wedding cake options, they take your special day very seriously and will work with you to make sure that it is perfect, and this reflects in the fact that they won WeddingWire’s Couples Choice Awards in 2019.

Owner and operator Laurie Etcheverry is proud to make her cake creations fresh and to-order with the best ingredients and an affinity for attention to the finest details. It’s important to her that the cake that you order for your special occasion is just that – special, and perfectly sweet.

Word on The Street

Patrons love how willing Laurie is when it comes to working with them to create the perfect cake, as well as how beautiful and delicious they turn out. She schedules consultations and makes sure that you are able to taste test each and every option to find the right one.

Creative Cakes & Desserts by Dena

This bakery totes the tagline “Blending Taste and Creativity,” and that is exactly what Dena does! No matter what the occasion, Dena can create a cake with just the right texture, flavor, and a creative design to boot, all just by listening to and taking special notes of what you want. She also makes other desserts such as cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies, pies, candies, and more, all with the same unique flair as her many cake options.

Dena has been in the cake and dessert business for almost 20 years, and each cake and dessert she makes is completely from scratch and only uses the best quality ingredients available. It’s important to her to not only strive to make the cake of your dreams, but to also work within your budget.

Word on The Street

When it comes to customer service, customers say that Dena takes the cake! She is attentive and accommodates your choices when it comes to your special occasion cake, and she will even go so far as to make sure it is gluten free or whatever else you may need. Her vanilla cake with buttercream frosting and raspberry filling is one of the most popular wedding cake options, along with her chocolate cake with peanut butter filling.