The Top 5 Cake Shops in Austin, Texas

Austin is the bustling capital city of Texas. It is home of the flagship campus of the University of Texas as well as many parks and lakes that are great for hiking and an eclectic live-music scene consisting of country, blues, and rock. However, nestled among all of these great parts of Austin are some amazing cake shops that are ready to make your wedding, next birthday party, or just your regular Tuesday meal even better with their incredible and delicious creations! So come along with us as we travel through Violet Crown City and check out our picks for the top five cake shops in Austin, Texas!

Cakes ROCK!!!

cakes rock Austin TX

With a name like this, you know you’re not just stepping into any ordinary cake shop! Along with gorgeous, incredibly detailed custom cakes, Cakes ROCK!!! also makes cookies, breads, cinnamon rolls, and more fresh every day. When it comes to making cakes, Cakes ROCK!!! is one of those bakeries that treats it as a true art form; no matter what kind of cake you are wanting, whether it’s your own design or taken from their cake decorating catalog, you’re going to end up with an incredible, edible work of art.

Cakes ROCK!!! has been featured on the Netflix series Sugar Rush and has won the WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Award for 2021. This small boutique bakery takes pride in making their cakes affordable and will work within whatever budget you have to ensure that you get the most beautiful cake possible – because owner Christy believes that everyone deserves a beautiful cake no matter what the occasion or the budget.

Word on The Street

Folks who order cakes here regularly commend the staff on their attention to detail and how much they really listen to what their customers want their cake to look like. Fan-favorite cakes include their Red Velvet, Funfetti, and Snickerdoodle cakes.

Michelle’s Patisserie

Michelle's Patisserie Austin, TX

Michelle’s Patisserie makes cakes for all kinds of special occasions, including weddings, and does catering and other baked goods as well. Beautiful cakes are their specialty, and they’re also pretty tasty – according to all of the votes for Best Flavor in some of the cake competitions they have been in. You get to choose from over 40 different kinds of cake; don’t forget their special icing and fondant decorations!

Founder and owner Michelle Doyon says that the patisserie started with a cookie. When she was a little girl, she would take a ball of dough from where her grandmother was making tortillas, roll it out, and then use cookie cutters, making “cookies.” After mastering her mother’s German Chocolate Cake recipe, she graduated with a psychology degree from Smith College, then headed to San Francisco to work as a pastry cook under Traci des Jardin of Jardiniere. Once she came back home, Michelle began her business and steadily climbed her way to her current status as one of the top bakers in Austin.

Word on The Street

According to loyal customers, Michelle’s Patisserie is very accommodating when it comes to creating the cake of their dreams! Fan-favorite cakes include their classic vanilla, Whiskey Honey, and Strawberries and Cream cakes.

Austin Kind Cakes

Austin Kind Cakes Austin TX

Austin Kind Cakes specializes in gorgeous gourmet cakes that are just as pleasing to the taste buds as they are to the eyes. Swing by and choose from special occasion cakes to smash cakes, cupcakes, and Bundt cakes. No matter what kind of cake you order from Austin Kind Cakes, you’re going to be blown away by beautiful cakes in flavors such as Caramel Macchiato, Lotus Biscoff, and Lemon Raspberry.

Austin Kind Cakes is a home bakery that takes pride in making all of their cakes from scratch, only using the highest quality ingredients possible, such as Carbon-Free Raw Organic Cane Sugar, Fair Trade Certified Cocoa, and Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste.

Word on The Street

Folks who have bought cakes from here rave about their professional communication, beautiful cakes, and neat packaging. Fan-favorite cakes include their Carrot Cake, Peanut Butter Cake, and their Lotus Biscoff Cake.

Capital City Bakery

Capital City Bakery Austin TX

This Austin bakery specializes in 100% vegan special occasion cakes, cupcakes, and brownies, among other sweet treats; they even have some sweet and savory breakfast Kolaches! No matter what kind of cake you order, you are guaranteed a fresh-baked, beautiful, and (most importantly) delicious work of cake art. Whether you’re vegan or not makes no difference because honestly, you can’t even tell these delectable delights are vegan!

Capital City Bakery started as a home bakery in 2010, where owner Kristen would take special diet cake orders. Before long, the demand for her vegan cakes grew and she began operating out of the first completely vegan bakery trailer. This was her mode of sale for two years, then in December of 2012, their brick-and-mortar location was opened and continues to make their sweet (and savory) vegan treats fresh every day.

Word on The Street

Many who have searched far and wide for vegan cakes find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow here at Capital City Bakery! Fan-favorite cakes include their Peanut Butter Crunch, Strawberry Blondie, and Confetti cakes.

Cake d’Arte

Cake D'Arte Austin, TX

If you’re on the hunt for a place that will treat your special cake like the work of art that it truly is, then you should check out the award-winning Cake d’Arte! They can create gorgeous, incredibly custom, and even 3D cakes, as simple or as out-of-this-world as you want your cake to be. Whether it’s a wedding or any other special occasion, you’ll be sure to get what you want. Don’t worry, these beautiful masterpieces really do taste as good as they look!

Owner Annie Varghese is incredibly passionate about baking and uses her background as an artist, psychologist, and interior designer to help create the special custom cakes her clients have come to know and love. She is a self-taught pastry chef whose journey began by making cakes for her children, family, and friends. Each cake is a labor of love with an incredible amount of detail, flavor, and heart, so she only averages making two to three cakes a week.

Word on The Street

Those who have ordered cakes from Cake D’Arte claim that Annie must have magic hands to be able to create the beautiful cakes she does! Fan-favorite cakes include their Italian Cream, Red Velvet, and mango cakes.

Looking for a Cake in Austin?

Whether you’re looking for a show-stopping wedding cake, something for a corporate event, or even just a nice cake to bring home to the family, then we hope this list of our top picks for the five best cake shops in Austin, Texas will help you find what you’re searching for!