El Sol Bakery

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Home Wedding Cakes WEDDING CAKES IN LONG BEACH Making you the cake of your dreams at an affordable price All aspects of your wedding should be personalized and memorable including your wedding cake. We can help you create a special one-of-a-kind wedding cake for your big day at a reasonable price. You can work with our cake designer to come up with a sketch of your cake in the shape, color and size that you want. After the basic design is complete, we will continue to perfect it until it is embellished exactly as you have dreamed. Only the best ingredients for our designer wedding cakes At El Sol Bakery, we only use highest quality ingredients when we are preparing our cakes. Your wedding cake will taste just as delicious as it looks. We offer a wide variety of fillings, toppings and flavors to create a truly custom wedding cake. We can create wedding cakes in several tier sizes and combinations to ensure all of your guests will be able to enjoy your beautiful cake. Our cakes can serve from 20 to approximately 500 people. Filling and topping options for your cake: Cream cheese Peaches Chocolate dobash Vanilla crème Raspberry gourmet Raspberry jelly Pineapple topper Bavarian crème Strawberry topper Call or visit one of our locations today to start designing your wedding cake.
Dazzle your guest with our decorated cakes Your next birthday, anniversary or special event will be the talk of the town when you serve one of our custom decorated cakes. Our design staff will work closely with you to create a spectacular cake for your big event. We offer many design features to make your cake a delicious creation that all your guests will rave about. Icing options Whipped topping Buttercream (extra charge) Rolled Fondant (extra charge) Fudge (extra charge) Filling Choices Strawberry topper Lemon (extra charge) Bavarian cream Fudge (extra charge) Peaches Buttercream (extra charge) Pineapple topper Cream cheese (extra charge) Affordable pricing for beautiful decorated cakes When you order your custom decorated cake from El Soy Bakery, our talented team will work closely with you to understand exactly what you want. From our meeting, we will be able to give you an accurate estimate on the cost of your cake. Below you will find a general list of our current pricing for our cakes. These prices may change depending on the details and the amount of work required. 1 / 4 sheet cake (serves 15 to 20) •Standard $28.00 (tres leches) •Chocolate, Vanilla, Marble and Red Velvet $33.00 •Custom Cakes prices vary depending on style and design of cake 1 /2 sheet cake (serves 35 to 40) •Standard $40.00 (tres leches) •Chocolate, Vanilla, Marble and Red Velvet $50.00 •Custom Cakes prices vary depending on style and design of cake Full sheet cake (serves 70 to 75) •Standard $75.00 (tres leches) plus $20 tray deposit •Chocolate, Vanilla, Marble and Red Velvet $95.00 •Custom Cakes prices vary depending on style and design of cake Round Cakes 8” cake (serves 10 to 12) •Standard $15.00 •Custom $20.00 10” cake (serves 20 to 24) •Standard $25.00 •Custom $30.00 12” cake (serves 30 to 36) •Standard $35.00 •Custom $45.00 14” cake (serves 45 to 55) •Standard $50.00 •Custom $65.00 Custom design options •Cake Bases, Fountains, Stairs, Pillars •Custom designs (extra charge) •Fresh Fruit Fillings : Strawberry, Banana, Pineapple, Kiwi, etc. (extra charge) Call us today to get a beautifully decorated custom cake for your next event. 562-590-0590
PASTRIES: PATRIES IN LONG BEACH – EL SOL BAKERY Freshly baked pastries daily Treat yourself every morning, before work, to one of our delicious pastries. Our divine treats are ready each morning by 6am. Enjoy our delicious sweet bread and rolls as you sip on your piping hot cup of coffee or Mexican hot chocolate. All of our pastries are created using only the finest ingredients. Start your day right with one of our tasty pastries Pan chiquito Polvorones (Mexican shortbread) Conchas (Mexican sweet bread) Empanadas (Mexican stuffed bread)

East 10th Street 1015
Long Beach 90813 CA US
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Monday – Sunday from 5:30am to 10:00pm

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