18 of the Best Dessert Toppings for Waffles

18 of the Best Dessert Toppings for Waffles

Waffles are best known for being a classic breakfast food, with many folk’s mornings consisting of a waffle or two with butter and syrup or brown sugar. After all, those neat, deep little squares are great for retaining all of that delicious syrup or sugar. But, waffles are versatile enough that they also work as a dessert, which expands the possibilities of toppings to make the perfect waffle treat. So, if you’re a waffle lover and a dessert lover, grab your favorite waffles and come with us as we check out our picks for the eighteen best dessert toppings for waffles.

Elvis Style

This isn’t your typical waffle by any means, but it is such a tasty and flexible way to top off a waffle that it works beautifully as either breakfast or dessert! To make Elvis style waffles, you top them with peanut butter, bananas, and bacon strips. The saltiness and savory taste of the bacon actually complements the sweetness of the bananas, then the equally sweet and salty peanut butter comes into play and creates a symphony of pleasing flavors over a sweet, slightly crispy waffle.


A simple glaze can take waffles to a whole new level! Pair glazed waffles with a cup of coffee for a sweet morning pick-me-up, or put a little whipped cream on top and some sprinkles for a simple, yet satisfying dessert.

Waffle Sundaes

Ice cream on waffles is pretty awesome on its own, but when you start getting creative with the toppings, the possibilities are absolutely endless! Make it a fun event and invite friends and family over and have a waffle bar with a variety of ice creams, sprinkles, candies, and sauces so that everyone can make the ultimate waffle sundae. Branch out and try making a variety of waffle flavors, such as chocolate, chocolate chip, or blueberry.

Fruit and Chocolate Syrup or Powdered Sugar

Slice up or toss just about any kind of fruit that you like onto your waffles, such as strawberries and blueberries, and drizzle with either chocolate syrup or sprinkle with powdered sugar. This is another simple recipe that can work as either breakfast or dessert, or just about any meal in between!

S’mores Style

Achieve s’mores with your waffles by topping them off with either toasty, melty marshmallows or marshmallow cream, some crumbled up graham crackers, and then drizzled with chocolate sauce. Get your waffles slightly crispier than normal for more texture and that satisfying s’mores crunch.

Apples and Cinnamon

Another waffle dessert topping option that makes a combination of apple pie and waffles. By topping your waffles with diced apples and cinnamon, then pouring a rich, warm cinnamon apple sauce over top of them, you create the classic apple pie flavor, but with a favorite morning treat. Top with a dollop of whipped cream for the whole experience.

Whipped Cream and Chocolate Syrup

Simple yet tasty, you can take this topping combination to a new level by making chocolate or chocolate chip waffles to go with them! Sprinkle chocolate chips over the waffles for an extra pop of chocolatey sweetness.

Hawaiian Style

Get the tropical taste of Hawaii with your breakfast or dessert waffles by using a topping combination of crushed pineapple, sweetened shredded coconut, and some macadamia nuts.


If you haven’t tried waffles topped with Nutella or any other sort of chocolate-hazelnut spread, you have got to give it a shot! We promise it’s worth it! Throw some strawberries and whipped cream on too for a little something extra.

Peaches and Honey

For a tangy yet sweet, juicy topping combination for your favorite waffles, try adding some peach slices and then drizzle some honey all over for a healthier breakfast and dessert option.

Blueberry Pie Filling and Extra Blueberries

If you’re a blueberry fan, try mixing fresh blueberries into some blueberry pie filling, then pour some over your waffles and top with a dollop of whipped cream. The tart, yet sweet blueberries, the sweet pie filling, and the waffles and whipped cream all work together for a variety of textures and flavors that melt together effortlessly.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Peanut butter and jelly and waffle fans, unite! Topping your waffles with this classic sandwich combo takes your waffles up a notch and gives you that little bit of nostalgia of all the peanut butter and jelly you might have eaten so much of as a kid.


Pour some sweet, yet tart cherries over a stack of chocolate waffles with powdered sugar for a Black Forest waffle combo that works for either breakfast or dessert. Oh, and don’t forget the whipped cream!

Lemon Curd

Although some of you may be looking at this one with raised eyebrows, we promise that it is a unique, but tasty experience! Imagine a soft, sweet, yet slightly crispy waffle spread with some lemon curd. Great, now we want one!


Perhaps you’re in the mood for cake, but you only have waffles. If you find yourself in this situation, try to spread a moderate amount of your favorite frosting onto a waffle or two and enjoy!

Jam or Preserves

Any sort of jam or preserves that you love would probably be absolutely fantastic on a small stack of waffles! Kick it up a notch by scooping some vanilla ice cream over warm waffles, then pouring some preserves over the ice cream.

Fruit Salsa

Make up a fresh batch of fruit salsa however you like and pair it with a couple of slightly crispy waffles and enjoy! Add a bit of cinnamon and sugar to your waffles while making them to add a spicy sweetness to this combination.

Choices of Dessert Toppings for Waffles are Almost Endless

If you love waffles, we hope that this list of different dessert toppings helped you find some new ways to enjoy your breakfast or dessert waffles. We also hope that they have inspired you to continue to seek out even more fun dessert toppings for waffles!

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