The Top 7 Candy Shops That Hollywood Has to Offer

It’s not hard to imagine what must come to mind when you think of Hollywood, the most famous neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles, California. From A-list celebrities and the United States’ film industry to some of the most affluent shops, restaurants, and residences, Hollywood has plenty to offer visitors. But did you know that Hollywood is also home to some incredible candy shops? Come along with us to the “Dream Factory” and check out our top seven picks for the best candy shops in Hollywood!

Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop

Ghiradelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop

Of course, when it comes to some of the best candy in Hollywood, we can’t forget Ghirardelli, producer of some of the finest chocolates in the world. Located inside the magical, colorful Disney Studio Store, this chocolate shop also offers the retro experience of getting a cold drink from their old-fashioned soda fountain.

It was 1817 when Domenico Ghirardelli was born; he first was introduced to the chocolate and confectionary world when he began apprenticing for a local candy maker. In 1849, he sailed to America and opened a general store in Stockton, California, then in 1852 he opened his first candy shop in San Francisco, called Ghirardely & Girard, which would become the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company that we know today.

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Everyone loves coming to the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop for the ice cream, gifts, and of course the delicious chocolate! Fan favorite chocolates include their dark chocolates, their caramel chocolates, and their milk chocolates.

John Kelly Chocolates

John Kelly Chocolates

John Kelly Chocolates is a boutique chocolatier that specializes in handmade candies like truffle fudge and walnut-caramel clusters. They also make and carry a variety of other chocolates such as fruit and nuts, salted, spicy, and even some vegan options as well. No matter your chocolate preference, you can find exactly what your heart desires here, or even a little gift for someone special!

John Kelly Chocolates came from humble beginnings when it first opened up in 2004 just off of the famous Sunset Boulevard with nothing but determination and a recipe for some amazing gourmet chocolate fudge. Since then, it has become an award-winning chocolate brand, with its boutique chocolates offered in high-end department stores, grocery stores, and even John Kelly’s own online storefront.

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Those who enjoy John Kelly Chocolates often wonder how they got on without these amazing gourmet chocolates before. Fan-favorite chocolates include their Semi-Sweet Chocolate and Caramel with Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt, their Dark Chocolate with French Grey Sea Salt, and their Dark Chocolate Truffles.

Tuesday’s Sweet Shoppe

Tuesday's Sweet Shoppe

If you’re longing to walk into a candy store and feel just like a kid in a candy store again, then Tuesday’s Sweet Shoppe is the place to go! When you walk in, all you see around you are drawers, bins, and tables full of all kinds of wonderful, colorful candies from gummies to candy sticks and taffy galore.

Self-described as a neighborhood candy store, Tuesday’s Sweet Shoppe was founded in 2018 by Michael and Emily Roiff, as well as Emily’s brother Alan and four-year-old Tuesday, the Roiff’s daughter whose name the shop bears. Tuesday’s Sweet Shoppe aims to be the one-stop-shop for all of your candy desires, boasting more candy per square foot than any other candy store in the Los Angeles area.

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Those who have been lucky enough to walk through the doors of this establishment love how cute the shop is as well as the variety of candy available. Fan favorite candies include the Sour Rainbow Belts, the Alien Heads, and the Chocolate Potato Chips.



Sockerbit is a Scandinavian candy store that’s located near the Farmer’s Market on W. 3rd Street, so if you’re looking for something different than your standard American candy fare, then this is the place for you! Whether you’re looking for sweet, sour, licorice, marshmallow, chocolate, or hard candies, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better variety of Scandinavian confections anywhere near here. Get yourself a mix to take home with you and enjoy a little bit of everything!

Sockerbit is proud to offer candies that have all-natural colors, no high-fructose corn syrup, no trans-fat, and no GMOs. They also offer lots of other Scandinavian foods and products that just beg to be tried!

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Customers not only like coming into the shop to check out all of the products, but they also love the convenience of being able to order online. Favorite candies include their Jumbo Chocolate Covered Dolphins, their sour candies, and their Citrus Eggs.

Littlejohn’s English Toffee House & Fine Candies

Littlejohn's Candies

Located in the Farmer’s Market on W. 3rd Street, this food stall offers authentic hand-crafted English toffee as well as other candies like chocolate-dipped fruits, fudge, Pecan Gadgets, and caramels. Can’t decide what you want? Then we suggest getting one of their gift boxes that come in a variety of different kinds of their popular candies.

Handcrafting smiles since 1924, Littlejohn’s Candies began with Mr. and Mrs. Littlejohn making their mouthwatering English Toffee to sell to the upper class of Los Angeles. It didn’t take long for these candies to become popular and the Littlejohn name to be synonymous with quality high-end confections. Since then, ownership has been passed down to apprentices of the shop, with the current owner being former apprentice Michael Graves, but the tradition of producing quality candy remains the same.

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Most everyone who has tried Littlejohn’s English Toffee says that it is some of the best they have ever had. Other fan favorite candies include their fudge, homemade marshmallows covered in homemade caramel, and the Pecan Pralines.


Munchie's Los Angeles

This quaint little shop offers Kosher chocolate, regular and sugar-free candies, ice cream, dried fruits, nuts, and even wine and gift baskets for that special someone. If you’re looking to get a huge load of candy, a bulk discount will go a long way in helping you squash your candy cravings and save money at the same time!

Munchie’s boasts the largest selection of Kosher candy and ice cream in Los Angeles, and all of their products including their wine all comes from the most prestigious candy and chocolate manufacturers in the world.

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Customers love the variety and quality of all of the candies and other treats and goods sold here! Fan favorite candies include the chocolate dipped bananas, chocolate covered pretzels, and any of their chocolates.

Jack’s Candy

Jack's Candy

Jack’s Candy is a wholesale candy store that carries a variety of American and Mexican candies, as well as some nostalgic candies, snacks, and toys. So if you’re looking for a particular favorite or something new and interesting, you’re sure to find it here!

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Loyal patrons agree that not only is the candy amazing, but the staff is super helpful! Fan favorite candies include the Mazapán, the Saladitos, and the Wax Lips.

So whether you’re a local to Hollywood or you’ll be visiting the area soon, you will always be able to find the candy you’re looking for with our top seven candy store picks!