Top 4 Candy Shops in Oxford, UK

Oxford, located in central southern England, is the only city of Oxfordshire, and is based around the famous University of Oxford, which was established in the 12th century. The city’s medieval center is where all 38 colleges are located, and the place in which poet Matthew Arnold was inspired to nickname Oxford the “City of Dreaming Spires.”

Oxford is full of all kinds of fun and fascinating things to do and see, such as the Bodleian Library, which is one of the oldest and largest libraries in Britain. The Bodleian Library, affectionately called “The Bod,” also features the famous Radcliff Camera, constructed in the 18th century. The Ashmolean Museum is another can’t-miss when you’re visiting Oxford, a location in which you will need to set aside a few hours just to be able to explore it all thoroughly, and even then, you’d be guaranteed to find something that you didn’t notice the first go-around.

Oxford also has an abundance of great candy shops, which are mostly of the chocolate variety, but who doesn’t love chocolate, especially in the UK? No matter what sort of chocolate candies you’re looking for, whether as gifts or a little something for yourself, you’re guaranteed to find some delicious sweets here in Oxford’s candy shops. So, if you’re going to be visiting any time soon and you have an insatiable sweet tooth, then come along with us as we check out our choices for the top four candy shops that Oxford has to offer.

Montezuma’s Chocolates

If you’re looking for luxury chocolate, then look no further than Montezuma’s Chocolates. Located on Queen Street, the powder blue facade and colorful M on the door invite you inside to see all of the wonders within. Montezuma’s is most famous for their Absolute Black dark chocolate, which comes in different varieties including Orange & Cocoa Nibs, Mint, and Almond, and in different forms like bars and buttons. They also have regular milk chocolate and even vegan chocolates as well.

Montezuma’s started in the year 2000 with humble beginnings, including a chocolate making machine that was only the size of a kitchen sink, but they also have a lot of heart. Throughout the years, they’ve built up their business and expanded their chocolate making (and yes, they have definitely upgraded that tiny chocolate making machine) and have welcomed three precious little girls along the way.

Word on The Street

Folks love the layout of the store and the friendliness of the shop clerks, and the fact that you can try samples of some of their chocolates. Fan favorite chocolates include their Honeycomb Chocolate, their vegan chocolate, and their Cheeky Lemon and Coconut chocolate.

Wicked Chocolate

Located at 113 & 114 Covered Market on Turl Street and just off of the High Street, Wicked Chocolate is known as Oxford’s only independent gourmet chocolate counter, packed with a variety of artisan chocolates. No matter what kind of chocolate experience you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to find it here, from white chocolate to fruit and nut, boozy, Belgian, and more, they’ve got it all and more. You create your own boxed variety of chocolates, or they have lots of nice chocolates perfect for gift giving.

In shop, you can find brands such as Anthon Berg, Bailey’s, Balance, Cote D’Or, and so many more. You’ll also be greeted with dark chocolate covered Marzipan loaves, champagne ganache truffles, and Excelcium Choco Sticks in caramel milk chocolate and sea salt and plain milk chocolate.

Word on The Street

Local patrons love the wide variety of chocolates that the shop has to offer, as well as the quality of the chocolates available. The gift boxes are some of their favorite items to purchase. Fan favorite chocolates include their vegan chocolates, their Belgian chocolates, and their hot chocolate.

Coco Noir

Coco Noir is a quaint, charming little chocolate shop located on London Road. It also happens to be the area’s only provider of fresh, premium gourmet Belgian chocolate. If you’re a chocolate lover, you can’t go amiss, as there is something here to satisfy just about everyone’s personal taste and preferences. Some of the varieties that you can count on finding here are dark chocolate ganache with Armagnac, dark chocolate truffles, almonds with Brazil nuts, sea salt and caramel, and so much more.

Coco Noir takes pride in all of their chocolates being made fresh, most of those which contain only six ingredients. You can count on a variety of different tastes and textures to please the palate, including chili.

Word on The Street

Regular customers love the atmosphere and the owners of this chocolate shop just as much as they love their products. Fan favorite chocolates include their pralines, their premium hot chocolate, and their white chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat is an upscale chocolate shop located on Castle Street and is a great place to go if you’re looking for chocolate gifts for your loved ones or a nice little something for yourself. No matter what sort of chocolate gift you may be looking for, whether it be boxes of chocolates, chocolate bars, or other luxurious chocolate gifts, Hotel Chocolat has it all and so much more for any kind of gift giving occasion you can imagine.

Angus Thirwell and Peter Harris opened the doors to the very first Hotel Chocolat in North London in 2004, and since then they have grown up to 126 stores, plus cafes, restaurants, outlets, and even factory stores. However, that first store opening was what would start a revolution of British chocolate. It’s their goal to always stay fresh, creative, and are consistently working on churning out new and incredibly delicious chocolate possibilities.

Word on The Street

Folks can’t get over how nice the shop itself is, not to mention the stunning varieties of chocolate and chocolate products, including hot chocolates and chocolate liquors. Fan favorite chocolates include their salted caramel chocolate, their Mousse Truffle chocolates, and their Caramel Tart chocolate.

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