The 4 Best Candy Stores in London – Sweets and Chocolate

The 4 Best Candy Stores in London - Sweets and Chocolate

Top 4 Candy and Sweet Shops in London

Best known as the capital of England with a population of just under nine million, London is packed full of some of England’s most famous historical landmarks, such as Parliament, Big Ben, and of course Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. If you go across the Thames River, you’ll find the London Eye, which gives you the ability to see some beautiful panoramic views of the entire city of London along with the South Bank cultural complex.

London is one of those cities that has something for everyone, whether your interests lie with history, culture, or fine dining. But did you know that London is also full of all kinds of wonderful candy and sweets shops? If you’re a lover of sweet confections and you’re planning a trip to The Big Smoke any time soon, then let’s catch a double decker bus and check out the top four candy and sweets shops in London.

Kingdom of Sweets

Located on Coventry Street near Chinatown, Kingdom of Sweets is where you want to go if you’re looking for all things candy and sweets from around the world. This is a pick and mix store where you can fill a bag with as much of whatever kind of candy you like from a variety of large bins full of all of the candies you could possibly imagine, but you can also get individually wrapped and bagged candies and treats as well.

Kingdom of Sweets has grown from just one Pick and Mix shopping center stand to having over fifteen locations across the UK and Europe as a whole. If you won’t be going to London any time soon, however, you can order whatever sort of candies and sweets you are looking for from around the globe and have them delivered right to your door.

Word on The Street

Local patrons and visitors alike love the astounding variety of candies and sweets you can get here, especially the fact that they have Asian candies and treats available too. Fan favorite candies include gummies by the weight, their bulk sour candies, and their Asian variety of candies.


This adorable little blue and pink sweet shop located Russell Street is what candy dreams are made of. Full to the brim with British candy favorites, chocolates, truffles, and even vegan candies, you’d be hard pressed to not find a sweet treat just for you. Along with wrapped and bagged candies, they also have a pick and mix section that allows you to mix and match whatever kind of sweets and candies you wish. SugarSin makes a great deal of their own candies for the store, including their signature gummies, which have become a huge hit since they first started making them in 2015.

Jiten Shah had been looking to branch out into the business world after spending fifteen years in finance and operations, so when he stumbled upon SugarSin, he could see that there was clearly something special before he even tried the sweets. SugarSin has accumulated several awards over the years, including Best Sweet Shop of the Year in 2019 and Best Premium Confectionary Retailer of the Year 2020.

Word on The Street

Folks seem to really like the variety of sweets at SugarSin, as well as having the ability to mix and match their favorite candies with the pick and mix bins. Fan favorite candies include their honeycomb chocolate, and their Swedish candy varieties.

Sweet Factory

Inside of Pavillion Kensington on Kensington High Street, you’ll find another awesome London candy and sweet shop called Sweet Factory. This is another shop that gives you the ability to pick and mix all of the sweets you could want, with candies and sweets from all over the globe. From Sweet and Sour Jellies to puffy soft marshmallows and lollypops by the score, there is absolutely something here for everyone.

Sweet Factory has had over 30 successful years as the world’s leading pick and mix candy shop since its foundation in 1986. They have grown from their London location to have franchises in many other countries throughout the world, including the Middle East and America. The mission of Sweet Factory, as stated by the factory’s “Tin Men” is to “eat sweets, be happy.”

Word on The Street

Folks love the sheer variety of candies you can get here, and of course they love the ability to mix and match the candies they want. No specific candies were mentioned as favorites, but we’re willing to bet that’s just because most folks can’t pick just one favorite.

Hans & Gretel UK

Yet another in the variety of pick and mix candy shops, we honestly think that Hans & Gretel couldn’t have been better named. As you’re walking into the store at Camden Market, you’re immediately greeted by two large statues of Hansel and Gretel, along with a couple of whimsical likenesses as well. Inside, you become surrounded by walls and shelves and displays of sweets and candies and treats, including Gelato, donuts, and cotton candy, all served by clerks and fairy tale characters in colorful costumes.

Hans & Gretel calls itself “a fairy tale place for the child inside us all,” and they hit the nail right on the head. This immersive sweet experience opened in 2019 and went on a mission to make and serve the tastiest, most “extra” treats in town. This is seriously one of those places that you just have to experience for yourself, so we highly encourage you to take a little trip to Camden Market and check out Hans & Gretel for yourself if ever you find yourself wandering about London with nothing to do.

Word on The Street

Locals and tourists alike love the fun, sweet charm of this place along with their variety of candies and sweets. Fan favorites include their Cotton Candy Floss, their Chimney Cakes, and their pick and mix varieties of candy.


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