The 10 Best Chocolate Cakes in San Diego

Dessert is usually the best part of any meal. When you are looking to fill your cravings for a delicious slice of decadent cake, you need to visit the top bakeries in San Diego. Here are the 10 best chocolate cakes in the area.

 Bonpastry “Belgian Chocolate Ganache Cake”

One of the Richest, most divine chocolate Ganache you will taste on West Coast, what sets this cake apart from the rest is its simple recipe utilizing fresh raw ingredients. Pastry chef Christiane Stephano created this recipe by utilizing the rawest, most pure ingredients to give you a rich Chocolate taste. The cake contains basic ingredients like milk, eggs, chocolate, and sugar. However, the secret to its richness and smooth taste is the use of organic milk, farmed eggs and pure Belgian chocolate. Be sure not to miss the delectable cake from Bonpastry French Pastry. Best of all, you can get it delivered anywhere in San Diego with a day’s


 Avant “Chocolate Trio”

Warm chocolate lava cake is made even tastier at Avant. It is paired with a dark-chocolate avocado mousse and a scoop of peanut butter ice cream. The cake’s sweet center is the star of the plate, which explodes with flavor. The runny middle is nicely balanced with the firm texture of the outer sponge-like cake. It will be a true volcanic eruption of delight in your mouth.

 Juniper & Ivy “Yodel”

You may be familiar with the “yodel” snack cake, but Juniper & Ivy have put an upscale twist on this chocolate cake delicacy. When it arrives at your table, you will see a plain cylinder of devil’s food. Then, your server will douse it with hot chocolate syrup, fresh strawberries, and cookie crumbs. Inside, it is stuffed with cream, hazelnut brittle, and white chocolate. It is an exciting blend of various textures that will please your taste buds.

 Extraordinary Desserts “Viking”

One of the best bakeries in San Diego is Extraordinary Desserts. It has a counter that is filled with tempting sweet treats. Its most famous chocolate cake is “The Viking.” Smothered between layers of dark cake are milk chocolate cremeuse and chocolate creme brulee. What gives this dessert its signature look is the crushed chocolate almond pralines that are overflowing along the top and sides.

 Sage French Cake “The Elby”

Sage French Cake creates some of the best pastries in San Diego. Its Japanese-French fusion offerings are lighter and less sugary than traditional desserts. If you are looking to satiate your need for chocolate, you can select a slice of “The Elby.” This confection is filled with layers of chocolate ganache, mousse, and cake. It will satisfy your appetite without being overwhelming.

 Urban Plates “Flourless Chocolate Cake”

If you love dessert but can’t eat gluten, a flourless chocolate cake may be the answer to your sweet needs. At Urban Plates, you can indulge in a pleasurable dish without worries or guilt. The combination of the fudgy texture, powdered sugar outside, and berry topping will be like heaven on your plate.

 Gordon Biersch Brewery “Chocolate Cake”

When you are looking for the ultimate chocolate cake, Gordon Biersch Brewery has an appealing option. This dessert has two layers of cake and two layers of mousse. If that isn’t enough, there is a mouthwatering fudge topping. The generous size of each slice makes it perfect to eat alone or to share with a friend.

 Nine-Ten “Half-Baked Chocolate Cake”

One of the gooiest chocolate cakes that you will ever eat is found at San Diego’s Nine-Ten. The “Half-Baked Cake” will arrive at your table dripping with caramel sauce along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. If you enjoy a salty taste with your chocolate, the warm center will blend with the caramel and will astonish your senses.


 The Elegant Truffle “Oh My God Cake”

Named by customers, the “Oh My God Cake” is one of the best cakes in San Diego. Instead of a traditional baked dessert, this item consists of a chocolate cheesecake with an Oreo crust. Topping it off is a layer of chocolate ganache. The intense sweetness of this cake will make you scream “Oh my God.”

 The French Gourmet “Chocolate Mousse Cake”

The French Gourmet delivers some of the most unique sweets in the area. Its “Chocolate Mousse Cake” is a favorite among customers. If you want a light and airy dessert, this item will fit the bill. The hand-whipped mousse will melt in your mouth and will leave you wanting more. For a fruity addition, consider topping it with raspberries.

The above choices are the 10 best cakes in San Diego. When you want to fill your chocolate cravings, visit one or all of the locations for a taste of these sweet offerings.