The Top 7 Most Unique Candy Stores in Miami, FL

If you’re a Miami resident or you’re considering a cross country trip to sample the best confections, you’ve come to the right place! From corporate gifts to high-quality crafted chocolates, experience the 7 most unique candy shops in Miami, Florida before you even plan your trip. If your mouth waters while reading on, that’s ok! Just try not to get it on your keyboard.

  1. Garcia Nevett Chocolatier de Miami

Garcia Nevett Chocolatier de Miami has been named the #1 best chocolatier in Miami according to the Miami News Times. That’s the big reason they are considered #1 on our list. Their secret? High-quality chocolate imported from Venezuela is hand-crafted into delicious confections for any occasion. In 2018, Garcia Nevett received two accolades. The shop was an International Chocolate Awards Winner and Academy of Chocolate Awards Winner.

Word on the Street: Both the owners stay dedicated to the chocolate-making craft by putting in long hours to get the job. One Yelp reviewer said that both owners were present on a Monday night at 6pm. The best chocolatiers work past normal business hours to satisfy their clients!


  1. Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros

Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros features delicious Brazilian chocolates fashioned for the perfect bite and flavor to suit all tastes. With 15 delicious flavors of brigadeiros, there’s a taste for every mood and palette. You can get them in boxes of 2, 4, 6, 9, or 24 for personal enjoyment. Gift boxes come in 8, 12, or 16 counts to share the love of brigadeiros with family and friends during special occasions.

Word on the Street: Yelp reviewers rave about the Nutella based offerings at this candy shop. Not only can you try a Nutella brigadeiro, but you can also enjoy it with a Nutella latte. If you love Nutella, then get Nutella wasted at Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros!


  1. Exquisito Chocolates

Exquisito Chocolates begins all their chocolate confections by receiving cocoa beans from trusted sources and then grinding the beans only with sugar to achieve the highest quality chocolate treats. As a bean to bar chocolatier, Exquisito Chocolates never skimps on quality to bring you delicious chocolate.

Word on the Street: The owner’s name is Carolina. There’s is a bean to bar class that takes people through the steps of the chocolate making process. How’s that for having your chocolate and eating it, too?


  1. Romanicos Chocolate

Expect prices at the highest echelon when visiting Romanicos Chocolates. From truffles to chocolate art, they’ve got it all. A signature truffle platter is $210. How’s that for a fancy gift? If you’re looking for chocolate to please a crowd with a taste for very fancy chocolate delights, look no further than Romanicos Chocolates!

Word on the Street: Chocolate at Romanicos is great for gift giving! Any of their chocolates can be made into a custom gift for the holidays.


  1. Guayaba y Chocolate

Guayaba y Chocolate claims to hold the taste of Miami inside a bonbon. This delicious Venezuelan Chocolates comes in four kinds: Aniversario 56% milk chocolate, 58.5% Bucare, 61% Mijao and 70% Gran Saman.

The Aniversario is the darkest milk chocolate offered internationally. Bucare has notes of dried fruit in its dark chocolate. The acidity and bitterness of the Mijao dark chocolate is divine and the Gran Saman has the acidity of exquisite tropical fruit such as pineapples, passion fruit, and mangoes. This is a chocolate experience unlike any other so gear up for an unique time at Guayaba y Chocolate!

Word on the Street: Chutneys and jams are also on sale at Guayaba y Chocolate. After enjoying your chocolate, you can consider this as a delicious souvenir to take home and enjoy with the family.


  1. Sugarman Candy Wholesale

Look here to find out more about the only sweet wholesaler on this top 7 list! Small businesses and retailers can visit this website to get confections to resell in their stores. No matter where you are internationally, you can order a confection buffet to enjoy at any special event. These special buffets start with a color base and then you select the types of candies desired for your confection bar.

Word on the Street: You can get just about all the confections you need for any party at this wholesaler. Enjoy name brand confections and a variety of other colored goodies to fit any party theme!


  1. Wendy’s Chocolates and Gift Baskets

Wendy’s Chocolates and Gift Baskets hosts a variety of chocolate decorating parties and cupcake and cookie decorating parties. These confection decorating parties are great to have at kids’ birthday parties so they can get creative in decorating a delicious treat to take home as a party favor. They also do party catering and adult platters for a variety of events and gatherings.

Word on the Street: Despite being a Miami small business, Wendy’s Chocolates and Gift Baskets has reliable clients that return to them for years at a time for repeat business. Consistency and satisfaction are key for being an unique confections shop.