The Naked Cupcake

We believe that a simple cupcake is enough to make an ordinary day extraordinary.

Here at the Naked Cupcake, we are lovers of sweetness but more importantly of Joy! We are the co-creators of happiness in the form of cake.


So, why “The Naked Cupcake”? Baking was so much fun – partly because of the science behind it (yep – #nerdalert!) and partly because … I just love cake! And when I saw how much others enjoyed it too, well, the quest to bring them the perfect cupcake had begun. People often ask me – why “The Naked Cupcake” (and you can imagine what they come up with!) but for me it was two-fold. One – I wanted the cupcake to stand on it’s own. To be incredibly delicious and rich by its own right, simple and naked. And two – I wanted to give people the opportunity to be co-creators in their perfect version of a cupcake. We each have our own likes and dislikes, so why limit it when it comes to cupcakes?! I pray that our delicious creations can bring some joy into YOUR every day whenever you need it.

Our Values

Best Service Provide excellent, friendly and fun, customer service and experience.

Quality Product We use high quality and socially responsible ingredients in our recipes.

Have Fun Have fun with baking & serving our yummy cupcakes.

Be Humble Know when to grow, and to always be grateful for both the little and big things.