The 5 Best Cake Shops in Yuma, Arizona

Yuma is located in the southwest portion of the state of Arizona and produces 175 different kinds of agricultural crops including fruits and vegetables, gourmet dates, nuts, and grains. This is because, throughout the winter months, the sun, the lack of humidity in the air, and irrigation from the Colorado River make it the ideal climate for out-of-season growing as well as agricultural research and education opportunities. Along with its agricultural significance, Yuma is also home to a number of awesome cake shops that are ready to roll out cakes for all occasions. So come with us as we travel through the North American Winter Vegetable Capital and check out our five picks for the best cake shops in Yuma, Arizona!

Goldsboro Bakery

Goldsboro Bakery is an old-fashioned, full-line family bakery that offers not only beautiful cakes for weddings and more, but also a wide selection of specialty baked sweets, signature coffees, and a menu of breakfast and lunch items. So if you’re looking for a great mom-and-pop sort of place to get your next cake no matter what the occasion, then Goldsboro Bakery is where you need to go!

Goldsboro Bakery was established in 1978 after Mr. Goldsboro served as a master baker during his stint in the Army in the 1960s. Shortly after his service, he moved to Arizona and managed a handful of big chain grocery stores before making the decision to open up his own bakery. Good old-fashioned quality service and beautiful cakes are something that Goldsboro Bakery takes great pride in.

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Folks love the family feel of Goldsboro Bakery and whether they order a cake or get it from the case, it’s always moist and fresh. Fan-favorite cakes include their Chocolate, Vanilla, and Vanilla Chocolate Chip cakes.

Sweet Doce Brazil

Sweet Doce Brazil is a cute little bakery and cafe that can create beautiful cakes as well as their own signature cakes, plus other sweet treats like cake pops, cheesecakes, cookies, and Brazilian favorites such as Brigadeiros, which are truffle-like treats. Sweet Doce Brazil beautifully decorates all of their delicious cakes, and when it comes to your special custom cake, you can have it as detailed or as simple as you like.

Sweet Doce Brazil takes pride in creating the finest cakes and other baked goods by using only fresh, good-quality ingredients. Their Brazilian baked goods are all from authentic recipes handed down throughout the generations. No matter whether you’re looking for a whole cake for a birthday, your wedding, or any other special occasion, or if you’re just in the mood for a nice slice of cake, you can get your fix here. Enjoy your slice of cake in their little cafe seating area while taking a break from seeing what Yuma is all about!

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When it comes to their cakes, customers are extremely satisfied with the outcome of leaving their cake dreams in the hands of Sweet Doce Brazil. Fan-favorite cakes include their chocolate cake with passionfruit filling, their Chocolate Raspberry Cake, and their white sponge cake with homemade strawberry jam for filling.

Catherine’s Cupcakery

Don’t let the name fool you, because although Catherine’s Cupcakery is mainly all about the cupcakes, they also make some scrumptious cakes as well as cheesecakes and pies. Simply let them know what kind of occasion your cake is for, the flavors that you want, and any custom ideas you may have, otherwise, you can look through their catalog of previously made cakes for inspiration. No matter what you ask for, you’re going to get a beautiful, tasty cake.

Catherine’s Cupcakery was named after owner Pauline Cameron’s mother, who loved to bake and shared that love of her baked goods with Pauline. Later in life, when Catherin was diagnosed with Leukemia, Pauline knew it was important to learn and preserve those recipes forever, so she learned exactly how to make her mother’s baked goods. Catherine’s Cupcakery was born from Pauline’s desire to make her mother’s baked goods and to honor her legacy.

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Faithful customers are in love with the quality of the cakes and other baked goods they get here at Catherine’s Cupcakery. Fan-favorite cake flavors include their Red Velvet, lemon, and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Elvira’s Bakery

Elvira’s Bakery is an authentic Mexican bakery serving up custom cakes as well as traditional Mexican baked goods such as flan and Pan Dulce, which is a sweet bread. As soon as you walk in, you see all of the delicious Mexican pastries in their glass cases. So whether you’re looking for a beautiful custom cake or a traditional Mexican dessert, Elvira’s Bakery is the right place.

Elvira’s Bakery was founded in 1989 by Elvira and Rodolfo Ortega and enjoyed great success with their traditional Mexican goods and beautiful cakes for all occasions, so much so that they ended up opening a second location in 2007 in Somerton. Now, Elvira and Rodolfo have retired, but their son is still the CEO of the business.

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Loyal patrons love the quality, authentic Mexican desserts and especially the wonderful cakes that are available at Elvira’s, and how affordable they all are.

Dairy Queen Store

If you’re looking for something a bit different than your traditional birthday or occasion cakes, then you should check out the ice cream cakes at the Dairy Queen on South 4th Avenue. Dairy Queen is best known for its soft-serve ice cream, but they also make some incredibly tasty ice cream cakes that are guaranteed to put a smile on just about any face.

You can either get a pre-made ice cream cake from the freezer section located in the store, or you can custom order an ice cream cake of your choice and have it decorated any way that you want it, making it a fun alternative to normal birthday cakes.

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You won’t find many people that don’t like Dairy Queen, and they certainly take the cake when it comes to their ice cream cakes! Folks like that they can order their favorite Dairy Queen ice cream in the form of a beautifully frosted cake great for just about any occasion you can think of!

The cake is an important part of many celebrations, and we hope that this list of our top five picks for the best cake shops in Yuma, Arizona, will help you get started on finding the perfect cake for you or your loved ones!