DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections

Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, I spent countless hours watching my Mom — a total foodie, cookbook author, and local cooking school instructor — create delicious meals for our family. I learned the ins and outs of cooking from her. At a young age, I joined her in the kitchen after wearing out multiple Easy-Bake Ovens and taking almost-weekly cooking classes at a local cooking school. With a constant craving for anything sweet, I adopted the role of resident family baker, specializing in my favorite dessert — cookies! Baking wove itself into the fabric of my childhood and quickly became my passion. I was always setting aside cookie dough for my Dad to eat when he came home from work and sneaking a few bites of the unbaked dough for myself. For me, the best part of making cookies is, and always has been, the pure, dough-ey goodness of the unbaked cookie. There is something undeniable about the smooth, sugary, deliciousness that comes right from the mixing bowl. When I moved to New York City following design school, my passion for baking was as present as ever. Despite my tiny Manhattan kitchen, baking became a therapy of sorts. It was an escape from my busy schedule as a designer at a brand consultant firm and an outlet from the constant drum of the busy city. It nostalgically brings me back to my roots and grounds me when I need it most. I love the process of trying new flavors and recipes — the journey of taking raw ingredients and transforming them into a delicious creation that can be shared. I find joy being in the kitchen and baking treats to share with the people in my life. From my kitchen to yours, enjoy the joy of sharing DŌ with your loved ones.

signature chocolate chip signature+chocolate chips
cake batter + white chips + chocolate chips + sprinkles
sugar cookie topped with rainbow sugar
dunkadōo dunkadōo sugar cookie + vanilla icing + sprinkle dust + graham cookies
commanDŌ straight up signature brookie dough
brookie dough signature chocolate chip + brownie batter, swirled together
gimme smore signature + hershey bar + toasted marshmallows + graham crackers
salty & sweet sugar cookie + salted caramel + dark chocolate chips + sea salt heavenly*
heavenly* sugar cookie + nutella + chocolate chips + caramel bits + sea salt
nuts for nuts* nuts for nuts* peanut butter + reese’s cups + reese’s pieces
fluffernutter* peanut butter + dark chocolate chips + marshmallow fluff peanut butter snickerdoodle*
peanut butter snickerdoodle* peanut butter + cinnamon sugar + chocolate chips chocolate dream chocolate dream brownie batter + oreo cookies + chocolate chips oatmeal m&m cookiedo
SEASONAL FLAVORS: bugles crunch bugle dust + chocolate covered bugles

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New York 10012 NY US
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