The 7 Yummiest Vegan Cookies That Ship Nationwide

Looking for a great vegan cookie, but can’t seem to find any near where you live? Not all bakeries have vegan-friendly cookies, and finding them in grocery stores can be hard as well, which can make obtaining them quite difficult. If this applies to you then keep reading, because we’ve compiled a list of the seven yummiest vegan cookies that ship nationwide!

Karma Baker

This vegan and gluten free bakery bakes fresh cookies, cupcakes in a jar, cakes, breads, and more delightful sweet baked goods daily. They have the ability to ship their delicious cookies nationwide for those who can’t personally come by any of their California locations, making them an asset to those who can’t access many vegan cookies locally.

Co-owners and husband and wife Arek Reeder and Celine Ikeler, the Karma Baker herself, call their method of baking “enlightened baking,” from not using dairy, eggs, or wheat, to creating a peaceful, loving environment for both themselves and their customers. They take pride in all of their baked goods and their dedication to using only the best organic plant-based and gluten free ingredients to create them.

Word on The Street

Customers love the fresh, delicious, quality vegan baked goods from Karma Baker, and this especially applies to their cookies, plus non-vegans say they don’t taste vegan. Fan favorite cookies include their Chocolate Chip cookies, their sugar cookies with white chocolate frosting, and their Chocolate Chipwich Cookies.

The Naughty Cookie

Cookies & Crème Cookie

Ordering fresh baked cookies from The Naughty Cookie seems to take the expression, “go big or go home,” quite literally, as there is nothing plain or basic about the cookies made at this fun, 100 percent vegan cookie shop. With flavors like their Cookies & Creme, Triple Chocolate Chunk, and even Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodle, it’s no wonder they claim to have the best vegan cookies.

Jessica Motes, baker and founder of The Naughty Cookie, used groups of non-vegans as guinea pigs to perfect her cookie recipes, and it came to the point that the non-vegans were questioning whether her cookies were really vegan. The Naughty Cookie began as a pop-up store and has worked its way up to nationwide shipping, because folks just can’t get enough of Jessica’s cookies!

Word on The Street

According to non-vegan customers, you really cannot tell any of her cookies are vegan! Loyal fans say that you can’t go wrong with any of Jessica’s cookie flavors.

Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen

Assorted Cookie Bundle

Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen is a great cookie, donut, cake, and cupcake home bakeshop to order a tasty gift to ship to the special vegan in your life that comes wrapped in a nice red bow for extra cheer. Their list of unique cookie flavors include their Chocolate Chai, Macadamia Cranberry, Frosted Sugar, and Thin Mint.

Owner and baker Yvonne Ardestani is a French-trained chef who has cooked with some of the most famous names in the food industry, and now she is concentrating on recreating some of those dishes and treats without the use of dairy, meat, honey, eggs, or gluten. Her vegan baking journey began when she became concerned about her hypothyroidism, and went about using her culinary skills to create delicious but balanced treats.

Word on The Street

Fans love the taste and outstanding quality of the cookies they get from Yvonne. Fan favorite cookies include the Brownie Cookies and the Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Seven Grams Caffe

The vegan cookies made fresh daily and shipped nationwide from Seven Grams Caffe aren’t your typical cookies, they are thick, rich, Tahini-infused masterpieces bursting with flavor. Tahini is a paste made from toasted, hulled, and ground sesame seeds and is a staple in many Mediterranean, Caucasus, and North African recipes.

Seven Grams Caffe was established in 2014 and combines premium coffee with delicious baked goods like their cookies, plus their extensive menu of fresh pastries. The name Seven Grams comes from the Italian standard of the perfect espresso shot being made from seven grams of ground premium coffee. They take pride in using only the freshest, best quality ingredients in all of their baked goods and their coffees.

Word on The Street

Customers love this little coffee spot and the fresh, delicious vegan cookies and pastries. Fan favorite cookies include their Chocolate Chip and the Matcha & White Chocolate Chip cookies.

Appalachia Cookie Company

When you order the tasty vegan cookies like the Appalachian Gold Coconut and Chocolate Chip Cookies offered at Appalachia Cookie Company, be prepared for flavor bombs unlike anything you’ve tasted before. Packed full of coconut, oats, pecans, chocolate chips, apples, and cinnamon, you get a flavor profile that’s out of this world as well as a pleasing, chewy texture.

Founder David Hollomans’ cookie journey began during his senior year at Appalachia State University, then went on to create what Paula Deen calls one of the ten best cookies in the country, which was his Blueberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies, but then began winning over everyone else with his Cheesecake cookies and the Ron Swanson cookie.

Word on The Street

Everyone loves the delicious cookies from Appalachia Cookie Company. Favorite vegan cookie flavors include the Chocolate and the Appalachian Gold Coconut and Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Maxine’s Heavenly

Almond Chocolate Chunk

Maxine’s Heavenly offers soft-baked cookies that not only taste good but are also good for you with ingredients like gluten-free oats, coconut sugar, and and dates, you’re getting sweet treats packed with wholesome, real ingredients that are as yummy as they are healthy. They ship out decadent flavors like Almond Chocolate Chunk, Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin, and seasonal Pumpkin Pecan Spice cookies that can please just about every sweet tooth.

Tim Miller took his mother Maxine’s incredibly delicious cookie recipe that was beloved by family and friends alike, then tweaked it to vegan and gluten-free with healthier alternatives to the classic ingredients. Ever since they perfected the altered recipe, the sky became the limit when it came to creating delicious vegan cookies.

Word on The Street

Loyal customers love how the cookies from Maxine’s Heavenly are so delicious, yet healthy! The number one favorite flavor is the Almond Chocolate Chunk cookies.

Foxship Bakery

Woman-owned and based in Chicago, this vegan bakery makes some seriously huge, rich, and decadent cookies that weigh in at a quarter of a pound each! These large, delicious cookies come in flavors like Cookies and Cream, Cake Batter, and Maple Pecan Sea Salt Chocolate Chip, so don’t worry, they can handle your vegan cookie needs, including shipping nationwide to either you or someone you love as a nice gift.

Owner Renee has been baking since 2011, but went fully plant-based in the year 2017 with the ambition of creating delectable vegan cookies and creates and bakes them with her partner, Luke, as a very small operation.

Word on The Street

Fans love how thick and rich the cookies are at Foxship Bakery. Fan favorite flavors include the Peanut Butter and the S’mores cookies.

So whether you’ve been a vegan for years and are looking for something new or you’re new to the lifestyle and aren’t sure where to start, we are confident that this list of the seven yummiest vegan cookies that ship nationwide will be a great starting point for your vegan cookie quest.