13 Romantic Desserts for You and Your Sweetie

13 Romantic Desserts for You and Your Sweetie

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time of year that romance can be celebrated with food, specifically desserts. As a matter of fact, there are a number of desserts that are considered romantic for one reason or another, so all the more reason to share the love beyond the 14th of February!

Although there are some criteria to consider, such as the aroma and taste of the food and its association with happiness, contentment, and even adventure. For example, strawberries and chocolate are two kinds of foods associated with romance. Wine is also associated with romance, and although wine and champagne are beverages, they are used in many kinds of romantic dishes, especially desserts. However, we also want to stress that when it comes to romantic desserts, it’s also just what you feel. If chocolate pudding in a fancy long-stemmed glass with a bit of whipped cream on top is romantic to you, then it absolutely is romantic!

So, if we’ve piqued your curiosity about romantic desserts, why don’t you follow along with us as we check out our own picks for the most romantic desserts you can either make or buy to share with your special someone any time of year.

Individual Chocolate Melting Cakes

Chocolate is associated with romance for numerous reasons, including its obvious ties to Valentine’s Day, so what could be more romantic than a luscious, personal-sized chocolate cake all to yourself with molten chocolate coming out of it? Top it off with whipped cream, ice cream, or caramel sauce and you’ve got one sweet romantic delight.

Nutella Stuffed Strawberries

Strawberries on their own can be considered a romantic food, but take it to a whole other level when you stuff them with Nutella and dipped halfway in chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. Try not to fall in love with these rich strawberries!

Chocolate Fondue

Although chocolate fondue was popular in the ’60s and ’70s, it’s still considered quite a romantic venture. With chocolate fondue, you can drench just about anything you want chocolate on with the warm dipping chocolate that is staying at a constant melting temperature in its bowl. From little pieces of angel food cake to strawberries or raspberries, the possibilities are endless.

Raspberry Fool

This is a simple yet incredibly romantic dessert option made with raspberry-infused whipped cream, fresh raspberries, and cookies of your choice for garnish. Enjoy something light and sweet, then see where your romantic evening takes you!

Deep Dish Brownies for Two

If you are looking for a rich and chocolatey romantic dessert, then you’ll love these brownies! They are individually baked in Ramekins, then just top it with a scoop of ice cream and you have an incredibly sweet hot yet cold, creamy, and decadently rich romantic dessert.

Fudgy Turtle Pie

For a romantic dessert, you cannot go wrong with an ooey-gooey, sugar rush sweet chocolatey, and caramel Fudgy Turtle Pie. Throw in some crunchy candy pieces and you’ve got an over-the-top rich dessert with a symphony of flavors and different mouthfeel sensations with all of the different components.

Minute Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse is another dessert that is considered not just romantic, but rather impressive all the way around, and this quick version is no different! So quick and easy, you can whip it up and it’ll be ready for enjoying in next to no time at all.


Tiramisu is another dessert that is often associated with romance, often being referred to as “the dessert of lovers.” This rich, layered dessert from Italy is a coffee and cookies kind of sweet as opposed to outright chocolate or many other much sweeter desserts. The espresso and the slight hint of Amaretto give off a dark yet rich aroma all its own.

Strawberries and Champagne Cheesecake

Okay, for starters, who doesn’t love cheesecake? Whether you do individual cheesecakes or just make one whole regular sized one to share, the creamy yet crispy layers of cream cheese and the cake’s crust are pleasing on the tongue and complement each other well in flavor, not to mention the incorporation of champagne, the strawberries, and the drizzles of white and milk chocolate over top.

Bittersweet Chocolate Souffle

Souffle is known for being both romantic and rather challenging to make, but with this recipe, you’ll be able to pull off one of the most romantic and well-known difficult desserts fairly easily!

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake

The classic romantic combination of strawberries and chocolate are the stars of this decadent dessert. The chocolate cookies aren’t made super-rich, and that pairs well with the strawberries and a healthy dose of whipped cream.

Caramel Brownies

Caramel plus brownies is a romantic dessert winner, and this method is incredibly simple! Just bake your favorite fudgy chocolate brownies and press caramel hearts or some other sort of caramel and chocolate candy into the middle of each brownie fresh out of the oven to let them melt in and ooze their wonderful chocolate and caramel infusion into the brownies.

Raspberry Brownie Sundaes

Make up a batch of rich, chocolatey brownies, then either purchase or make a raspberry sauce and serve fresh with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for that hot and cool sensation, plus the sweet of the chocolate and the tart sweetness of the raspberry sauce.

There is a Whole World of Romantic Desserts Waiting for You!

If you’ve been looking for the perfect dessert to make for a stay-in date night or if you’re just wanting to do something special for your sweetie on a Tuesday night, purchase or whip up any of these desserts and consider yourself well on your way to a romantic evening ahead! Make it even more romantic by making the dinner and dessert together for a stay-in date.

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