Phoenix Bakery, Inc.

Our History Founded in 1938, the idea was to create a gathering place for the community producing traditional Chinese pastries and cookies not found locally. At the time, Chinatown was truly the place where Chinese immigrants came together and the iconic architecture and plazas were opening. Using generation-old recipes, the Chan family’s first bakery highlighted their almond cookies. Founders, F.C. Chan and his wife were proud to offer the treats to everyone. Soon thereafter, F.C.’s brother, Lun joined the bakery and their trademark fresh strawberry whipped cream cake became part of the offerings. It wasn’t until the 1970s, however that Phoenix Bakery became famous throughout Los Angeles for being a little Chinese bakery making a “not so Chinese” cake. With business flourishing, in 1977, the Chan family moved from Chinatown’s Central Plaza to a custom-built bakery on Broadway that remains their current location today. Catering both to the local population celebrating birthdays and to the thriving businesses operating downtown, Phoenix Bakery cakes started becoming traditions. Lun’s son, Youlen eventually took over production and Phoenix Bakery continued to thrive as he expanded the offerings of sweets and confections. Today, members of the Chan family’s third generation can be found in various roles at the bakery today alongside loyal employees that have helped the Phoenix Bakery family grow over the years. From the Dodgers to the Lakers, from Mayor to Mayor, from generation to generation, Phoenix Bakery has brightened many birthdays, weddings and celebrations. We pride ourselves in maintaining a loyal following of customers and continuing to welcome new friends with our quality products!

North Broadway 969
Los Angeles 90012 CA US
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