4 of the Best Cake Shops in Sweden

4 of the Best Cake Shops in Sweden

The Eastern Scandinavian nation of Sweden is a North European country and is filled with thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes, along with having expansive boreal forests and snowy mountains. Along with all of these incredible natural wonders, the capital city of Stockholm is also home to royal palaces, museums like Skansen, which is an open-air museum, and even an old medieval town called Gamla Stan. As you can tell, there is a lot to see in Sweden, and if you think all of the sights and tourist attractions are something, you should really try out some of their cake shops! The Swedes believe in taking fika breaks, which are simply coffee and pastry breaks, so you already know that they are serious about their pastries. Swedish cake shops don’t disappoint when it comes to their cakes either, whether you’re just looking for a slice or happen to want to buy a whole cake. So without further ado, let’s check out our picks for four of the best cake shops in Sweden!

Haga Tartcompani & Bageri

When it comes to beautiful and scrumptious cakes in Stockholm, Sweden, you will find that Haga Tartcompani & Bageri goes above and beyond. This Swedish bakery, which offers not only cakes but also breads and pastries, has a long list of clients from individuals all the way up to businesses and corporate organizations. All of their breads, cakes, and pastries are made with raw, organic ingredients with as many of the coming directly from Swedish farms as possible.

Haga Tartcompani & Bageri likes to describe their cakes as classic cakes with a modern twist that feature some unique flavors that you’ll only find here. They have sixteen different kinds of regular cakes that you can choose from, or if you need something specially made for a special occasion, they take custom requests and can offer selections that are vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

Word on The Street

Locals as well as visitors love to come here for the delectable cakes, and the fact that they offer gluten-free options is appreciated! It seems that just about all of their cakes are quite popular, but many folks say that their custom birthday and celebration cakes are their best.

Fosch Artisan Patisserie

Whether you’re looking for a cake for a birthday, a gathering, or just a regular every day cake, then you should consider stopping in at Fosch Artisan Patisserie! This patisserie is a master of both Swedish and French pastries as well as their lovely cakes and breads. They always have something in store to choose from, but if you’re looking for a specific or custom cake for a special occasion, they can custom make it for you.

Malin Eklund and Damien Foschiatti own and run Fosch. Damien is from France, and is the creative driving force behind the bakery, because he is the pastry chef and creative director with pastry training from France, Sweden, Norway, Australia, and the US. Malin, meanwhile, is from Sweden and runs the store and is the personality you encounter when doing business with Fosch. After meeting in Norway and the journey that took them all around the world, they finally opened Fosch together because of their passion for food and baking.

Word on The Street

Regular customers agree that Fosch is a great blend of French and Swedish pastry skills and traditions. Fans recommend coming here for all of their baked goods, especially their cakes!

Lundbergs Konditori

Lundbergs Konditori is a unique cake shop, bakery, and steakhouse in Stockholm that has a classic feel to it because of its well-preserved 1940’s environment. They even serve savory foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, hence the steakhouse part. When it comes to their cakes, they have six regular cakes in constant rotation as well as their Cake of the Season, including their Black Forest, Forest Berry, and Truffle Cake.

Everything at Lundbergs Konditori is baked with love and on a small scale and they use only additive-free flour from small mills all around Sweden in order to help the farmers and millers. They make everything from classic cakes and pastries to more modern and innovative recipes for desserts and breads that they’re working on. They also boast that many of their bakers and pastry chefs hold Swedish, European, and World Cup champion qualifications.

Word on The Street

Regular customers love the classic atmosphere and the delicious food here, especially when it comes to their pastries and cakes! Fan favorite cakes include their Princess Cake, their Truffle Cake, and their Black Forest Cake.


Thelins makes beautiful cakes such as their Chocoloco, Fruit Meringue, and even a photo cake that can have any photo placed on it that you like; the Photo Cake is a Princess Cake, which is a sponge cake base with vanilla cream, cream, and marzipan. However, if there is something that you’re looking for that they may not have, just ask and they will do their best to help. All of their cakes can be ordered in size ranges from twelve to 70 pieces in one cake.

From pastries to savory options and of course beautiful and delicious cakes, Thelins has expanded its operations from its first store on Sankt Eriksgatan, Kungsholmen, which was opened in the early 20th century, to seventeen total locations. However, there is only one stone oven, and that is where they bake each and every one of their fresh goods every day from scratch.

Word on The Street

Thelins, according to customers, has an amazing variety of desserts and sweets, and folks are especially fond of their cakes! Fan favorites include their Photo Cake, their Carrot Cake, and their Mont Blanc Cake.

So whether you currently reside in or around Sweden or you’re planning a visit, if you know you’re going to be looking for an excellent cake shop, we hope that although there are many more cake shops out there than our top four picks for cake shops in Sweden, we still hope that this list has been helpful.

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