Top 7 Cake Shops in Brussels, Belgium

The 7 Most Amazing Cake Shops in Brussels

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium, the hub of rail, road, and air traffic, and the center point of the Brussels-Capital region. The city of Brussels is home to the historic Grand Place and the Museums of Art and History, as well as some of the most amazing cake shops you will ever encounter! So come along with us to the Crossroads of Europe and let’s check out our picks for the seven most amazing cake shops in Brussels!

Patisserie Nicolas Arnaud

From traditional pastries to beautiful custom cakes, the Parisian artist studio-like cake shop Patisserie Nicolas Arnaud is more than just a cake shop. They can also be booked for events where they provide a choice of French delicacies as well as an exquisitely made and decorated custom cake.

Nicolas Arnaud studied pastry making in France for five years and after working as an apprentice pastry chef, 2004 saw his arrival to Belgium where he began work as a pastry manager. Arnaud is passionate about the art of pastry making as well as cakes and loves to take his customers on a flavorful journey with his creations.

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Customers agree the pastries, cakes, and other goods from this bakery are well priced and the best in town. Fan favorite cakes include the Montblac, the Cake du Voyage, and their St. Honor Cake.


Lilicup creates and decorates cakes and other scrumptious treats for any occasion. Their cakes come in the customary flavors as well as more unique ones such as the Vanilla Violet Cake, which is a vanilla cake filled and frosted with a violet flavored icing. Whatever occasion you have a cake in mind for, Lilicup can create it!

Lilicup was established in 2008 as the first cupcake shop in Belgium by Leila Strebelle; it started out as a home bakery, and in 2009, the first actual bake shop was opened and has since opened a second location. Their famous cupcakes have made it to places such as London, Paris, and even as far as New York!

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Customers love the great service as well as the tasty and beautifully decorated treats. Fan favorite cakes include the Chocolat Dulche de Leche, the Tout Chocolat, and the Carrot Cake.

Brian Joyeux

From cakes to macarons and more, Brian Joyeux is an small family-owned artisan pastry shop and bakery that serves up beautiful, gourmet-style sweets and savories. They have their own unique cakes like the Congres, a hazelnut sponge cake with a praline crunch mix, passion fruit fluffed cream, and a milk chocolate mousse.

This bakery and pastry shop was the dream of Brian Joyeux and his wife Anastasia. Brian makes every single one of the baked goods sold here fresh every day right in front of the customers, and can even be seen doing his work from the street through the big glass window. Brian is always experimenting and working on new treats to serve to the bakery’s adoring customers.

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Patrons agree that the pastries and cakes here are to die for! Fan favorite cakes include the Fou de Chocolat, the Congres, and the Bambino.

Patricia Creative Cakes

Located in Stephanie Plaza, Patricia Creative Cakes specializes in expertly decorated custom cakes made with incredible detail for any occasion you could possibly imagine, but also makes cupcakes, cookies, macarons, and even French pastries. No matter what you’re celebrating, Patricia Creative Cakes can create exactly what you’re wanting, because the only limit is your imagination!

This establishment is owned by Patricia Lafargue, who is originally from France and has lived in Brussels since 2016. By 2017, she started Patricia Creative Cakes and hasn’t looked back. One of Patricia’s favorite cake making mediums is sugarpaste. She takes great pride in her cakes because as she sees it, cakes are a work of art and the centerpiece of every celebration, so not only is it important that the cake tastes good, but it’s also important that it looks incredible.

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Customers can’t help but be impressed with Patricia’s incredible talent for cake decorating. While we weren’t able to get an exact list of favorite cake flavors, all clients who have had one of Patricia’s cakes were just as impressed by the taste as they were the decorating.

La Cucina delle Zie

La Cucina delle Zie specializes in unique custom cakes and cupcakes made for any occasion you could possibly need a cake for, with an Italian twist. Founder Antonio doesn’t have a catalog of cakes to choose from, but he does have a list of recommended cake flavors such as their rich, fruity sponges with real fruit and zests, carrot cake, and seasonal choices like matcha green tea sponge cake or cinnamon and ginger.

Antonio established La Cucina delle Zie back in 2013 and not only makes and decorates delicious, beautiful cakes, but also hosts cake making and decorating classes as well as selling cake making and decorating supplies to share the fun and art of cake making with others. All cakes are made from scratch and to-order with limited spots available at any given time.

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Customers say that this bakery is one of the finest in Brussels. Fan favorite cakes include the Red Velvet Cake and the Pina Colada Cake.

Patisserie Garcia

This Portuguese bakery specializes in traditional pies, pastries, and of course custom cakes. When you’ve chosen the perfect flavors for your cake, you can choose to have it decorated by hand, garnished with fresh fruit or flowers, or even have a picture put onto the cake in edible frosting colors for a truly personal cake experience no matter what you’re celebrating.

Founder Rui Manuel Garcia Borralho and Emilia Maria Matias Raposo Garcia came from Portugal to Brussels in the 1980s. Rui loved baking ever since he started making his own breads at the age of 13, and it became his dream to have his own bakery and pastry shop, and in 1990 his dream came true.

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Customers say this is the place to go for authentic Portuguese desserts. Hands down, everyone’s favorite cake seems to be the Pastel de Nata.

Maison Dandoy

Maison Dandoy specializes in waffles, breads, and small cakes as well as other sweet treats. They offer small cakes that you can hold in your hand like their Financiers, which are tiny round almond cakes that can be enjoyed with butter, chocolate, or even pistachio, and their Madeleines with their signature bump on top and that comes in flavors like orange and coconut & lime.

Maison Dandoy is a family company that began with Jean-Baptiste Dandoy in 1829, and within 30 years he moved to the current location on Butter Street and began teaching his son Phillipe all he knew about baking, and his legacy still continues over 150 years later.

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Fans love this Brussels staple, and favorite cakes include the Orange Madeleines, the Frangipane, and the Financiers.

Whether you live in Brussels or plan to visit soon, be sure to stop at any of our seven most amazing cake shops and discover some of these delectable cakes for yourself!