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​Cake Flavors Our cake flavors listed are our classic flavors, if you had something more unique in mind that you don’t see listed, give us a call and we’d be more than happy to whip it up for you! Flavors with a * are seasonal flavors, and only available at certain times of the year! ​ Devils Food Chocolate Vanilla Marble ​1/2 & 1/2 White Lemon Lemon Blueberry Strawberry Red Velvet Funfetti Coconut ​Carrot Gingerbread* Apple Cider* Pumpkin* Spice Cake ​Frostings & Fillings Some fillings and frostings will not work on all designs, so let us know what you’re interested in, and we can let you know if it’s possible! Vanilla Buttercream Chocolate Buttercream Classic Cream Cheese Whipped Cream Lemon Fresh Sliced Raspberry Fresh Sliced Strawberry Strawberry Swirl Buttercream Raspberry Swirl Buttercream Orange Buttercream ​Lemon Buttercream ​Coffee Chip Mint Almond Maple Peanut Butter Coconut Oreo Pineapple Cannoli Chip

Cookies & Brownies:

Our Everyday Selections:
Chocolate Chunk
Double Chocolate
Peanut Butter
Everything But the Kitchen Sink
Oatmeal Raisin
Our Everyday Selections:
Chocolate Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip Walnut

Cupcakes Our Specialty Flavors Change Monthly! Picture February/March Flavors Guinness Chocolate Stout Bailey’s Caramel Irish Cream Shamrock Shake Cake Raspberry Cheesecake Lemon Blueberry Carrot Cake Red Velvet Funfetti Cookies n’ Cream Strawberry Vanilla Boston Cream Chocolate Cream Filled Vanilla & White Chocolate & White Vanilla & Chocolate ​Chocolate & Chocolate Pricing We do offer different sizes available for special ordering, please call for pricing based on your selections. ​ Cupcake Pricing Traditional cupcake – $2.00 Specialty cupcake – $2.50 1/2 dozen traditional – $12.00 1/2 dozen specialty – $15.00 1 dozen traditional – $22.50 1 dozen specialty – $28.50 6 Traditional & 6 Specialty – $25.50 Flavor Descriptions & Past Specialty Flavors Not all flavors are available throughout the year, please call if there’s something you’re looking for not on our Monthly Flavor list! Apple Cider: An apple cider cupcake, topped with a cinnamon buttercream frosting. Banana Split – A banana cupcake, with a swirl of chocolate buttercream, sprinkles, vanilla buttercream, chocolate ganache, and a cherry on top. ​Boston Cream Cupcakes – Vanilla cupcakes filled with Bavarian cream, and hand dipped in chocolate ganache. Bailey’s Caramel Irish Cream – Vanilla and Bailey’s topped with a cream cheese frosting and drizzled with caramel Caramel Apple Crisp – Caramel Cupcake with Apple filling, cinnamon buttercream, strudel topping and caramel drizzle. Caramel Filled – A light vanilla cupcake, filled with caramel, topped with homemade cream cheese frosting, and drizzled with caramel Carrot Cake – Traditional carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting and garnished with a walnut. Chocolate Butterscotch Chip: Chocolate cake with butterscotch chips baked in, chocolate buttercream frosting with butterscotch decorations. Chocolate Cream Filled – our twist on a Hostess style cupcake. Chocolate Coconut – Chocolate cupcake with chocolate butter cream frosting or vanilla buttercream frosting, rolled in fresh coconut. Coconut Cream – Coconut cupcake with bavarian cream filling, buttercream frosting, and shaved coconut. Chocolate Raspberry – A rich chocolate cupcake, filled with raspberry, topped with raspberry buttercream and chocolate ganache, and garnished with a fresh raspberry. Chocolate Cookie Dough- Chocolate cupcake, with a cookie dough center, and Chocolate Chip Buttercream Chocolate Marshmallow Snowball: Chocolate cake with Marshmallow fluff frosting, rolled in coconut and edible glitter. Coffee Oreo: Coffee oreo cake, and coffee oreo buttercream perfection. Cookies n’ Cream – A chocolate cupcake topped with homemade Oreo buttercream frosting, and garnished with an oreo! Death by Chocolate- Chocolate cupcake, chocolate filling, chocolate buttercream frosting, and beautiful chocolate accents! Gingerbread- Gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting and edible glitter. Guinness Chocolate Stout – baked with Guinness beer! Hot Cocoa & ‘Mallows: Chocolate cupcake with Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow swirled frosting, with a ganache drizzle. Key Lime Pie: Key lime cake, with buttercream frosting, and graham cracker decorations. Lemon Blueberry- Lemon cake with Fresh Blueberry and Lemon buttercream frosting. Lemon Coconut- a coconut cake with a lemon filling, white buttercream frosting, topped with toasted shaved coconut. Limoncello – A traditional cupcake with a lemon filling, topped with a light lemon buttercream frosting. Mint Chocolate Chip – A rich chocolate cupcake, frosted with a green mint buttercream frosting, and topped with mini chocolate chips! Mochachino- The perfect combination of chocolate cupcake and coffee! Peanut Butter Cup – A chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter filling and peanut butter frosting, topped with a Reese’s cup Peanut Butter and Fluff – Vanilla cake with a peanut butter filling, topped with a marshmallow buttercream frosting and drizzled with peanut butter. Pink Lemonade- Pink lemonade cupcake with light lemon buttercream frosting and pink sprinkles. Pina Colada – A gold cupcake filled with pineapple pieces, topped with a coconut frosting and coconut flakes, garnished with a cherry and drink umbrella! Pumpkin Caramel – a pumpkin cake, topped with a cream cheese frosting and drizzled with caramel. Robin’s Nest – Chocolate cupcake with chocolate filling, and Easter Egg Decorations Shamrock Shake Cake – inspired by the famous Shamrock Shake, a mint green flavored cupcake with buttercream frosting and topped with the Shamrock. S’mores – Made with either a chocolate or vanilla base, frosted with marshmallow frosting, topped with graham cracker crumbs and Hershey’s Chocolate. Snickers – A chocolate cupcake with a caramel filling, chocolate buttercream frosting, and snickers candies and caramel on top. Strawberry Lemonade: A pink lemonade cupcake, with swirled lemon and strawberry buttercream. Strawberry Vanilla – A Classic vanilla cupcake filled with strawberry filling and topped with homemade strawberry buttercream frosting, and garnished with a fresh strawberry. Raspberry Cheesecake – A cheesecake flavored cupcake, with raspberry filling and Raspberry swirled buttercream. Tiramisu Cupcakes – Vanilla Cupcakes infused with espresso, topped with vanilla butter cream frosting, and dusted in cocoa powder. Toffee Caramel: Caramel flavored cupcake, with caramel buttercream and rolled in toffee pieces. Watermelon Slice – A dyed green cupcake, with a fruity watermelon frosting, and chocolate chip “seeds”. White Chocolate Candy Cane: White chocolate cupcake with peppermint candy cane swirled frosting. White Chocolate Raspberry – White chocolate cake, topped with a raspberry buttercream and a fresh raspberry. Winter Spice Cake- Traditional Spice cake, with buttercream frosting and edible glitter. Cheesecakes & Sweets Mason Jar Recipes.

Pies, Cheesecakes & Sweets Pies, cheesecakes, and sweets, oh my! Another great addition to dessert platters! Picture Pie Flavors Apple Blueberry Cherry Crumble Pumpkin Peach Dutch Apple Dutch Cran-Apple Walnut Lemon Meringue Chocolate Cream French Silk Apple Crisp ​Mixed Berry *ask about our seasonal selections! Muffins Blueberry Cranberry Orange Nut Corn Coffee Cake Pumpkin Spice (seasonal) Banana Nut Chocolate Chip French Toast ​Red Velvet (seasonal) Cookies Chocolate Chunk White Chocolate Macadamia Oatmeal Raisin M&M Peanut Butter Cup Sugar Gingerbread Smaller versions of these cookies are great for dessert platters! Brownies Blondies Classic Chocolate Brownies Fudge Brownies with Walnuts Cheesecakes Traditional Cheesecake with Cherry Topping New York Style Cheesecake Sweets Homemade Doughnuts Seasonal Cake Slices (call for up to date) Macarons Filled Croissants Apple Fritters Cheesecake slices Tiramisu Lemon Squares Specialty Mini Cakes (seasonal flavors) Carrot Cake Cream Puffs Danish Black & White Cookies Boston Cream Pie Muffins Turnovers Cinnamon Rolls/ Twist French Twists Whoopie Pies Eclairs Traditional Cannoli’s Lobster Tails Breads

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