The Top 7 Most Unique Cake Shops in San Diego

The Top 7 Most Unique Cake Shops in San Diego

If you’re in the San Diego, CA area or thinking about visiting and looking for a unique place to satisfy your sweet tooth, check out this list of the top 7 most unique shops for cakes in San Diego.

Nothing Bundt Cakes


This little bakery chain in the Friars Mission Center area of San Diego offers bundt cakes of every size and flavor. Some of their most unique cakes include tiered bundt cakes, mini bundt cakes that come with a mug that complements the flavor, and what they call Bundtinis, which are bite-size bundt cakes that come by the dozen.

Aside of the wide variety of bundt sizes and flavors, they are famous for their thick, velvety frosting made with cream cheese and real butter. When Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz started making cakes together back in 1997, they realized they had something going and formed the foundation for what Nothing Bundt Cakes is all about today.

Word on The Street

The Bundtinis are a crowd favorite at Nothing Bundt Cakes, being described as just the perfect little morsel to satisfy your sweet tooth without all the guilt. Customers also talk about the friendly service and how the associates go above and beyond when it comes to serving and wrapping their to-go orders.


Azucar describes itself as a Cuban style patiseerie with French infusions. Acuzar doesn’t just specialize in cakes, although cakes are their top sellers. When looking through their selection of beautiful cakes and cupcakes in all shapes and sizes, you can’t help but drool a little when reading the flavor descriptions and being torn between eating the cakes and just admiring their loveliness. Plus they can customize and make any cake you wish!

Azucar was the long-time dream of owner Vivian Hernandez-Jackson, born in Miami and raised by her Cuban parents, as baking has always been a huge part of her life. Even as a little girl, each meal was always followed by a sweet treat. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu, she worked at Claridge’s in London and Loews Hotel in Miami Beach as a pastry chef before moving to California to teach baking and pastry at a nearby culinary school and started Azucar in 2008.

Word on The Street

The Mango Cheesecake comes highly recommended by those who love Azucar. Customers also can’t get enough of their mini desserts, guava pastries, and rave about their special Mojito Cookies.

Extraordinary Desserts

This bakery has been featured on Food Network’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate, and we can certainly understand why! They have a wide variety of not only beautiful but also tasty desserts that are described as “showstopping.” Their award winning cakes come in a multitude of shapes and sizes and include gluten free and vegan options. However, they are unique in that they not only make and serve sweets, but they’re a great place to get a meal and a drink as well.

Pastry chef Karen Krasne began Extraordinary Desserts as a business which catered cakes and desserts for special events and weddings, but then it evolved into something more when she opened store-front locations in San Diego and started offering nation-wide delivery. She has even written a book called Extraordinary Cakes.

Word on The Street

Customers rave about the bread pudding and chocolate covered cheesecake at Extraordinary Desserts. The Shangri-la is recommended for those who want a totally unique flavor experience with its guava mousse.

85C Bakery Cafe

85C Bakery Cafe offers a decadent variety of cakes and desserts that are sure to make your mouth water just by looking at them and reading their descriptions. This is another bakery which makes cakes so beautiful that you almost feel bad eating them. Their cakes come by the slice or you can even purchase a whole cake all for yourself or as a gift (although when you see it, you may not want to share!).

85C Bakery Cafe was first a thought back in 2003 when Mr. Cheng-Hsueh Wu visited a cafe in a 5-star hotel and decided he wanted to offer the same quality dining experience, but at affordable prices so everyone could have that experience. Today, they not only have their San Diego location, but just under 1,000 others worldwide. The first 85C Bakery Cafe was opened in Irvine, CA in 2008.

Word on The Street

Customers talk about the convenience of their San Diego location and the friendliness of the staff. They are also in love with their Taro Marble Bread, Egg Tarts, and Iced King Grapefruit tea.

Babycakes San Diego

Babycakes is a colorful little bakery chain that greets you with adorable, tasty sweets and beautiful cakes. They have created fun, festive, and breath-taking wedding cakes for clients for many years and offer a wide variety of award-winning cakes and cupcakes for almost any occasion you can think of. They also offer a menu of American fare and dessert beverages.

Babycakes was established in 2008 and has worked hard to maintain their reputation for providing exemplary service and amazingly extraordinary sweets. Their speciality in creating custom cakes and cupcakes is what has gained them world-wide fame.

Word on The Street

When talking about Babycakes, customers tend to rave about their cupcakes and their amazingly creative cakes for any and every occasion. Customer service is also a high point for those who have visited and worked with Babycakes.

Cupcakes Squared

So you thought that you knew cupcakes fairly well, right? Well hold the phone, because your perception of cupcakes are about to be turned… square. Yes, Cupcakes Squared offers square cupcakes! They have a seasonal menu and a full menu of delicious, square morsels in regular and mini sizes. Each little square cupcake is beautifully frosted and some are garnished with pretty and flavor-enhancing ingredients. They offer their cupcakes in vegan and gluten-free varieties as well.

Cupcakes Squared began over 11 years ago and was San Diego’s first cupcake bakery. They take pride in only using real ingredients and making everything from scratch. They offer other sweet treats along with their unique square cupcakes and even some savory grab-and-go items.

Word on The Street

The cupcake frosting is rave-worthy according to patrons of Cupcakes Squared, as well as their customer service. The cupcake flavors that get the most love here are the lemon, carrot cake, and pistachio.

Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge Bakery offers custom cakes and cupcakes for any occasion as well as a variety of baked goods for that sweet treat you’ve gotta have right now. If you take a look at some of the cakes and cupcakes they have previously created, you’ll find an album full of colorful, exquisite, and incredibly unique celebratory desserts. Their cakes come in three layers and a variety of delicious flavors. They don’t just copy cakes that others have made, but they can use them as inspiration to create something even more unique and sure to wow everyone.

Sweet Revenge takes pride in their artistic creativity, flavor offerings, and the fact that they use only quality ingredients.

Word on The Street

Faithful Sweet Revenge Bakery customers brag most about the customer service and how creative and delicious the cakes and cupcakes are. It seems that once you’ve ordered from them, you can’t stop, and their most loyal customers are certain you won’t be disappointed!