Icing on the Cake

Icing on the Cake so amazing. It is such an honor to create the desserts you love, share, and include in your celebrations. Just what I set out to do in 1985.

My 1965 turquoise Easy-Bake Oven deserves some credit.
There was surely a bakery in my future when half the cake
batter was eaten before it passed under the light bulb.
My love of baking began as a little girl, using plant saucers to
make sawdust pies in our backyard playhouse. When strong
enough to pull a stool to the countertop, I watched my
Mom’s weekly tradition of baking for our family. Pure joy.

With no formal training or food-related job experience
(not entirely recommended), an opportunity came in
September 1985 to open the bakery in a 300 square foot
house off N. Santa Cruz Avenue in Los Gatos, California.
Hard work and long hours being the least of my worries,
I dove in. We were well-hidden (sizable understatement)
but the irresistible aroma worked its charm.

Icing on the CAke
is about nostalgia.
With the help of a small but enthusiastic crew
who shared my vision, our bakery case
(yes, one case) was filled daily
with made-from-scratch cakes, cupcakes,
cookies, brownies, and pies.
Word started to spread that there was a buttery
little bakery in downtown Los Gatos worth finding.
We became known as the best kept secret…

After 15 years of learning and growing,
we relocated to a brand new building on
W. Main Street in February 2001.
October 2013 brought the opportunity to
expand into the adjacent space, occupying
the entire building. With our expanded lobby, kitchens, and a lot more help, we now offer
a greater selection of ever-growing
baked goods and unique merchandise.
IOTC Pink Box
Icing on the Cake and its hard-working, inspired staff continue to offer premium products, including
vegan, wheat-free, flourless, nut-free, and egg-free varieties. If you’re not familiar with our bakery,
we hope this website gives you a taste of what makes

Cakes Fillings Icings Fresh Banana, Chocolate Buttermilk, Super Chunky Carrot, (use a sharp knife) Golden Vanilla, Luscious Lemon, Red Velvet, Almond Poppyseed,  Brown Sugar Buttermilk, Peanut Butter IOTC FAVORITES Black & Tan, Old School Vanilla, “Birthday Cake”, Coconut, German Chocolate, S’Mores, Giant Swirly, Pumpkin Ribbon (Oct – Dec),  VEGAN Banana, Chocolate, Vanilla WHEAT-FREE Banana, Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet VEGAN WHEAT-FREE Super Chunky Carrot FRUIT FILLINGS Lemon, Raspberry BUTTERCREAMS Vanilla Almond Lemon  Mocha Peanut Butter Classic White BC Caramel (seasonal) Chocolate Cream Cheese ​ ​ Vanilla Almond Lemon Mocha Classic White BC Caramel Chocolate Cream Cheese Chocolate Pour available on limited icings, layer cakes only See Black & Tan for example VEGAN Chocolate, Vanilla  Choice of Buttercream roses or candy sprinkled confetti included on cakes Note: Whipped cream & fresh strawberry filled cakes available Memorial Day – Labor Day. 1/4, 1/3, and 1/2 sheets only. Pricing is quoted once specific cake, filling, and icing combinations have been selected.  Cake sizes and approximate number of servings 6”single layer (no filling) 4 — 5 servings 6″ round 6 — 8 servings 8” round 10 — 12 servings 10” round   14 – 20 servings 12” round 30 – 45 servings 14” round 40 – 65 servings ​ 1/4 sheet 12 – 20 servings 1/3 sheet 18 – 25 servings 1/2 sheet 30 – 48 servings FULL sheet 60 – 100 servings ​ note…”wedding cake serving size” differs from “standard party cut” servings listed above. Hand-drawn Artwork We offer custom artwork created by hand, using buttercream.  We do not work with fondant, cut cakes into shapes, or use metallic icings. Refrigeration, and direct light can cause tinted buttercream to fade several shades. You can see more images at the bakery or on PINTEREST. Artwork is an additional cost. NOTE: We do not work with fondant, offer “naked” cakes, or use metallics. 

CAN happiness be contAined in A wrApper? we think so. Since 1985 we’ve been icing them daily. Yes,1985…long before cupcakes became their own food group. In addition to the cupcakes shown below, we also offer seasonal and Holiday varieties too numerous and ever-changing to feature. Treat yourself to an ICING road trip to see what’s new.   Not all flavors are available every day, call to find out what’s in rotation. If we’re not making your favorite, it can be special ordered with a minimum of 6 or 12, depending on flavor. Eggnog seasonal. We are generous with our icings. Click photos for descriptions. Hand-drawn artwork available, call to inquire. See CAKES page Hand Drawn Artwork gallery for a few examples of custom cupcakes.  Cupcakes that are served cold will seem more dense, firm, have a drier mouthfeel, and less flavor. Our products may contain pit or nutshell fragments. ​ ​ Classic cupcAkes Chocolate SPECIALTY CUPCAKES GoldenVanilla SpeciAltY cupcAkes More vArieties AlternAtives Vegan*, Wheat-Free, VWF. So good, you’ll swear we’re lying. Not all flavors are available every day, call to find out what’s in rotation. If we’re not making your favorite, it can be special ordered with a minimum of 6 or 12, (Eggnog is seasonal). We are generous with our icings. Hand-drawn artwork available on some varieties, call to inquire.  ​

Butter Pound Cakes

All Butter Pound Cakes pre-order.  one size – serves up to 16 Orange Lemon Maple Toasted Almond Coconut  Chocolate Chip Chocolate Fudge Chip Birthday Party Lemon Blueberry with Cornmeal (March – September) Harvest Crunch (Oct – November) Peppermint Fudge Chip (December) Gingerbread (December) 

Loaf Cakes many varieties sold by the slice… Tangy Lemon Vanilla Rainbow (sprinkles)  Banana Walnut Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Almond Poppyseed Marble Zucchini Olive Oil with Walnuts Chocolate Fudge Chip Lemon Blueberry with Cornmeal (March – September) Cranberry Apple Spice with Walnuts (November) IOTC “Fruitcake” (December) …………………. Wheat Free Banana Pecan Wheat Free Banana Chocolate Chip  Wheat Free Pumpkin Wheat Free Lemon Vegan Banana Walnut Vegan Banana Chocolate Chip Vegan Cocoa Banana Vegan Zebra Marble Vegan Pumpkin Vegan Pumpkin Crunch with Pecans Party Trays Party Trays can be filled with a variety of our Cookies, mini Classic cookies, brownies, bars, bon bons and loaves. Perfect for gift giving, BBQs, and when variety sounds like fun. 10″ diameter, holding approximately  40 bite-sized pieces. ​

Classic Cookies
Chocolate Chip Triple Chocolate Dee-Luxe  Oatmeal Raisin with Walnuts Oatmeal Butterscotch Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Snickerdoodle Chocolate Cherry Chunk Molasses Crinkle Lemondoodle Studly Do-Rights Eminem Chip Spiced Pumpkin Chip (seasonal) Cranberry Pistachio Chip (seasonal) Crandoodle (seasonal) mini Classic cookies available by special order on most flavors. Ask about giant one pound cookies. Chocolate Cherry Chunk CHOCOLATE CHERRY CHUNK IOTC Dough to Go Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Shots Who finds it hard to resist fresh cookie dough?   If you want to skip the baking, an Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Shot has your name all over it. You’re welcome. ​ ​ We Make,You Bake Many of our Classic Cookie Dough varieties are available wrapped, and ready to take home to bake crunchy, chewy or gooey. Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle on hand. Please call one day ahead to preorder other varieties. ​

Cream-Filled Sandwich Cookies made with buttery shortbread Dominos Peanutters ​ ​ ​ ​ Crunchy Gingersnaps CRUNCHY GINGERSNAPS IMG_4587.JPG DOMINOS    Bakery Favorites Crunchy Gingersnaps Brownie Pecan Chunkers Coconut Macaroons Studly Do-Right Eminem Cranberry Pistachio Chip (seasonal) Rainbow Sprinkled Sugar Cookie Daisies Big Mint Sugars ​   Soft Glazed Cookies a tender, cakey cookie with buttery glaze, and some of our most popular. Harvest Moon Maple Moon Pink Big Top Mocha Moon Salted Caramel Moon Orange Blossom Black & White Egg Nog Moons (December) Wheat-Free Pumpkin Spice IMG_2984.JPG PINK BIG TOPS Flourless Hippie Chip FLOURLESS HIPPIE CHIP     Alternative Cookies Flourless Crackle Jacks with Walnuts Flourless Almond Macaroons Flourless Hippie Chips Flourless Chocolate Macaroons Wheat-Free Chocolate Chip Wheat-Free Chocolate Sandwich Cookie-O’s Wheat-Free Molasses Chews Wheat-Free Pumpkin Spice Vegan Top Notch Chocolate Chip Vegan Double Dutch Chocolate Chip Vegan Molasses Chews with Pumpkin Vegan Ginger Chews with Cocoa VWF PB Chocolate Chip (contains oats) See SWEET ALTERNATIVES page for more options. ​      Italian Biscotti thank you, Grandma Lena Twice-baked for crunchiness, jam-packed with almonds, and a hint of anise seed. We call them teething biscuits for adults. Classic or dipped in imported dark chocolate. Italian Biscotti Bagged Shortbread BAGGED SHORTBREAD Buttery Shortbread did we really need to say buttery? Crumble Bees Citrus Sweeties Brown Sugar Shortbread* Lemon Poppyseed Shortbread* Cinnamon Pecan Shortbread* Savory Rosemary Cheddar Wafers* *Sold bagged ​ Mr. Pete’s Tail Waggin’ Treats Handmade with care just like our people desserts.   Loaded with whole wheat flour, cornmeal, and chunks of Granny Smith apples. We happily send a portion of our Dog Bone sales monthly to The Humane Society of Silicon Valley. “Pete Parsons” inspired this product, enjoying samples tossed over our shared fence back in the day. Mr. Pete’s Tail Waggin’ Treats Vday cutouts.JPG Sugar Cookie Cutouts available during most major holidays. Crunchy, hand-iced, sold by the bag. Vanilla, Chocolate, Gingerbread (December) Sorry, no preorders. ​ Party Trays Party Trays can be filled with a variety of our cookies, mini Classic cookies,  brownies, bars, bon bons and loaves. Perfect for gift giving, BBQs, and when variety sounds like fun. 10″ diameter, holding approximately 40 bite-sized pieces. IOTC Party Tray Our products may co

  Brownies      Chocolate Chip Dark Chocolate Classic Walnut Peanut Butter Wheat-Free Chocolate Chip Vegan Chewy Walnut Brownies Vegan Fudgey Brownie Bites ​ ​         Bars Pie Bars on a buttery shortbread crust Lemon Pecan Pecan Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Apricot Crumb Bars (March-August) Blueberry Crumb Bars (March-August) Raspberry Lynnzers Cranberry Orange (November)   ​ ​ Hello Dollies S’mores Peanut Butter S’mores 50 W. Main Bars Dosey Dough Bars Vanilla Iced Party Bars Legally Blondies Spicy Iced Molasses Bars ​ ​ Krispy Treats It’s pretty safe to say that we’ve all made these, but ours have double the marshmallow goop.  Of course they do. Krispy Treats Hit-The-Trail Bar Granola bar, food bar, energy bar. Call it what you like, it’s substantial, tasty, and loaded with apricots, oats, nuts & seeds, and…flourless. Wherever the day takes you, this adventure bar will help you get there.  Hit the Trail Bar Party Trays Party Trays can be filled with a variety of our cookies, mini Classic cookies, brownies, bars, bon bons, and loaves. Perfect for gift giving, BBQs, and when variety sounds like fun. 10″ diameter, holding approximately 40 bite-sized pieces. IOTC Party Tray Our products may contain pit or nutshell fragments. © 2003 – 2020 Icing on the Cake, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

lassic Pies Berry (WF or V option) Apple  French Apple Blueberry (WF or V option) Cherry (WF or V option) Streusel Cherry Mixed Berry (WF or V option) (seasonal)  Peach (WF or V option) (seasonal) Streusel Peach (seasonal) Pumpkin (WF option) Pecan (WF option) ……………. Berry Pie Pockets Apple Pie Pockets Peach Pie Pockets (seasonal) (limited quantities, no pre-orders) ​ ​  Note… Wheat-Free and/or Vegan preference must be specifically requested when placing order. Wheat Free pie crust contains egg. Our products may contain pit or nutshell fragments. Cream Pies Chocolate Cream Peanut Butter Lemon Berry (March – September) Mocha Coconut Cream Peppermint Cookies & Cream (December) Elderflower (March – September) Strawberry Lemonade (Memorial Day – Labor Day) Irish Cream (March) Key Lime Pie (March – September) Pumpkin (October – December) Eggnog (Decemberl) ​ ​ ​    Salted Chocolate Caramel Torte Rich chocolate torte, a layer of house-made caramel, chocolate cookie crust.




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