The 5 Best Bakeries Windsor, Ontario, Has to Offer

Windsor is a southwestern city in Ontario, Canada, just across the Detroit River from Detroit, Michigan. Windsor is a major contributor to the Canadian auto industry and is known as the “Automotive Capital of Canada.” Windsor also has waterfront monuments dedicated to the Canadian armed forces at Dieppe Gardens and Caesars Windsor, a large casino complex that overlooks Detroit. Along with all of this, Windsor also has some awesome cake shops that are ready to help you with the perfect cake or other baked treats for any occasion. So let’s go to the Automotive Capital of Canada and check out our top five picks for the best cake shops Windsor, Ontario, has to offer!

Sugar Spoon Bake Shop

Located in Forest Glade Plaza, Sugar Spoon Bake Shop is an adorable bakeshop that specializes in old-fashioned, sweet, fresh-baked treats made from scratch such as custom cakes, cupcakes, pastries, macarons, and more. If you need cakes for special occasions which are vegan, gluten-free, or keto-friendly, then Sugar Spoon Bake Shop is the place you want to go!

The owner and operator of Sugar Spoon, Loredana Froio, has been baking all of her life for friends and family, so she decided to take that passion and begin her own bakery. Loredana loves the old, classic family recipes as well as Italian recipes she learned while growing up baking with her mother and grandmother. Loredana was inspired to start Sugar Spoon because of her love for New York, and her desire to form a fun, trendy little New York-esque bakery with all of the sweet little things that people crave.

Word on The Street

Customers love the bright and inviting atmosphere of Sugar Spoon Bake Shop almost as much as they love the sweets! Fan-favorite cakes include the Red Velvet Cake and the Carrot Cake.

The Pastry Place & Baked Goods

The Pastry Place & Baked Goods call themselves the best cake decorators in Windsor, and we can say that they certainly do a wonderful job of creating tasty, beautiful cakes no matter how simple or elaborate your celebratory needs are. From children’s birthday cakes to photo cakes, to cupcakes and character cakes, whatever your cake needs are, you should check out what The Pastry Place & Baked Goods offers! Need a dairy-free cake? Ask them about their eggless cake options!

Along with creating whatever sort of cake you may need for a special occasion, The Pastry Place also has signature cakes such as their Banana Split cake, Carrot Torte, and Chocolate Windmill cake, as well as a variety of pies and pastries.

Word on The Street

Those who order here regularly appreciate the staff’s helpful, accommodating nature. Fan-favorite cakes include their Mocha Torte, the Tiramisu cake, and the Carrot Cake.

Stiemar Bread Co. Ltd

From cakes to breads, tortes to pastries, donuts, and fritters, there isn’t much that Stiemar Bread Co. doesn’t do when it comes to baked goods! Here, you can get an absolutely gorgeous cake for any occasion that is going to taste just as delicious as it looks. Pairing their time-honored cake recipes with technological advances like digital imaging gives Stiemar an edge when it comes to designing custom cakes, so much so that even Americans have begun crossing the border to see what their cakes are all about.

Stiemar Bread Co. has been Windsor’s Italian and European bakery tradition since 1959. Family-owned and operated, they are currently in their seventh generation of owning and running the business. They take pride in only using the best, most fresh ingredients, and are a leading provider of breads, cakes, donuts, and pastries.

Word on The Street

There are many customers who come in regularly for their sweet fix, and of course, many of those customers have fallen in love with Stiemar’s cakes! Although only their Strawberry Shortcake was specifically mentioned, all throughout customer reviews were praises and compliments on their gorgeous, yummy cakes.

Nana’s Bakery & Lunch Bar

If you’re looking for a nice, homemade cake or any other sort of baked goods, then you need to get yourself to Nana’s Bakery & Lunch Bar, where you can sit and smell the bakery but also have a nice sit-down lunch in a down-home kind of setting. They make their cakes to order and have a photo album full of characters and other decorations to choose from. If you have special dietary needs to consider for yourself or your guests, they can make dairy-free, sugar-free, and even gluten-free cakes.

Doug and Barb Romanek opened Nana’s Bakery in 1997 and didn’t realize just how much their lives would change, or how many lives they would change, all because a customer requested milk-free items. That customer’s dietician ended up partnering with Doug and helping to develop recipes for their diabetic and other dietary-restricted customers so they could finally have a sweet little something without risking their health.

Word on The Street

Folks in Windsor and all over appreciate the lengths that Doug goes to, to ensure that everyone has a chance to have something sweet. When it comes to all of their cakes and desserts, Doug gets some of the highest praises.

Healthy Creations, Inc.

Healthy Creations, Inc. is a completely gluten-free bakery that offers not only cakes, but also breads, buns, bagels, cookies, muffins, and more. They have a great variety of cake flavors to choose from such as Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Applesauce Coffee, and can also make amazingly creative, delicious custom cakes for any celebration from birthdays to retirements and anniversaries.

Although Healthy Creations, Inc. started as a made-to-order bakery back in 1998 but officially opened in 2009 as a brick-and-mortar bakery. Owner Chris Brecka began baking gluten-free back in 1994 after her son, just three years old, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, then in 1996, her daughter was also diagnosed when she was three. Healthy Creations, Inc. uses only the best, most fresh ingredients in their baked goods and since day one, Chris has worked hard to ensure that her gluten-free baked goods rival their regular counterparts.

Word on The Street

Healthy Creations, Inc. is a dream come true for many who cannot eat gluten, especially those looking for a delicious cake – even those who can tolerate gluten find themselves in love with the baked goods here! Fan-favorite cakes include their Black Forest cake and their Lemon Poppy Seed Pound Cake.

So no matter what kind of cake you need and no matter your dietary restrictions, we hope our top five picks for the best cake shops Windsor, Ontario, has to offer will help you find the best cake to fit your needs!