The 8 Best Candy Shops in Rome, Italy

Known as the iconic capital city of Italy, Rome is famous for its incredible history that spans almost three millennia. The city still houses such historical landmarks as the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and sights that just can’t be missed like Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona. Although there is already so much to see and do in Rome, the city happens to have some pretty incredible candy shops that are worth checking out as well. So come along with us as we travel through the Eternal City and take a look at our top eight picks for the best candy shops in Rome.

I Coloniali Roma – Cioccolato & Té

I Coloniali Roma – Ciocclato & Té offers different teas and an assortment of high-end gift boxes full of gourmet chocolates developed alongside laboratories and premiere chocolatiers throughout Italy, France, and Belgium. Other offerings include chocolate-covered cherries, chocolate bars infused with chilis, and many more assorted gourmet hand-crafted chocolates. “The Colonials” were products such as tea, cocoa, and coffee that came from overseas territories, and I Coloniali Roma’s has made it their mission since 1997 to give modern-day folks an authentic glimpse into the past.

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Folks love this quaint shop and its variety of teas, jams, sweets, and of course the chocolates. As for fan favorite chocolates, they seem to mostly be the chocolates with infusions like chilis and more.

Leonidas di Delizie Internazionali

Just a four-minute walk from the Pantheon, Leonidas di Delizie Internazionali translates to Leonidas of International Delights; this Belgian candy shop specializes in pralines, chocolates, marzipan, candied fruit, and various other candies. Although they have a wide selection of confections to choose from throughout the year, during the holiday season they feature their popular St. Nicholas Parade of Chocolate that they call “Happiness in the Little Shoes,” which consists of hollow chocolate figurines of St. Nicholas, dogs, cats, bears, and even small cars, chocolate balls in a variety of flavors, and marzipan confections. Leonidas Kestekides made the first pralines as we know them today over 100 years ago, which kickstarted the Leonidas chocolate and candy brand.

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Loyal customers love Leonidas; some fans go so far as to say that Leonidas has the best chocolate in Europe! Fan-favorite candies include their dark chocolate and their fruit-filled chocolates.


ODStore not only offers a variety of candies that can be difficult to find in Italy, but they also have cakes, sweet and savory pastries, biscuits, and much more. No matter what sort of foods and snacks you’re looking for, you can find a great variety of sweets and treats at ODStore, which began as the dream of a young man who decided to open a bakery and determined to make and carry only the best products with the finest ingredients. Now with over 50 stores throughout Italy, it’s safe to say that his dream has come true.

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Regular ODStore customers love the variety of goods they can find here. As for favorite candies, chocolate always seems to be number one, but folks are encouraged to try all of the candies at ODStore at least once.

Lindt Chocolate Shop Roma

Lindt is a world-famous Swiss chocolate company that offers gourmet and fine artisan chocolates. From bars and infused chocolates to their Lindor truffles with a variety of creamy fillings, Lindt Teddys, and even their own line of spreads, Lindt has been an established name in the chocolate business since it was established in 1845. Walking into this shop located near the Pantheon is like walking into chocolate heaven.

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According to loyal patrons, even if you’ve seen Lindt chocolates at your local grocery store, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve gone to a Lindt chocolate shop! Fan-favorite chocolates include their more exotic truffle offerings and their dark chocolate.

Quetzalcoatl Chocolatier


Just a two-minute walk from Piazza di Spagna, Quetzalcoatl Chocolatier is a French shop that specializes in truffles, ganache, pralines, caramels, candied fruits, and more confectionery delights – even their own ice cream! They sell their beautiful, decadent chocolates in beautifully packaged assortments that make excellent gifts. Whatever sort of chocolatey delight you can imagine, you can most likely find it quite easily at Quetzalcoatl Chocolatier.

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The chocolate as well as the customer service at this chocolate shop both get high praise from customers. Although fans encourage everyone to try all of their chocolate selections, the Dark Chocolate Pistachio Pralines are a fan favorite.


Since 1878, Venchi has been providing Rome with fine gourmet chocolate and gelato. Walking past the huge windows of the brightly lit shop, you can see almost the entirety of the store and all of the beautifully packaged chocolates that they have to offer, as well as their chocolate faucet where melted chocolate comes out like water. From bars to creams to truffles and infusions, you would be hard-pressed to not find a chocolate variety to your liking at Venchi. Silviano Venchi started the shop when he began experimenting with making his own chocolates and came up with the Nougatine, which is a bonbon that consists of chopped and caramelized hazelnuts covered in extra dark chocolate.

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Customers say that Venchi is a wonderful place to purchase nice, fancy chocolate gifts for friends and loved ones. Fan-favorite chocolates include 75% chocolate as well as their many other varieties.

Grezzo Raw Chocolate

Grezzo Raw Chocolate is another great place in Rome where you can get your chocolate candy fix as well as cookies, cakes, gelato, and even spreadable chocolate. Grezzo’s artisan chocolate products are all crafted from organic, raw chocolate that is naturally lactose and gluten-free. Decadent truffles and pralines of all kinds (including white chocolate and chili-infused), chocolate tablets, and even chocolate nougat bars that are Christmas specialties all await you at Grezzo’s.

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Loyal fans love Grezzo Raw Chocolate because it’s better for you than your normal, standard chocolate. Fan-favorite chocolates include any chocolate that has nuts in it and hazelnut chocolates.


Since 1949, Giuliani has been delighting Rome with their hand-crafted chocolate creations, including cakes and their signature Marrons Glacés, also known as candied chestnuts. With a variety of chocolates that they say are made to please every palate, they have your standard varieties, such as dark chocolate, but they also have more unique assortments such as alchechengi and chocolates infused with chili, licorice or liqueurs. Choose a nice gift box for presentation and you have a beautiful and delicious gift!

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Patrons love the quality of chocolates and other goods they get from Giuliani’s. The absolute hands-down fan favorite confection is the Marrons Glacés.

So while taking in the amazing sights that Rome has to offer, make it a point to stop and treat yourself to some sweet confections at any of our eight picks for the best candy shops in Rome and get a taste of authentic Italian and European candies and chocolates.