The 5 Best Candy Shops in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is one of the biggest cities in the state of Ohio, and it is located on the southern shores of Lake Eerie, home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and is considered a major manufacturing hub. Along with all of this, Cleveland also hosts some of the most awesome candy shops you could ever imagine, so let’s explore the Rock and Roll Capital of the World and check out our top five picks for the best candy shops in Cleveland.

b.a. Sweetie Candy Company

b.a. Sweetie Candy Company is the largest candy store in the world with over 4,500 classic and contemporary candies at wholesale prices. Not only that, but they also have their own mini golf course and soda shoppe that serves beverages and treats like ice cream, malts, and shakes. Affectionately called Sweeties, this store is like stepping into a portal to Candyland with large, colorful candy displays, tons of candy far as the eye can see.

b.a. Sweetie Candy Company started their wholesale candy store over 68 years ago and is proud of the huge amount of candy stock that they have available at once. They’re a great place to find candies that are hard to find, international brands that don’t typically make it to the U.S., and retro treats that you might have forgotten about. For some, stepping into Sweeties is like stepping back in time as they find their favorite candies from childhood and take a nice trip down memory lane.

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Folks love shopping at Sweeties because of the value they get for their money, plus who doesn’t love candy?! Fan favorite candies include the Cadbury Crunchie bars, the Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, and their wide assortment of Sugar Free items.

Malley’s Chocolates

This long-time favorite Ohio candy store has 22 locations including the one in Cleveland and offers chocolates, candy bars, and personalized gifts for any occasion. Outside of the store, you can’t miss the three giant pink silos that say cocoa, milk, and sugar in huge black lettering. However once you’re inside and you see the pink counters and displays that create the perfect backdrop for their selection of candies, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that you’ve gone to Chocolate Heaven.

Malley’s has been a family tradition ever since 1935, right at the height of the Great Depression, when Albert “Mike” Malley set about making his dream of owning a chocolate business of his own a reality. At the time he was a young husband and father, so he borrowed $500 so he could rent a small store in Lakewood, OH, and buy the equipment he needed. He and his family moved into the back quarters of the shop and between his and his wife Jo’s hard work, his dream came true.

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Those who visit can’t help but be drawn in when they see the giant silos, and whether they know it’s a candy store or not, they have to check it out. Fan favorite chocolate candies include the Peanut Butter and Jelly Chocolates, Chocolate Pretzels, and their Ohio Buckeyes.

Mitchell’s Fine Chocolates

Mitchell’s Fine Chocolates specializes in European-style hand-made dark chocolate, which coats their homemade marshmallows, caramels, and truffles. From the outside, Mitchell’s is a classy little shop that has large glass display windows with awnings above them, but then you walk in and you can’t help but notice the glass counter and other display cases filled with all kinds of chocolatey goodness as well as the classic service counter. The magic happens in back of the storefront at the in-house chocolate factory, where each chocolate is produced. From fruit & nuts to truffles and seasonal chocolate favorites, if you are a chocoholic then you will love the selection Mitchell’s has to offer.

It was in 1939 that Chris Mitchell first opened up his soda and sweet shoppe in order to provide sweets and popcorn as a concession stand for the Heights Arts Theater located next door. However, within a decade, the theater began having its own concessions, so Chris and his wife Penelope began turning their focus more toward traditional European chocolates. In the late 1980’s, their son Bill took over the business and moved it to its current Cedar-Lee District location. Now, Mitchell’s is owned by Jason and Emily Hallaman ever since 2016, and they are passionate about preserving the old ways of making chocolate and keeping up the traditions started almost eighty years ago.

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Fans love this mom and pop chocolate shop as well as the superb quality of the chocolates they make. Favorite chocolates include their Pecan Turtles, Chocolate Fruit, and the Milk Chocolate Caramels with Black Salt.

Sweet Moses Soda Fountain & Treat Shop

Sweet Moses is an old-fashioned soda shop that also sells candy, root beer, and ice cream as well as other seasonal treats. Once you step inside, you are transported back in time with the classic look and feel of the place as you spy the soda jerks, the menu full of ice creams and fountain specialties, and of course their displays of offerings of hand-made candies. From sweet and salty to gooey, the have it all and then some with treats such as chocolate barks, saltwater taffy, and chocolate cups, plus many other favorites all made in-house.

Sweet Moses Soda Fountain & Treat Shop is of the belief that traditions like sweet shops and soda fountains are something that should be held onto and preserved so that future generations can experience the joy and happiness that comes from treating yourself to these simple pleasures. Even though candy, soda, and ice cream has come a long way in the last century, there isn’t anything quite like the classic, old-fashioned methods.

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Folks love the nostalgic feeling they get when they step into Sweet Moses, as well as their delicious offerings. Favorite candies include the chocolates that are shaped like buildings, chocolate and caramel dipped fruit, and the Salt Water Taffy.

All City Candy

Our final selection, All City Candy, is home to all of your favorites and then some! Whether you’re looking for more classic, retro candies or the modern favorites of today, you can’t go wrong with All City’s wide selection of fresh candy from brands you know and love as well as new ones you haven’t tried yet. They even hand-dip some of their own candies! If you’re in need of bulk candy for upcoming birthday and holidays, this is a great place to find it. They’ll even set you up with a candy buffet for your next party!

This candy megastore has all the candy you could possibly think of and more and organizes it all by whether it’s a nostalgic favorite, fine chocolate, and even by color. No matter what you’re looking for, they have it, and if not they can get it.

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Customers love how affordable their candies are. Favorite services and candies include their candy buffets, the bulk candies, and the hand-dipped Nutter Butters.

If you love candy and either live in or plan on visiting Cleveland, you honestly can’t go wrong if you choose one of our top five candy store picks to help satisfy your sweet tooth!