The 7 Most Incredible Cake Shops in Sydney, Australia

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, is one of the largest cities in Australia, and is most famous for being the home of the sail-inspired Sydney Opera House. However, Sydney is also known for its beautiful beaches, for being the place to encounter unique wildlife, and now it will be known for having some exciting cake shops! So come along with us to The Emerald City (no yellow brick road or red shoes necessary) and check out our picks for the seven most impressive cake shops in Sydney.

Flavours Inn – Cakes and Sweets Shop

Flavours Inn is a cake shop and bakery that specializes in cakes for all occasions, cupcakes, tortes, macarons, and cookies. They have an entire portfolio full of beautifully decorated cakes for any occasion, or if you have a custom design in mind, they can do that too!

Flavours Inn is a family business that started with the encouragement of their friends and family to pursue this dream. The cake artists at Flavours Inn understand that the cake is the highlight of the celebration or get-together, so they take pride in making only the best products with the finest ingredients, talented decorators, and tried-and-true recipes handed down for generations.

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Loyal patrons love the quality and price of the cakes they get here. Favorite flavors include the Mango Cake, the Pineapple Cake, and the Hazelnut Cake.

Bakealicious by Gabriela

Mil Hojas Cake Sydney

Bakealicious by Gabriela is a bakery that makes all occasion cakes that can be as simple or as exquisite as you like in detail as well as cupcakes, and even quiche and empanadas! Cakes such as their Ferrero Rocher Cake, Honey Cake, and the Jaffa Cake are all the reason needed to check out what this cake shop is all about. There are also gluten-free and vegan cake options as well.

Gabriela Oporto, founder of Bakealicious By Gabriela started this bakery and cafe, a long-time dream for her, because of her love for food and baking that was passed down from her mother and grandmother; some of her best memories were Sundays when they would get together and make a big Sunday dinner and spend time together as a family. Baking makes her happy, and she loves sharing that happiness with others.

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Customers call Bakealicious a “cake lover’s dream!” Favorite cakes include the Walnut Caramel Cake, the Semi-Naked Chocolate Cake, and the Vegan Carrot Cake.

Topsmak Bakery

Topsmak Bakery is a traditional European bakery that creates cakes, cupcakes, donuts, traditional Sourdough Rye bread, and pastries. If you like individually sized chocolate and/or orange flourless cakes, or if larger 10 inch cakes to share such as Chocolate Mud, Coffee Walnut Crumble, or Oreo Red Velvet sound appealing, then make your way to Topsmak!

Topsmak was established in 2001 and started out with just a handful of customers, but it has grown over the years. Inspired by Polish taste and dedicated to using traditional European recipes, you’re getting an authentic European baking experience when you try the cakes, pastries, and breads that Topsmak bakes fresh daily.

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Fans are impressed with the taste and quality of the cakes made here. The cake that comes the most highly recommended from Topsmak is their fairly simple yet seemingly addictive Chocolate Cake.

DeLovely Cake Design

Whether you’re looking for the most perfectly decorated and delicious cake for a wedding, anniversary, or corporate function, then it’s time to check out DeLovely Cake Design. This cake shop not only makes gorgeous and decadent cakes, but can also put together an exquisite dessert table spread along with or independent of a cake for any event with treats like cupcakes, cake pops, and macarons.

DeLovely has won multiple awards, offers internationally recognized cake classes and sells cake making and decorating products. It’s their mission to create happy memories for that special occasion with their incredible cakes and sweets. Manager and Instructor Dave was a runner-up on the Great Australian Bake Off in 2018 and also teaches modern wedding cake making at renowned Le Cordon Bleu as a guest chef.

Clients say made a DeLovely are as delicious as they are beautiful. Although there aren’t any particular favorite cake flavors mentioned, customers seem to love all of the cakes they create.

Cake Atelier


Cake Atelier says that cakes are a ritual which marks a special occasion, and they make cakes to fit those special occasions. Wedding cakes, 3D cakes, regular dessert cakes, and cakes for kids birthdays and Christenings are their specialty, and no matter what your vision for your cake is, Cake Atelier can bring it to life.

Cake Atelier’s cakes are the product of Naco, baker and cake decorator. She believes that the pride you feel in your cake should be the icing on the cake of the celebration in question, and takes great pride in making beautiful, delicious cakes with only the best ingredients and using all of her experience throughout the years in restaurants to continuously improve and add to her art of making cakes.

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Everyone loves the service and the beautiful, delicious cakes they get from Naco at Cake Atelier’s! Fan favorite cakes include the Red Velvet, Vanilla, and Green Tea cakes.



The cakes from Unbirthday simply have to be seen to be believed, like their Teal Hero Multi Tier cake, which is described best as layers of chocolate cake iced with a teal vanilla buttercream icing, dark chocolate sauce dripped on it and down the sides, and decorated with clusters of salted caramel popcorn, macarons, and a variety of delectable chocolate bars, all finished with Unbirthday’s signature gold accents.

Whether you’re looking for an incredibly unique cake that stands out from normal cakes for a corporate function, a wedding, or even a cake for his birthday, Unbirthday has you covered whether it’s your custom creation or one of their designs!

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Loyal clients say that Unbirthday goes above and beyond for your cake. Favorite cakes include the Chocolate Hero, the Pavlova Cake, and the Ivory Empress.

Spoon and Fork

Last but not least, Spoon and Fork is a little bakeshop in Croydon that specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, as well as fresh-made cakes and cookies available in the shop for purchase along with party essentials. For birthday cakes, they love to make cookies as decorations for the cakes as opposed to icing figures, which didn’t take long to become popular and one of their trademarks.

Denin and Glen Spencer, a pastry chef and a former teacher and artist, respectively, own Spoon and Fork and take their inspiration for their whimsical creations from every-day life going on around them. Their son Christopher also helps by taste testing products for the best taste and quality.

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Fans love this cute little bakery and cafe. Fan favorite cakes and icings include the Mango icing, the Fresh Cream Sponge Cake, and the Buttercream Icing.

Cake is good for bringing people together to celebrate, or even just to satisfy the sweet tooth, and you cannot go wrong at any of our seven incredible cake shops in Sydney that bring together detailed decorating and decadent deliciousness!