15 Fun and Interesting Macarons to Try

Macarons, or French macarons, are well-known meringue-based confections that are loved the world over. Made with egg whites, two types of sugar, almond meal, and food coloring, the macaron is said to have been introduced to the French people during the Renaissance period by queen Catherine de Medici’s Italian chef.

Nowadays, these light, flavorful morsels are often made to accompany birthday and celebration cakes, dessert bars at parties – or they can be enjoyed on their own. 

Just like any other pastries or baked goods, macarons come in a wide variety of flavors from classics like chocolate and vanilla to more creative and outrageous flavors. So come along with us as we take a look at fifteen of some of the most fun and interesting macarons out there!

Strawberry and/or Blueberry Cheesecake

strawberry cheesecake macaron

If you’re a Strawberry or Blueberry Cheesecake fan then this is the macaron for you! Strawberry Cheesecake macarons take everything that you love about the classic Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert, which can also be adapted to use blueberries, but in a light and tasty single bite macaron form.

Creme Brulee

creme brulee macaron

Born of an infusion of two French desserts, the crisp yet soft shell of the Creme Brulee macaron is filled with a vanilla bean buttercream frosting, then topped with the classic crispy brulee sugar topping. These little French infusions are a wonderful, unique, and convenient substitute for traditional Creme Brulee.

Lavender Coconut

lavender coconut macaron

Looking for something different and a bit more sophisticated? Then we suggest the Lavender Coconut macaron, a light and airy little delight made with real lavender buds and coconut extract. Lavender Coconut macarons are a great little nibble for afternoon tea.

Cookies and Creme

cookies and cream macaron

/this recipe takes the classic flavor combination of chocolate cookies and creme, then infusing that with the delicate macaron, for a cookie marriage made in sugar heaven. This macaron is totally worth trying if you are an Oreo fan, a macaron fan, or both!

Salted Caramel Praline

salted caramel praline macaron

The Salted Caramel Praline macaron is an incredibly indulgent macaron option. It is filled with a rich caramel sauce; then, one side of the cookie is dipped in chocolate, then in finely chopped pralines. This is the ultimate macaron for caramel and praline lovers.

Coffee and Nutella

Coffee Nutella Macarons

Love coffee? Love Nutella? Then this needs to be the next macaron you try! The shell has instant coffee mixed into it and the creamy filling is a rich Nutella ganache. What more could a coffee and/or Nutella lover ask for?

Red Velvet

red velvet macarons

Red Velvet and macaron fans, rejoice: the ultimate macaron is here to satisfy your sweet needs! The shell resembles the Red Velvet look we all know and love; of course, you can’t forget the indulgent cream cheese filling!

Rose Macarons

rose macaron

If the dainty, sophisticated flavors appeal to you, then you may also like to try Rose macarons. Rosewater and dried rose petals bring a rosy infusion to the classic French cookie, making it an elegant afternoon tea choice.

Coffee and Bailey’s

coffee and bailey's macaron

For a more grownup, boozy twist, Coffee and Bailey’s macarons will do the trick! Coffee and Bailey’s already go so well together, so why not blend them into our favorite little French cookie for a tasty, fun experience? Have these with your regular coffee or with some eggnog during the holidays!

Butterbeer Macarons

butterbeer macarons

This one is for all of the Harry Potter fans out there! Some filling recipes call for cream soda and butterscotch chips while others don’t include cream soda in the recipe at all; no matter which recipe you use, you’ll end up with a rich, creamy butterscotch ganache filling that really carries the whole Butterbeer flavor. These macarons would be perfect for a themed party or a Harry Potter movie night!

Candy Cane

candy cane macarons

If we had to pick a perfect Christmastime macaron, the Candy Cane macaron would be it! With all of the classic flavor of a candy cane in a bite-sized morsel, these macarons go perfectly with a cup of hot cocoa and some marshmallows.

Earl Grey Salted Caramel

Earl Grey salted caramel macarons

Yet another sophisticated afternoon tea-worthy macaron, Earl Grey Salted Caramel macarons are prepared with Earl Grey tea leaves throughout the shell, giving them a pleasing aroma. The salted caramel filling adds the sweet and salty balance, along with a slightly chewier texture overall.

S’mores Macarons

s'mores macarons

Fans of S’mores and macarons will love this fun combination. The macaron shells are graham cracker flavored, while the inside is milk chocolate and marshmallow fluff filling, perfectly recreating that classic s’mores flavor without the need of a campfire.

Pumpkin Pie Spice Macarons with Caramel, Dark Chocolate Ganache, and Sea Salt

pumpkin pie spice macarons

Take macarons and combine them with one of the most popular spice mixes, plus a rich, decadent caramel, dark chocolate ganache, and sea salt, and you’ve got yourself an incredibly luscious and tempting macaron that many will have a hard time refusing. You can’t have just one of these amazing flavor bombs!

Champagne Macarons

champagne macarons

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate? Why not try Champagne Macarons to get things started! The champagne can be incorporated into both the shell and what is typically a buttercream filling to give this celebratory macaron a sparkling personality.

Macarons are so much more than a tasty dessert that comes in a wide variety of flavors. These cookies are also visually appealing and a perfect gift idea for just about anyone. So whether you’re a seasoned macaron connoisseur or if you’ve never had a macaron in your life, we encourage you to try any of these fun and interesting macarons from our list. We promise you won’t be disappointed, because every single light, dainty, and crispy little cookie on this list has its own uniquely tasty qualities.