The 5 Best Cake Shops in Beverly Hills, California

The 5 Best Cake Shops in Beverly Hills, California

Aside of Hollywood, Beverly Hills is probably one of the most famous cities in the state of California, and is best known for being home to a number of celebrities, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the high-end shopping street, Rodeo Drive. Along with all of this, however, Beverly Hills also has some great cake shops, so let’s hop in the limo and take a ride and check out our choices for the top five cake shops in Beverly Hills!

Le Mervetty

Located in Village on Canon, Le Marvetty is a French pastry shop that also happens to make some of the most incredible party cakes. You can choose from custom cakes, medium size cakes in flavors like chocolate, coconut, Nutella, or Speculoos, a Pavolva cake that also comes in chocolate, coconut, Nutella, or Speculoos, an Anna Pavlova cake that also offers chocolate, or a Le Merveilleux de Paris cake, which comes in a variety of flavors as well and has meringue layers, flavored whipped cream, and chocolate shavings or your choice of other toppings. All of these cakes are simple, yet elegant, and you can choose to include macarons on top if you wish to add a little extra flair.

The original concept of the Merveilleux was introduced to Beverly Hills in 2012 by Etty Benhamo, and has since become the go-to spot for French pastries, cappuccino, and of course some amazing cakes!

Word on The Street

Everyone seems to love the ballerina aesthetic that Le Mervetty offers, along with their incredible cakes and pastries! Fan favorite cakes include the Oreo Merveilleux, the Chocolate Merveilleux, and the Caramel Merveilleux.

Chaumont Bakery and Cafe

With two Beverly Hills locations on N. Canon Drive and S. Beverly Drive, the French Chaumont Bakery and Cafe offers sweets and pastries, most notably their flourless cakes, as well as breakfast and light sandwich options. If you’re just looking for a nice cake for regular, every day consumption, then you should give their rich, decadent, flourless almond or flourless chocolate cakes a try!

Chaumont Bakery and Cafe takes pride in only using the best, most fresh ingredients in all of their baked goods and other foods. It’s one of their main goals to give you a satisfying experience of a French cafe right in Beverly Hills!

Word on The Street

Loyal patrons agree that Chaumont serves up delicious, fresh food and baked goods that are made with only the best ingredients. The chocolate and almond flourless cakes are quite the hit!

LA SmashCakes

If you’re looking for a cake shop that thinks outside the box, then you’ve got to check out LA SmashCakes! Located on W. Olympic Boulevard, LA SmashCakes is the home of the original chocolate pinata SmashCake. So what is a SmashCake, exactly? It’s a gourmet chocolate cake without frosting or fondant that you get to have the fun of smashing to get to the candy, such as M&Ms, gummies, Skittles, and more, inside of it. You even get a mallet of your very own to smash your cake with, how fun is that?

LA SmashCakes began like many great bakeries do, with owner creator Jenny Hernstad playing around in her kitchen with chocolate and some designs. These custom made cakes have no frosting and no fondant, they’re just pure gourmet chocolate that you get to smash!

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Everyone seems to agree that these cakes are some of the most fun you will ever have with a birthday cake, and that there is just something so satisfying about smashing your birthday cake to get to the candy inside!

La Maison de Creme Bakery

If you’re on the hunt for a custom cake for a birthday, wedding, or just a nice cake to bring home to eat, then check out Persian La Maison de Creme Bakery! From 3D to sheet cakes that you can have made as detailed or as simple as you like, no matter what kind of cake vision you have, La Maison de Creme Bakery can help make it come to life! Along with their cakes, they also offer a great number of pastries, cookies, pies and tarts, and breakfast fare.

All of the cakes are made fresh every day from scratch by the bakery’s expert pastry chef using only the finest, most fresh ingredients and traditional baking methods. According to owner and chef Simin Faraji, a cosmopolitan kitchen can only come from the hands of a cosmopolitan chef, and they have indeed created a cosmopolitan kitchen and bakery.

Word on The Street

Loyal customers love the fresh food, pastries, and cakes from here at La Maison de Creme! When it comes to the cakes, no matter what flavors and combinations you choose, according to cake clients you will be satisfied with their high quality, beautiful cakes!

La Provence Patisserie & Cafe

This French bakery and cafe has won many awards throughout the years with their incredible cakes, as well as their delicious pastries, breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, and macarons. Their cake offerings include gorgeous, decadent choices such as Fresh Fruit cakes that feature strawberries and other fresh fruits, Dark Chocolate Ribbon cake, Lemon Caramel Meringue cake, Hazelnut Mousse cake, and their rich Chocolate Ganache cake.

Since 1996, Chef & Owner Farshid Hakim has played up on his specialties by offering a menu full of delicious foods, pastries, and cakes. He began his culinary journey in France, living and working in Monaco where he learned the art of pastry, and later returned to the United States as the Executive Pastry Chef at Saint Honore Boulangerie in Malibu, California. This led to him opening Le Provence Patisserie & Cafe in Beverly Hills. Then in 2011, it won the award of Best Cafe and Bakery in Los Angeles, which then led to its own space at Los Angeles Airport, Terminal Four.

Word on The Street

Regular customers love coming here for the quality food and cakes made and served fresh every day. Fan favorite cakes include the Fresh Fruit cakes, the Chocolate Ganache cake, and the Red Velvet cake.

So if you’re out celebrating a special occasion or you just want some delicious cake, then our top five picks for the best cake shops in Beverly Hills is sure to not disappoint!

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