Ten of the Most Fun Cookie Cutters We’ve Ever Seen

Cookies are a quick and easy dessert that can be whipped up and baked just about any time of the year and are enjoyed by folks of all ages. Whether you’re baking cookies alone or with someone you love, there is just something magical about how they come together from a list of ingredients and each one becomes their own delicious little morsel.

The art of cookie making has come a long way, and with each generation there seems to be a new cookie making gadget such as cookie presses. But one of the foremost tools in cookie making has evolved so much so over the years that cookie possibilities have become endless, and that tool is the cookie cutter.

Ancient Egyptians began making little shaped and baked goods that were sweetened with honey and spices imported from Asia and this practice spread to western Europe, Rome, and Greece. By the year 1500, there were molds being made for these sweets that were carved from wood, which ultimately became the earliest template of what we know as the cookie cutter today. This craft really took off in Germany and the wood carvers of the Black Forest began carving molds into a variety of shapes such as people, animals, and embellished with detailed designs. But one day, a German carver thought that perhaps the wooden molds would work better if they had copper or tin inserts, and soon enough the tin and copper shapes remained and the wood carved molds were ultimately abandoned.

Today, you can find cookie cutters in a variety of shapes, sizes, and with an assortment of embellished designs, and they come in mostly metal and plastic forms. So whether you’re planning to make cookies for a special occasion or if you just like fun cookie cutters, let’s check out ten of the most fun cookie cutters we’ve come across and where you can find them!

Dungeons and Dragons Inspired Fantasy Cookie Cutters

If you’re going to be hosting a Dungeons and Dragons campaign any time soon or if you’re just a fan of this long-running fantasy role playing game, then you should check out this set of Dungeons and Dragons inspired cookie cutters we found on Etsy, which has shapes like a dragon and a die 20.

Disney Characters

From princesses to Avengers, you can have it all with these different sets of Disney themed cookie cutters sold on Etsy! Great for birthday parties or just fun cookies to make with the kiddos in your life, the fun never ends with limitless uses and fun!

Emoji Cookie Cutters

These colorful, expressive little characters have become a popular staple in modern social media and text messaging and they are especially popular with kids, so these Pampered Chef Emoji Cookie Cutters make a great addition to any kitchen!

Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Are you or is someone you love a Star Wars fan? If so, then this set of Star Wars cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma and available on Amazon may be your best bet! Relive the fun adventures of the Star Wars gang as you make fun cookies shaped like Yoda, the Death Star, and Darth Vader himself.

Magical Unicorn Cookie Cutters

Do you have a special girl in your life who loves unicorns? Maybe you’re a unicorn lover yourself? This set of Sanbanfu nine unicorn cookie cutters from Amazon in fun, fantastical shapes of unicorns and more would make amazing cookies for a unicorn-themed birthday party or just a fun Saturday in.

Doggie Themed Cookie Cutters

Whether you’re using them to make awesome dog-themed cookies for someone in your life who really loves their four legged friend, or if you’re using them to make your own dog biscuits, these Bone & Paw metal cookie cutters from Hobby Lobby make a fun gift or addition to any canine loving kitchen!

Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

Do you have a Jurassic Park fan in your life? Recreate the magic of these huge, pre-historic creatures with this set of eight stainless steel dinosaur cookie cutters from Walmart in shapes like pterodactyl and triceratops.

Alice in Wonderland Cookie Cutters

If you’re planning to have a tea party any time soon or want to celebrate an un-birthday, the addition of some whimsical Alice in Wonderland themed cookies would make it epically amazing! You can get your hands on your own set of Alice in Wonderland themed cookie cutters on Etsy in shapes like the Mad Hatter’s hat, the White Rabbit, and a teacup.

Batman Cookie Cutter

Fans of cookies and the Caped Crusader can rejoice because there is a Batman logo cookie cutter available on JB Cookie Cutters to make incredible cookies to light the beacon for the Knight himself.

Sports Team Cookie Cutters

Last but not least, whether your household is a bunch of basketball, baseball, football, or hockey fans, you can get a great assortment of all kinds of sports team cookie cutters from sites like Amazon and Etsy. Cookie cutters like these are great for game days, tailgates, and sports themed parties!


Obviously there are thousands upon thousands more cookie cutters out there than what we have mentioned, but our ten picks are some of the more whimsical, fun, and unconventional ones. Cookie cutters can come in different themes from cartoons and other famous characters as well as holidays, letters and numbers, and even naughty-themes – pretty much it’s a case of you name it, there is a cookie cutter made in its likeness.

So whether you’re looking to expand your cookie cutter collection or if you’re looking for something specific, a simple google search will turn up results for more cookie cutters than you could have ever imagined exist. What matters most is the fun times that you and/or those you love will have while baking your uniquely amazing cookies and trying to decide how to best decorate them.