The 4 Best Cake Shops in Pensacola, Florida

The 4 Best Cake Shops in Pensacola, Florida

Thinking of Florida can bring images of alligators, the Everglades, and most of all, the beautiful, sunny beaches all up and down the coast. For sure, Pensacola has plenty of beach to explore with its place in the Florida Panhandle, as well as a rich heritage and history that has given it the name, “The City of Five Flags;” this is because Pensacola has changed ownership a number of times and has had a total of five different flags flown over it. However, some of our favorite parts of Pensacola are their cake shops! So let’s go take a little cruise through The City of Five Flags and check out our picks for the four best cake shops Pensacola, Florida, has to offer!

Bluejay’s Bakery

Whether you’re just visiting or if you’re a resident of Pensacola, if you’re in need of a custom cake that’s going to blow away the recipient and/or guests, then you need to check out Bluejay’s Bakery! From weddings to birthdays and smash cakes, you can choose from their selection of standard celebration cake flavors, fillings, servings needed, and decor, or you can come up with your very own cake creation and hand it off to them to bring to life. No matter if you decide on a more modest cake or an edible art masterpiece, you and your guests are going to be thoroughly impressed!

Bluejay’s Bakery doesn’t just specialize in cakes, however, as you can also get a number of other wonderful goodies to help satisfy your sweet tooth, including muffins, cupcakes, donuts, macarons, and even fruit tarts, as well as goodies that can be enjoyed by those with certain dietary restrictions. They also offer full dessert bar services for weddings and other grand events to help ensure that everyone gets a sweet little something that they will enjoy.

Word on The Street

Between the presentation of the cakes and other goodies made here, plus the customer service from owner Justine, customers come away happy and satisfied with their selections. Fan-favorite cakes include their Naked Lemon cake and their Carrot Cake.

Craft Gourmet Bakery

When one hears the word “gourmet,” the mind tends to wander to some of the most elegant, impressive, and most of all, delicious foods that we’ve ever experienced, and Craft Gourmet Bakery will certainly deliver on all of this and more! Along with their custom cakes, this bakery also specializes in bread, pastries, gelato, and other kinds of desserts. They can create custom cakes straight from your imagination or inspiration that will wow you not just by their looks but by how fresh and moist they taste, not to mention their gorgeous wedding cakes.

Craft Gourmet Bakery takes pride in making each and every one of their products by hand from scratch every day. It’s their mission to share their love and their passion for their crafts, which include baking and making all of these wonderful cakes and desserts just for you. Owner and Executive Chef, Chef Jordan, says that her passion for baking started at an early age helping her mother and grandmother in the kitchen. After moving from Louisville, KY, to Pensacola back in 2013, she soon joined the George Artisan Bakery & Bistro, and in her time there from 2014 on, she was inspired to open Craft.

Word on The Street

Not only are the cakes absolute show-stoppers, but the customer service here also gets a solid five stars from loyal clients! Fan favorite cakes include the Sunshine Lemon Cake, the Dulce de Leche Birthday Cake, and the Russian Honey Cake.

Sherry’s Cake Shop

This long-time Pensacola staple specializes in wedding cakes and other occasions like birthdays that can be made and decorated any way you like, plus they also sell decorating supplies, make wedding invitations, and give lessons on baking and decorating cakes as well! No matter what sort of vision you see for your special cake, they can make it come true in a creative, charming way. You can also get a variety of molded mints, chocolate candies, and other goodies like petit fours, cake balls, and cookies specially made for your events.

Sherry’s Cake Shop has been making cake dreams come true on the Gulf Coast since 1972, and Sherry takes immense pride in the making and presentation of all of her cakes and other goodies.

Word on The Street

Folks love how willing Sherry is to work with them when it comes to making their perfect cake come to life, even if they call with just a few hours notice! Fan favorite cakes include their Strawberry Cake, their Chocolate Cake with Bavarian Cream Filling, and their Key Lime Cake.

Henny Penny’s Patisserie

If you’re looking for a beautifully crafted cake for any special occasion, then you should definitely check out Henny Penny’s Patisserie! They specialize in designer, made-to-order cakes as well as every day cakes, plus cooking classes, beach catering packages, and regular catering services as well. No matter what kind of cake you’re looking for, whether you’re going for a simple elegance, or something bold, creative, and colorful, Henny Penny’s can help!

Henny Penny’s is passionate about providing only the best when it comes to their baked goods, catering services, and cooking classes. Their special occasion cakes are made only when you order them, and their other pastries and baked goods are made fresh every day in small batches so that you get nothing but the best and most fresh products. So if you’re looking for a cake or a sweet tooth fix in Pensacola, you can’t go wrong at Henny Penny’s.

Word on The Street

Between the fantastic customer service and all of their fresh pastries, loyal customers love coming to Henny Penny’s for their cake and pastry needs. Fan favorite cakes include their Pineapple Upside Down Cake and their Banana Foster cake.

Find the Perfect Cake in Pensacola!

While you’re taking in the scenery and the fascinating history of Pensacola, don’t forget to treat yourself! Whether you’re just going for a slice of cake or you’re looking for the best place to get a special occasion cake, we hope our list of the four best cake shops Pensacola has to offer will help you in your search.

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