Mahalo New York Bakery

Mahalo New York was created because I wanted to share with New York all of the exotic flavors I grew up with, and the flavors I tasted in Hawaii on my honeymoon. The many tastes and pure nature of Hawaii invoked the happiness in me. I found myself saying “Oh my god! It’s so pretty!” to almost everything I saw there. The flavors of Hawaii were mouth watering good! I was amazed of how similar the flavors of Hawaii were to the flavors I grew up with in Guyana.

I wanted to bring some of those flavors to New York City. Together, my husband and I created a line of tropical and classic American treats that we both love eating ourselves. We use only the finest ingredients, and bake for our customers as if we are baking for our loved ones. We serve cupcakes, cakes, pastries, coffee, ice-cream and smiles. Baking and bringing your ideas to life is our goal!