14 Fantastic Lemon-Lime Desserts for You to Try

14 Fantastic Lemon-Lime Desserts for You to Try

Lemon-lime is a refreshing citrus flavor blend that just screams summer, and has become popular in certain sodas and candies. The joining of these two citrus fruits means that they balance each other out for a tangy, yet sweet and crisp taste.

If you’re a lemon-lime lover and you happen to be looking for some new desserts to try, we recommend this list of some fantastic lemon-lime desserts that are sure to be a hit at any summer party, or just a little something for a cozy night in.

Lemon-Lime Layered Cake

Get the deliciously crisp flavor of lemon and lime, along with the sweetness of buttercream frosting, with this lemon cake and lime buttercream frosting recipe! Sprinkle some lime zest on top for garnish and you’ve got a beautiful, citrusy-sweet dessert that is sure to please just about any crowd!

Lemon-Lime Bars

Great for a hot summer day, these cool, refreshing lemon-lime bars come together with eggs, lemon juice, lemon zest, and a crust formed with butter, flour, salt, lime zest, and confectioners sugar. The salt and sugar balance out the tanginess of the citrus fruits and help to bring out their sweet properties.

Lemon-Lime Loaf

What some would call a combination of a cake and bread, the lemon and lime flavors both shine in this perfectly moist lemon-lime loaf. Spread on a thick coating of the sticky sweet lemon icing and you’ve got a quick and simple dessert that is going to be hard to stop at one piece!

Lemon-Lime Soda Pops

Remember how we were saying that lemon-lime soda was a fairly popular flavor? Well, it certainly comes in handy for this recipe for homemade popsicles! Along with the soda, any brand will do, you’ll also need sliced lemons and limes, and either a popsicle mold, or use the old-fashioned method of a paper cup and a popsicle stick for a fun summer activity for the kiddos to enjoy after they freeze, or just a refreshing little something for you.

Lemon-Lime Daiquiri Dessert

This is one of those desserts that you can make ahead that comes out cool and creamy, perfect for those hot summer afternoons by the pool! You’ll need some cream cheese spread (not to be confused with a block of cream cheese), sweetened condensed milk, lime sherbet, lemon juice, and a tub of whipped cream to make this delicious frozen delight.

Lemon-Lime Poke Cake

This variation of a lemon-lime cake is a bit different, as a poke cake calls for Jello and poking holes in the cake after baking in order to pour the Jello over the cake to sink into all of those holes and absorb into the cake. With a lemon cake mix, dream whip homemade frosting, and lime Jello, this moist, cool cake will surely be a hit at the next neighborhood barbecue!

Lemon-Lime Cheesecake

Get your cheesecake on with this cool, creamy cheesecake dessert. This New York Style cheesecake looks gorgeous and tastes so tangy and decadent with its lemon curd poured over top and beautiful lemon and lime slices.

Lemon-Lime Thumbprint Cookies

Classic thumbprint cookies take on new life with this refreshing lemon-lime recipe. They are shortbread cookies infused with lime, the “thumbprint” is filled with lemon curd, and then each cookie is topped with an easy, yet delectable lime icing.

Lemon-Lime Angel Food Cake

Key lime ice cream, a Meyer lemon angel food cake, and some dollops of whipped cream and a few cherries make up this citrusy sweet and festive-looking little lemon-lime treat.

Lemon-Lime Jello Salad

Create a wiggly, jiggly, citrusy, and cool, creamy dessert with some lemon Jello, lime Jello, cottage cheese (although there are recipe variations without the cottage cheese), and pineapple. Grate some lemon and lime zest on top and you’re ready for the big picnic!

Lemon-Lime Satin Creams

This easy dessert can be whipped up in a jiffy with lemon and lime zest, eggs, sugar, and cream. Once you’ve mixed the concoction up, you put it in the refrigerator for up to two days, and then you bake them in individual containers like ramekins for about thirty minutes before serving.

Caramelized Lemon-Lime Tart

This gorgeous and delicious dessert comes together with a crust made of flour, sugar, butter, egg yolk, and heavy cream and a filling created by mixing eggs, egg yolks, lemon juice and zest, and lime juice and zest among its ingredients. Once it’s all prepared, top it with more sugar and use a torch to caramelize it, then add fresh raspberries on top.

Lemon-Lime Tea Cakes

If you’re looking for a perky, citrusy dessert to bring for afternoon tea, we highly suggest these lemon-lime tea cakes! Lemon and lime zest as well as both juices are the star ingredients to this recipe, giving these perfectly-sized finger food cakes a healthy infusion of citrus flavor.

Lemon & Lime Delicious Pudding

Love pudding? Love lemon-lime flavors? Then you’re in for a real treat! Although this is a baked pudding and is meant to serve during colder seasons, it’s still a delicious lemon-lime recipe that we felt needed to be shared. This decadently sweet, rich dessert comes together with butter, flour, lemon and lime juice and zests, and eggs among its list of ingredients. Then, after baking, it’s topped off with confectioners sugar and heavy cream to serve.

Enjoy Some Lemon-Lime Desserts!

So, whether you’re a life-long lemon-lime fan or if you’re just suddenly discovering your love for both, we hope that our list of fantastic lemon-lime dessert recipes will help you out on your new kitchen adventures and that you will be encouraged to seek out even more lemon-lime recipes to try in the future!

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