Mitchies Munchies

Cake Flavors and Fillings what’s on the inside counts too! Choose one of two cake flavors, add a filling, & dress it up! Any of the flavors below can be crafted for our Schmake Schooters. Be sure to specify your flavor choices when you Contact Mitch Cake flavors: The Princess – beautiful velvety vanilla cake, so yummy and fluffy. Double Fudge – decadent chocolate cake, simply delish! Fillings: What’s in between all layers: our signature marshmallow buttercream recipe available in vanilla or milk chocolate. On the outside under fondant: Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Flavored Buttercream (flavorings are natural extracts & do not contain heavy food dyes. Client can request buttercream to be dyed.) • Almond • Banana • Blueberry-Lemon • Bubblegum • Caramel • Cherry • Cinnamon • Hazelnut • Maple • Mint • Orange • Pumpkin • Root Beer • Strawberry Schwirled Buttercream: our marshmallow buttercream recipe is schwirled with one of these outstanding flavor infusions and cake drizzle (drz): • Apple Pie w/vanilla drz. • Birthday Cake Schprinkles w/vanilla drz. • Blueberry compote w/lemon drz. • Cinnamon Bun w/vanilla or coffee drz. • Espresso w/coffee drz. • Lemon cream w/lemon drz. • Raspberry compote w/lemon drz. • Salted Caramel w/vanilla or coffee drz. • Strawberry compote w/vanilla or lemon drz. • Vanilla bean w/Bourbon drz. (depends on availability) Fancy Schmancy Fillings Caramel Crunch: caramel infused Swiss Meringue buttercream with toffee crunch & caramel sauce. Creamy Cookie: stabilized whipped cream (no gelatin) with crushed dark chocolate sandwiched cookies. Piñata Cake: your cake flave with vanilla or milk chocolate marshmallow buttercream and a core full of festive candies. (great for gender reveal cakes). WOOHOO Macchiato!: espresso infused Swiss meringue buttercream, coffee drz., and caramel sauce. Specialty Fruit Fillings Alohaaaa: pineapple and fluffy whipped buttercream with candied pretzels. BoSox: Swiss Meringue buttercream w/fresh strawberries ** Cranky Yanky: Swiss Meringue buttercream w/fresh blueberries ** SCHtrawberry Milkshake: strawberry compote Schwirled buttercream topped with crushed malt candy. ZippyLemonBerry: lemon cream schwirl, lemon drz., and seedless raspberry schmear. **price varies by season Bettah Battahs Princess Vanilla Cake meets interior design. Please note: the following designs are heavily dyed with edible food coloring. While most colors are natural food dyes it is normal for consumer to have a “colorful” dispose later. ZooFood: pick cheetah or zebra. Galaxy: outta this world, planets inside your cake! Rainbow: colors of rainbow, to pastel, fave sport team colors, and ombre. Layered or tie dyed.

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