The Top 7 Candy Shops in Indianapolis

As the capital of Indiana, Indianapolis has become best known for being the host of the famous Indy 500 race in the month of May. However, it’s also known for having some of the best places to buy confections to satisfy your sweet tooth, so come along with us as we take you for a spin through Indy to check out our top 7 candy shop picks. 

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Abbott’s Candies

Located in the Clearwater Shoppes Shopping Center, Abbott’s Candies specializes in crafting their own caramels and chocolates from the same recipes they’ve used for the past 130 years. Each day sees this family owned and operated confection shop cranking out different variations as well as customized orders of their signature artisan chocolates and caramels.

William Clay Abbott started Abbott’s Candies back in 1890 after his butterscotch confections took off and became a hit. He built the first factory in his own back yard on South Plum and it was operated from there until August of 1985. The business was passed down through generations of Abbott’s, and then the business was fully purchased by Jay and Lynn Noel in 2012. The Noel’s were in a license agreement with Abbott’s and owned their own piece of the business, Abbott’s Also. When given the opportunity, Jay and Lynn picked up the gauntlet and vowed to continue William Clay’s sweet legacy.

Word on The Street – Patrons love the rich history behind this sweet little confectionary company and the homey atmosphere of the shop. They also love that they offer samples of their caramels and say that they and the homemade chocolates come in varieties of hard or soft, and are incredibly decadent and satisfying.

Rocket Fizz

Rocket Fizz is a franchise chain of candy stores that features a large selection of candies and is most known for its specialty sodas. As soon as you walk in, you can’t help but notice candy everywhere with displays and walls lined and covered in confections, as well as sodas in unique flavors like Bacon with Chocolate and Coffee and a selection of novelty gifts.

Rocket Fizz was founded in 2007 by Rob Powells and Ryan Morgan in Camarillo, California with the idea of re-creating the feeling of being a kid in an old-timey confection store with a bevvy of choices and always something new to try. Since then, their business model has taken off and become a hit throughout the United States.

Word on The Street – When it comes to Rocket Fizz, customers love the upbeat, colorful and peppy environment that comes along with this sugar rush of an establishment. They pride themselves on the crazy variety of unique soda flavors which you can taste test, and their mix-and-match candy model. 

Newfangled Confections

This little sweet shop specializes in creative, experimental confections including their pralines and a peanut brittle and fudge hybrid called a “Frittle.” No matter what you’re looking for, Newfangled can satisfy even the pickiest sweet tooth with their unique approach to creating their truffles, hand-dipped cookies, handmade bars, and turtle squares.

Carri Abbott founded Newfangled Confections in 2012 after she got creative and came up with her peanut brittle fudge hybrid, “Frittle,” for a friend’s wedding and it became a hit. Carrie started Newfangled as a confection company that would bring back old favorites with new, delightfully fun twists.

Word on the Street – Those who have been lucky enough to visit Newfangled love Carrie’s passion for creating her confectionary contributions. Her “Frittle” is the biggest hit, and her pralines and Sweet & Spicy Pecans come highly recommended as well!

Schakolad Chocolate Factory

Schakolad (pronounced shock-oh-LAD) is a chain store that specializes in European-style chocolates and truffles that they make right in the shop, and even has kosher and vegan candies! You can buy anything from beautifully-crafted chocolates packed in pretty boxes to chocolate novelties and special occasion candies. 

Schakolad began with Baruch Schaked’s announcement to sell his original chocolate business in South Florida so he could retire. His son, Edgar, stepped in to keep the family tradition alive and in 1995, the first Schakolad Chocolate Factory was opened in Winter Park, Florida, later becoming a franchise in 1999.

Word on The Street – Loyal customers love how nicely the store is set up and the friendly customer service they receive with each visit. They also like that you can order custom candies for special occasions. Their Almond Toffee and Champagne Truffles are fan favorites!

See’s Candies

See’s is an old-fashioned candy franchise that many are already familiar with. This particular See’s is located in The Fashion Mall at Keystone and offers their candies and chocolates by the piece or boxed for mixing and matching. They have been making their own chocolates and other candies for almost 100 years and, our favorite part, offers samples of their delicious chocolates and other confections!

See’s iconic black and white shops were inspired by the kitchen of Mary See herself, the lady who started it all back in 1921. Since then, See’s Candies has grown to over 200 stores nation-wide and launched a successful online storefront. Their dedication to taste and Mary’s dedication to crafting quality candy hasn’t changed and makes them one of our top choices for the best candy shop in Indianapolis. 

Word on The Street – According to customers, See’s offers not only delicious candies but also great customer service. They love the fact that they can customize their own box of chocolates and some fan favorites here are the Dark Chocolate Marzipan, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles, and Almond Marzipan candies.

DeBrand Fine Chocolates

This crisp, clean confection shop offers finely crafted chocolates in their Classic, Truffle, and Connoisseur Collections. The Classic Collection includes staples such as rich caramels and creamy fruits, while the Truffle Collection boasts 12 different types of truffles to choose from. The Connoisseur Collection offers the most diverse flavor profile and incorporates different textures and flavors, experimenting with unlikely ingredients to enhance their already decadent chocolate. This is the perfect candy store for a great gift, either for someone else or for yourself!

DeBrand Fine Chocolates was started in 1987 by Cathy Brand-Beere and stemmed from her passion for all things confectionery. The first chocolate store was established in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and DeBrand Fine Chocolates has since become a family business with four shops in Fort Wayne and one in Indianapolis.

Word on The Street – Customers report that you can also get ice cream, coffee, and hot chocolate at DeBrand’s to complement their amazing chocolate candies. When it comes to those delicious morsels, the Milk Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Salted Peanut Butter Cup, and Rose Water Caramel are a few fan favorites.

Best Chocolate in Town

This chocolate shop boasts a bold name, and they have the chocolate to back it up! The Best Chocolate in Town specializes in making their own candies in varieties such as truffles, crunches, bars, caramels, and even do assortment packages to give you a little taste of it all.

Elizabeth Garber founded this little confectionary shop in 1998 on a mission to provide the best artisan chocolates, espressos, and other unique desserts in Downtown Indianapolis all wrapped up with great customer service.

Word on The Street – Customers rave about the selection of truffles, including the fact that they make vegan truffles. When it comes to their candies, the most popular ones are their dark, coffee, and caramel chocolates.