The 6 Best Cake Shops Barcelona, Spain Has to Offer

Cosmopolitan Barcelona is located on the northeastern coast of Spain. Not only is it the capital city of Spain’s Catalonia region, it is also the largest. But not only is Barcelona the home of modernist landmarks such as the incredible Sagrada Família church designed by Antoni Gaudi as well as a host of museums, but also some of the most incredible cake shops you will ever experience. So come along with us as we explore our top six picks for the best cake shops in Barcelona, Spain!

Best Cakes Bcn

Looking for cakes and cupcakes to suit any occasion including weddings and other special events that are gorgeous but have that delicious homemade taste everyone loves? Then you need to check out Best Cakes Bcn! Whether you have something in mind or need a little help coming up with ideas, the creative minds at Best Cakes Bcn can make your cake dreams come true. If you want to amp things up a little at your wedding or your next birthday party, try their other goodies such as cake pops, cookies, and even a candy bar and make your own custom dessert bar!

According to owner and operator Andrea, all of the cakes and other goodies made at Best Cakes Bcn are authentically homemade with the best ingredients possible as well as their love for all things sweet!

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Customers not only love the beautiful and delicious cakes, but also Andrea’s excellent customer service. Fan-favorite cakes include the Carrot Cake, the Chocolate Caramel cake, and the Red Velvet cake.

Lolita Bakery

Lolita Bakery Barcelona

When it comes to celebration cakes, from weddings to birthdays and everything in between, Lolita Bakery has it all down pat! Their offerings of gorgeous, delicious cakes, cupcakes, and cookies show that the sky is the limit when it comes to beautiful cakes and yummy treats for your special occasions.

Owners Marti and Carol first opened Lolita Bakery in 2010 in Barcelona the Barrio del Borne with aspirations to make American pastries and other baked goods; by 2013 they opened up their website in order to better serve their customers. The year 2019 saw Lolita Bakery move to its current location, El Barrio de Les Corts, and continue to provide the excellent quality cakes and other desserts they always have.

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Faithful clients love the quality cakes and sweets that Marti and Carol make at Lolita Bakery. Fan-favorite cakes include the Devil’s Food Cake, the vegan Red Velvet, and the banana cake.

Pink Cakes BNC Bakery

Pink Cakes Barcelona

Specializing in custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more if you want a personal cake or dessert for any occasion, including weddings, then Pink Cakes BNC Bakery is the place you want to order from! No matter how creative or simple you want to go for your edible masterpiece, their professionals can take care of you. Having a hard time thinking of the perfect cake? Then take a look at their Instagram account and get some ideas from cakes they’ve made in the past.

Owner Oriana prides Pink Cakes BNC Bakery as Barcelona’s most creative cake atelier and bakery; they promise to turn your most sweet dreams into reality!

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According to those who order frequently, Oriana is amazing when it comes to making the most perfect cakes for their special occasions! Fan-favorite cakes include the Tres Leches, the Red Velvet, and the Salty Caramel and Mascarpone cake.

Urb & Cakes

Urb & Cakes

Located in the popular Sants district of Barcelona, Urb & Cakes is the cake and pastry shop you want to go to for a variety of original products, including cakes that can be made for any occasion. Not only do they offer amazingly exquisite, tasty cakes and desserts, but they also teach pastry courses for all ages and skill levels. So whether you need a stunning wedding cake, retirement cake, or you just want to learn how to make some awesome pastries, then check out Urb & Cakes!

Urb & Cakes is owned and operated by Oliver Laguillo, and it all began with a simple dream. Ever since childhood, he has loved everything about cake – most importantly, eating it! In 2013, he decided to learn more about pastries by first learning how to make homemade doughnuts; next, he discovered fondant and pastries and began making cakes for friends and loved ones. Cakes have become a way of life for him ever since.

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Many customers share the opinion that Urb & Cake is the best place to get an amazing cake in Barcelona. Fan-favorite cake flavors include the Oreo cake, the Red Velvet cake, and the dark chocolate cake with Oreo buttercream frosting.

Bee Cakes

Bee Cakes Barcelona

Bee Cakes is a takeaway cake shop that offers cakes whole or by the slice for your enjoyment in a variety of flavors and serving sizes. Each of Bee Cakes’ cakes and other baked goods is made fresh every day, or you can custom order your very own cake. The cakes you get at Bee Cakes are more simple than cakes you’ll find elsewhere, but they are still beautiful, moist, and flavorful.

As soon as you walk into this adorable little shop, you smell the wonderful cakes and baked goods all around you and just can’t help purchasing a slice of cake, or perhaps a whole one to share, or any of their other delicious baked goods.

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Customers say not only are the cakes delicious and the customer service top notch, but the cakes here are also affordably priced. Fan favorite cakes include their coconut cake, their Chocolate and Coconut cake, and their gluten free chocolate cake.

Barcelona Cakes – Pasteles Personalizados Barcelona

Barcelona Cakes - Pasteles Personalizados Barcelona

Are you looking for the most incredible cake ever for your next event or your special day? If so, then you definitely need to check out Barcelona Cakes, where your wildest cake dreams can come true! Whether you want something simple or more elaborate, such as a cake that looks like a full-scale bottle of Gin, then you’ve definitely come to the right place!

The custom cakes made by Maria at Barcelona Cakes are as delicious as they are unique, and only one hundred percent natural ingredients are ever used to make them. If you are having trouble coming up with a cake vision of your own, then definitely feel free to browse their previous catalogue of previous cakes to get some ideas.

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Customers love how elaborate the cakes get here, and how their taste measures up to their looks. Fan favorite cakes include their Carrot Cake, the vanilla cake with Sweet Milk filling, and the Sponge cake with cream cheese icing.

So if you’re in Barcelona and find yourself craving cake or in need of one for a special occasion, then we hope our list of our top six picks for the best cake shops in Barcelona, Spain, will help you out!