The 7 Most Amazing Bakeries in Anchorage, Alaska

The 7 Most Amazing Bakeries in Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska, is the biggest city in the state and has come to be best known for its cultural sites such as the Alaska Native Heritage Center that displays the traditional crafts, dance performances, and replicas of the living quarters of the indigenous people. But Anchorage also happens to be home to some amazing bakeries, so let’s take the scenic route and check out our picks for the seven incredible bakeries of Anchorage.

Great Harvest Bread Co.

Great Harvest Bread Co. is a staple Anchorage bakery chain whose specialty is whole grain breads and muffins made from Montana wheat. As soon as you walk into this bakery, the aroma of the baking breads, muffins, and other wonderful treats immediately fills your nostrils.

This establishment is owned and operated by the Jarret family, who believe that the best wheat is the wheat they plant in the Golden Triangle of Montana. The wheat is milled at each Great Harvest location each day by their employees and added to their other ingredients to make their fresh, high-quality bread and muffins daily.

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Great Harvest Bread Co. is described by customers as having an amazing selection of fresh breads and is a ‘carb lover’s paradise.’ Favorites from this bakery include their cheesy breads, the Honey Wheat bread, and the Cranberry Orange bread.

Fire Island Rustic Bake Shop

This small, yet upscale bake shop offers pastries, breads, and desserts that are baked fresh every day as well as their gourmet sandwich and coffee selections. So whether you’re in the mood for something sweet, savory, light, or rich, Fire Island has you covered and they even take custom orders if you can’t find something that you like.

Fire Island began in the heart of South Addition, which is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Anchorage, then by 2015 they opened their second location, then their third in 2018. They take pride in using only fine quality ingredients, including organic flour, in their baked goods and their organic, fair traded coffees and teas.

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Customers love the service they get at this bakery as well as the fact that organic flours are used. The most popular baked goods here are the Chocolate Chip Cookies, their scones, and their Wheat Sourdough bread.

Divine Gourmet Cupcakes

This sweet bakery doesn’t have a storefront, but that doesn’t stop them from making fresh, delicious cupcakes every day for their adoring customers. Instead of having a traditional counter setting, Divine Gourmet Cupcakes brings your sweet treats right to your door, making them an incredibly convenient option for ordering their amazing cupcakes.

In operation since 2012, Divine Gourmet Cupcakes is owned by Natalie, who has been baking all of her life and loves to come up with new, creative recipes. Her inspiration comes from the joy she brings to others when presenting her exquisite cupcakes. They won the Best of Anchorage 2020 Award, presented by the Anchorage Award Program.

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Folks say that Divine Gourmet Cupcakes is the ultimate way to tell someone you love them. Customers also love how willing Natalie is to work with them when it comes to special orders, and they recommend trying any of her cupcakes!

House of Bread Bakery

This bakery and cafe specializes in hand-making fresh baked breads, pastries, and sandwiches daily, and they make it a priority to use the best ingredients to make their baked goods tasty but also healthier for you. For instance, they use honey as a natural preservative, source their chemical free wheat from Montana, and don’t add extra wheat gluten.

House of Bread is owned by Bret and Meschelle Kolb, and they love sharing their love for fresh baked breads and pastries by using tried-and-true methods of hand-making their goods that not only taste good but feel good as well. They guarantee that you can taste the difference purely based on their fine quality, responsibly sourced ingredients.

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Loyal fans love coming in and smelling the bread as it bakes as well as enjoying the aesthetic inside with the wood floors and inviting fireplace. Favorite baked goods here include the Sourdough bread, the Mother’s Day loaf, and the Honey bread.

Midnight Sun Cakery

Midnight Sun Cakery specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes and, get this, their signature cake creations called cake tacos for any occasion including weddings! Along with customizing your own cake, they also have some great options to choose from on their extensive menu including their Monthly Special Cupcake Schedule. These cupcakes go for $25 a dozen and each month includes a unique flavor such as Red Velvet Raspberry, Mango Bliss, or Peppermint Bark.

Midnight Sun Cakery is owned by cake artist Anita K. Algiene, who first started making and decorating cakes in high school as a hobby with her mother. Her love for cake decorating evolved as she got her first professional cake decorating job in 1991, and from there honed her skills and went on to train at Haydel’s Bakery in New Orleans from 2000-2006. June of 2012 saw the opening of Midnight Sun; Anita loves making beautifully detailed, tasty cakes for her community.

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Customers love the service they get here almost as much as they love the end product! Fan favorite flavors include The Dark Side, Carrot Cake, and the white cake with a chocolate ganache swirl.

Catered Blessings Dessert First

This little bakery is all about sweets (and also sandwiches) including cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, and cheesecakes. Whether you already know what kind of cake you want or if you aren’t sure and need to peruse the menu, you won’t be disappointed. Plus, don’t miss out on the different flavors they offer with their Cheesecake of the Month!

Catered Blessings Dessert First is owned by chef Tamara Josey, who loves to serve other people and bring them joy and happiness. While obtaining her Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management Degree from J & A Institute of Culinary Arts in Philadelphia, she took home the ‘Rising Star of Philadelphia’ award for her dessert creation, Strawberry Stuffed Apple Cheesecake.

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Everyone loves the choices and prices this bakery has to offer, and fan favorites include the Pumpkin Spice Pound Cake, the Pecan Cake, and the Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies.

L’Aroma Bakery & Deli

L’Aroma Bakery & Deli is employed with true artisan bakers that make fresh, delicious breads, cakes, and other baked goods every day, and of course as soon as you walk in you can’t help but smell the pleasant aroma of everything baking. With their convenient cafe like seating areas, you can enjoy a sandwich made from their freshly baked bread or something sweet.

Along with their fresh baked goods and sandwiches, they also make and serve homestyle soups, salads, and wood fired pizzas.

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Fans love L’Aroma’s dedication to quality baked goods, favorites of which include the German Chocolate Cake, the muffins, and the croissants.

So whether you live in Anchorage and need some variety or if you’re visiting the last frontier state of Alaska, check out our seven bakery picks if you’re looking for a taste of fresh-baked goodness.