Twelve Fun and Creative Cake Toppers for Your Next Cake!

Adored worldwide, a cake is a crowd-pleasing focal point of just about any celebration from weddings to birthdays. However, cake is also delicious even when there aren’t any holidays or celebrations, making it a versatile dessert that can be customized any way you like – as fancy or simple as you prefer. Finishing decorated cakes with the perfect cake toppers will really create the right effect. 

Decorated cakes are edible works of art, a creative expression of one’s interpretation of the subject at hand. From high-end cakes with 3D figures made of sugar or fondant to simple but elegant cakes topped with fresh fruit, these masterpieces taste just as good as they look. We’ve compiled a list of some of our twelve favorite creative and exciting cake toppers to give you some ideas for your next cake, whether it’s for a birthday or a simple dessert at home.

Silhouette Wedding Cake Toppers

Silhouette Cake Topper

One of the key components to the best wedding cake topper is for it to have personal meaning and resonate with you both as a couple. If you’re into custom-designed wood pieces, then you should consider getting a custom piece representing yourselves and even your pets to top your cake with. You can find these and more custom cake toppers on Etsy.

Custom DIY Dinosaur Candle Toppers

DIY Dino Candle Toppers

Do you have a child or know of a little one who is wanting dinosaur candles on their birthday cake? Then this DIY is for you! Grab some birthday candle holders and a pack of the small dinosaur toys from the dollar toy section or any dollar store. Cut the spike off of the bottom of the birthday candle holders, then glue the part you just removed the spike from onto the back of your choice of dinosaur until you have enough candle holders. This also works for little zoo animal toys, or any other toys around the same size, that you want to use.

Not-Your-Ordinary Sprinkles

Fancy Sprinkles

Looking for something simple but fun and most importantly, edible? Then we suggest some fun sprinkle blends from Fancy Sprinkles! With mixes that consist of different little sprinkle pieces like jimmies, dragees, and quins, they add a bit of fun decoration that’s edible and that doesn’t require a lot of effort.

A Photograph, Painting, or Any Other Image

Cake With Photo

There are many cake shops that offer to print a photograph or any other image you would like onto your cake for an edible decoration that takes up the entire cake and can be as personal, as pretty, or as funny as you like. Great for birthdays, anniversaries, and even retirement parties.

Fresh Fruit

Cake With Fresh Fruit

Want to go for a more simple, but still elegant and edible approach when it comes to decorating your next cake? Then perhaps you should try fresh fruit! Not only is it edible and easy, but you can make it look as fancy or as effortless as you like because fresh fruit always looks pretty on a cake. Take, for example, a simple chocolate cake with fresh strawberries topping it. Yum!

Personalized Clear Acrylic Block Wedding Cake Topper

Personalized Clear Acrylic Block Topper

If you’ve been searching for the perfect wedding cake topper that’s elegant but not over-the-top, then you should check out Love and Luxe Handmade on Etsy. Each beautiful, custom acrylic block topper makes it look like your name, the date, and an image option are floating above your cake.

DIY Iced Monogrammed Cookies

Monogrammed Cookie Cake Topper

Another fun DIY, you can make iced cookies with letters for cake and cupcake toppings. Whether you need to make multiples of the same letter or use different letters to form words, you can find a multitude of letter cookie cutters online to suit your needs. Ice your treats however you like and you have a cute, edible, custom cake decoration!

Unicorn Sprinkles

Unicorn Sprinkles

Are you a unicorn lover? Do you know one? Then you need some unicorn sprinkles from Baker’s Party Shop if you’re looking for the ultimate way to top your next cake with something cute and edible, yet not too over-the-top or fancy. They are great for cupcakes, brownies, and cookies too!

Rustic Wedding Cake Topper

Rustic Wedding Cake Topper

If you’re planning on having a rustic-themed wedding, then this rustic cake topper, in the shape of a doe and buck forming a heart, is perfect. Your topper can be customized with text that says “Mr. and Mrs.” or anything else you want that can fit. This and many other wedding cake topper options can be found at Creativelabsco on Etsy.

Photo Toppers

Photo Cake Topper

Have you been looking for the perfect way to make your next cake a little more personal, but without having to know how to decorate one? Whether you’re a seasoned cake decorating pro or if you’ve never decorated a cake, this DIY is simple. You can have one large photograph on the cake or several small ones; this can even be done for cupcakes. Use one coffee stirrer and two copies of each picture to cover both the front and back of the coffee stirrer, then stick the stirrer into the cake wherever you want the picture to be. For larger pictures, you would use more than one coffee stirrer depending on size. If you feel hesitant making this yourself, you can find the finished product at Oh Lily Designs on Etsy. 

Freeze-Dried Marshmallows

Freeze Dried Marshmallows

When you were a kid, did you sit eating your Lucky Charms cereal in the morning wondering why they didn’t just make a box with marshmallows? If you were one of those kids, then you will be excited to find that you can indeed buy just the marshmallows! Use some of these fun, colorful, sugary morsels that you can find on Amazon to decorate your next cake, and don’t forget to take a handful for yourself, we promise we won’t tell.

Portrait Wedding Cake Topper

Portrait Wedding Cake Topper

If you’re looking to go beyond a silhouette cake topper, something as colorful and unique as you are, then you should consider ordering a custom paper portrait cake topper from Magic Story Studio on Etsy. Not only can you have an adorable custom portrait of you and your beloved for your wedding cake, but you can get creative and let your personalities shine!

Get Creative!

No matter what the occasion or how extravagant or simple you want to go, these twelve fun and creative cake toppers for your next cake are sure to go a long way. Delight your guests’ eyes and taste buds with your eye-catching creations!