Columbia City Bakery

Columbia City Bakery opened its doors in 2005 and has been providing Seattleites and out of town visitors with freshly made breads, pastries, cakes, sandwiches and breakfast items ever since. Evan Andres, the bakery’s founder and owner, is a 4-time Outstanding Baker semifinalist for the James Beard Award and has cultivated an award-winning baguette.

While our store front appears small, our operation is anything but.  We proudly serve our handmade products while also providing coffee, tea and espresso beverages to new and loyal customers alike, with lines frequently spilling out the front door.

Bread Pretzel Knot Bag Traditional salted soft pretzels in perfect two bite pieces.
Each bag has twelve knots.*contains dairy $10.00

Baguette Our version of a classic French baguette! Crusty and flavorful, with a mild sweetness. 16oz. $6.25

Campagne Batard A mild, rustic sourdough made with white, whole wheat, and rye flours. This dough goes through a 22 hour fermentation process, which breaks down the sugars and proteins into easily digestible … $12.50

Filone Our baguette dough, shaped into a larger loaf for slicing. Great for sandwiches, toast, or just eaten by the slice. 18oz $6.25

Multigrain Sunflower Loaf This bread is naturally leavened! Made with white, whole wheat, and rye flours, and a mix of eight whole grains. Earthy and chewy, with a dark crust. 16 oz $7.25

Durum Loaf Durum flour is widely used to make pasta. This loaf is soft and chewy with mild sweetness, with a sesame seed crust. This is a great loaf for sandwiches! 18 oz $7.00

Pastry Assorted Pastries Box of 4 One each of our croissant, chocolate croissant, poached pear danish, and lemon ginger scones! A little something for everyone!*contains eggs, dairy $18.50

Croissant Box of 4 Our classic croissant! Flaky layers of savory, sourdough pastry and butter. The best way to start any day!*contains eggs, dairy $18.00

Chocolate Croissant Box of 4 Our flaky, buttery croissant dough wrapped around dark 66% organic Tcho chocolate. A sweet start to the day!*contains eggs, dairy $19.00

Ham and Gruyere Croissant Box of 4 Our salty, savory ham and cheese croissant! Best served warm – heat them up in your oven at home to achieve the peak melted cheese experience. We recommend 350 degrees for 5-8 minutes!*contains … $19.00

Danish Box of 4 A breakfast pack of our fruit danish! A base of sweet flaky dough topped with cream cheese filling and seasonal fruit. This week we will be featuring organic plums of all varieties, and sweet … $19.00

Lemon Ginger Scone Box of 4 Scones are back! A light, delicate, crumbly cream scone with lemon zest and candied ginger. Great with butter, jam, or just on its own.*contains dairy $18.00

Savory Sausage and Pretzel Bread Pudding Pack Of 2 A rich bread pudding made with crusty bread and pretzels, filled with our breakfast sausage, sauerkraut and onions, and flavored with mustard and dill. Eat for a great savory breakfast, or serve as … $12.00

Assorted Cookie Bag of 8 An assortment of our kitchen sink, columbia chip, peanut butter, and super chip cookies! A little bit of something for everyone!*contains eggs, dairy, and nuts $11.50

Super Chip Bag of 6 Can’t go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie! We pack as much semi-sweet chocolate into each cookie as is physically possible. Sold by the half-dozen.*contains eggs, dairy $6.30

Kitchen Sink Cookie Bag of 6 These cookies have everything but the… you know the saying! Oats, cranberries, golden raisins, sunflower seeds, toasted pecans, and flax seed in a brown sugar dough. These cookies are gluten … $9.50

Small Shortbread Bag of 6 Our delicate, sweet shortbread cookie in a smaller, shareable bag of six. We have been playing around with seasonal flavors, which really stand out against the light vanilla base. This week’s … $8.00

Mushroom Handpie Pack of 2 A pack of two par-baked handpies ready to be finished at home for a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Filled with sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, kale, thyme, and sour cream. *contains eggs, … $14.50

Ratatouille and Chèvre Handpie Pack of 2 A pack of two par-baked handpies ready to be finished at home for a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Flaky pie dough filled with eggplant, zucchini, red peppers, and tomatoes stewed with garlic, … $14.50

Whole Coffee Cake Our dense, moist, sour cream coffee cake with fresh fruit. This week’s cake will feature local, organic mixed berries and figs!*contains eggs, dairy $50.00

Low stock Whole Fruit Pie Our 9″ fruit pie! Flaky crust filled with sweet and tart fruit filling and topped with crunchy almond streusel. This week’s pie will feature local organic pears and berries, with a hint of cardamom! … $34.00

Whole Quiche Our round, 11″ quiche, which can be sliced into 8-12 servings. Flaky pie dough filled with creamy custard and seasonal fillings. This week’s quiche will feature roasted mixed peppers, cheddar … $48.00

Small Whole Quiche A smaller version of our whole quiche! This one is 7″, which easily serves 3-4! Flaky pie dough filled with creamy custard and seasonal fillings. This week’s quiche will feature roasted mixed … $22.00

Mini Orange Olive Oil Teacake for Two A mini version of our orange olive oil teacake! Made with fresh orange zest and juice, extra virgin olive oil, and soaked in an orange syrup. This little cake serves two for a breakfast or dessert … $10.00

Pantry Sourdough Freezer Waffles Pack of 8 We made waffles!! Four two packs of frozen sourdough waffles made with white and whole wheat flours. Pop them in your toaster for four minutes, or in the oven for five minutes. Eat them with fruit … $6.00

Whole Wheat Sourdough Crackers Another one of our new projects! Thin and crispy crackers made with whole wheat and bread flour, honey, olive oil, and slightly salted. Each bag has 12oz of crackers, and happens to be vegan! $4.25 – $8.00

Frozen Pie Dough 2# Making pie dough can be tricky! If your home baking adventures have you wanted to play with pie dough, we can help. Two pounds of our favorite all butter pie dough, frozen and ready to thaw and use … $11.00

House Granola Our house made granola with oats, sesame and sunflower seeds, and sweetened with honey and maple syrup. Naturally gluten-free. This week’s batch will have toasted Oregon hazelnuts and spicy candied … $17.50

House Milled Cornmeal 1# We love our cornmeal! We mill it fresh as we use it from organic Fairhaven corn kernels. The corn flavor is strong and sweet – perfect for spring baking! $5.00

Mt. Adams Raw Buckwheat Honey This is our current favorite honey, and what we are using in all of our pastries and sweets. It’s very dark! Reminiscent in color and aftertaste of molasses – it’s earthy and complex. Buckwheat … $15.00

Mt. Adams Raw Snowberry Honey From hives at the base of Mt. Spokane. A lush mix of the Snowberry’s delicate pink blossoms and other native flowers give this extraordinary honey a complex sweetness. And now, it’s raw! $14.00

Mt. Adams Creamed Honey Delicious Mt. Adam’s honey in a spreadable form! A great pairing with any of out breads. $10.00

Low stock Aditi Chai Aditi Chai is the most regal, authentic Indian masala tea available. Aditi mindfully hand-crafts small batches using her family’s hundered-year old recipe. $18.00

Aditi Chai Turmeric Tea Aditi Chai turmeric tea concentrate is mindfully hand crafted in small batches using an ancient Ayurvedic recipe from India. $18.00

Aditi Ghee Add Aditi Chai to your favorite foods for a rich flavor. Blend directly into smoothies, coffee and tea. high burning point and nutty taste makes it ideal for tempering your spices, baking, and … $18.00

Atlas Olive Oil 750ml of delicious, bright extra virgin olive oil. From sustainable farms in morocco! $14.00

Dry Active Yeast We hear the stores are out! This is the yeast that we use in all of our yeasted breads and pastries. We are so excited that people are baking at home, and are happy to support our community of … $1.00 – $6.00

Herkimer Espresso Blend 16oz A full pound of espresso beans! Full bodied, medium-high acid. Black cherry, meyer lemon, and strawberry are supported by sweet graham cracker and tamarind. The finish features hints of cocoa nib, … $17.00 Herkimer Decaf Blend 16oz Medium full bodied, low acid. Orange, lemon zest, and raspberry are supported by bittersweet chocolate and hazelnut with hints of smoke appearing in the finish. $18.65

Herkimer Drip Blend 16oz A full pound of our favorite drip coffee blend! Full bodied, low acid, slightly-darker roast. Flavors of orange and dried cherry are supported by layers of dark brown sugar, dried, fig, and milk … $17.00

AP Flour 5# Our favorite all purpose flour! Good for a variety of baking projects – cookies, cakes, breads, even sauces. $4.25 Morbread Flour 5# A high-gluten flour perfect for breads of all kinds. $4.25

Organic Rye Flour 5# Fairhaven organic stone ground rye. Hearty yet lower in gluten than whole wheat flour. $10.00

Organic Whole Wheat Flour 5# 100% whole grain fine ground organic flour from Fairhaven mills. Washington grown! $10.00

Cake Flour 5# A light, low-gluten flour great for cake layers or other delicate pastries. $4.25

Crémerie Classique Unsalted Butter 1# Our favorite butter! A very high fat, European style butter great for baking. $5.00

CCB Merchandise CCB Diner Mug A classic 12oz diner mug featuring our original bakery logo. $10.50

To-Go Tumbler Our travel tumbler in two sizes, to keep your drinks hot for a very, very long time at home or on the go. The 12oz tumbler features our ‘wheat’ logo, and the 8oz our ‘pretzel crow’ logo. $15.00 – $18.00

Tote Bag Our CCB ‘wheat’ logo in brown, red, and blue on a sturdy canvas bag. Made in Seattle from 100% organic cotton. $14.00

Rainier Avenue South 4865
Seattle 98118 WA US
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