The 7 Best and Most Unique Candy Shops in New York

When you think of New York, right from the get go there is no doubt that there are a number of famous places and attractions that flash before your mind’s eye. However, besides the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Broadway, New York is known for having some amazingly unique candy shops and we’ve tracked down 7 of the best and most unique ones. So sit back, relax, and take a fun, sweet journey with us through the 7 best and most unique candy shops in New York.

Max Brenner New York

If you love chocolate, then Max Brenner New York can satisfy any cravings you have and some you never realized you had. The Max Brenner franchise is all about creating an immersive chocolate sensory load with their one-of-a-kind desserts and creative presentations.

Each Max Brenner chocolate delight is made with only the finest and highest quality cocoa beans and other ingredients, making the chocolate experience even more enriching. The secret to their success is the company’s ability to intermingle nostalgia, romance, and the spirit of youth along with their commitment to exemplary customer service.

Word On The Street

Patrons of Max Brenner New York highly recommend that first-timers try the Chocolate Surprise Tiramisu; made with mascarpone cream, espresso, and mixed berries, this dessert is described as perfect, not too sweet. The menu is full of sinfully decadent options and seating is never an issue as the space is huge with lots of seating up and down stairs.

Economy Candy

Started in 1937, Economy Candy has stocked every single candy that one could possibly think of as well as dried fruits and nuts. Chocolates, candy by the decade, candy by the color, you name it, they’ve got it! Before it was a candy store, however, it was originally a hat and shoe repair shop. But with the Great Depression came a want and need for a candy store, as their little cart of candy was doing better than the hat and shoe repair business was. When the Cohen brothers got back from fighting in World War II, they took over and expanded the shop to sell more candy, dried fruit and nuts, gift sets, and much more.

If you’ve got a craving but you can’t find it in any other store, Economy Candy is a surefire way to find it.

Word On The Street

Economy Candy is best known for giving those who walk through its doors the nostalgic feeling of being a kid in a candy store. The prices on these many varieties of sweet confections are also a plus according to patrons.

The Sweet Shop NYC

The Sweet Shop NYC is another unique New York candy shop that is best known for its retro vibe, selections of candies from long ago, hand made chocolates and desserts, and a bonus of gourmet ice cream and gelato.

When you walk in to The Sweet Shop NYC, you’re immediately taken back in time and surrounded by memories of being a kid in a candy store picking out your favorite sweets. If they don’t carry what you’re looking for, self-titled candy buffs Kelly and Glyn Jamie will hunt it down for you if it’s still in existence.

Word On The Street

Folks who have been to The Sweet Shop NYC describe its vibe as “Old School Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.” Also, the gourmet ice creams are highly praised for their rich flavors, and there are even options for Vegans.

BonBon – A Swedish Candy Company

BonBon is a candy store which imports a great deal of Swedish-made candies to serve to their patrons all packaged in adorably chic gift boxes. From chocolates to sweet to sour, or even a mix of all of the above, BonBon’s variety of Swedish imports has something unique to tickle even the most fickle of taste buds.

Founders Robert Persson, Leo Schaltz, and Selim Adira take pride in their candies not containing GMOs, high-fructose corn syrup, or trans fats. They look forward to expanding in the near future.

Word On The Street

The people who love BonBon definitely agree that the sales associates are very knowledgeable about the candy in their store. Samples are also popular here, as with each sample given, someone else is bound to get hooked on these delicious Swedish imports!

Dylan’s Candy Bar

With several different locations in New York, Dylan’s Candy Bar is a candy shop combined with fashion, pop culture, and art. Dylan Lauren’s vision of this candy shop was a creation which was meant to awaken the inner child of all of those who enter with decor that pops and an amazing variety of products.

With over 7,000 confections featured and new ones constantly in development, Dylan’s Candy Bar compares itself to a modern-day Willy Wonka candy factory with candy-cane columns, chocolate shelves, and a lollipop tree.

Word On The Street

Dylan’s Candy Bar is separated into different floors for dining and featuring sweet delights according to customers. The ambiance is described as very colorful and whimsical and children absolutely love it there.

Hershey’s Chocolate World

The name-brand candy shop located in Times Square boasts a sweet experience with all sorts of Hershey candies, gift sets, and more. Not only can you find the familiar yummy candies but Hershey’s Chocolate World also makes their own unique in-house sweets, including S’mores, from the candies you grew up loving.

Plan a visit with a group for the ultimate experience, or you can even have a birthday party held at Hershey’s Chocolate World.

Word On The Street

The large S’mores come highly recommended by those who have been to Hershey’s Chocolate World. It’s also said to be the place to come to if you’re a huge Hershey candy fan looking for merchandise representing your favorite confections.

William’s Candy Shop

William’s Candy Shop is unique in that it offers hand made candies and treats including candied apples, cotton candy, marshmallow treats, lollipops, and more. With over 75 years in the candy making business, these folks know what they’re doing!

William’s Candy Shop of Coney Island is most famous for their special recipe candied apples, which they say is what keeps their customers coming back. The employees strive to make nothing but the best, most fresh candy and confections every day.

Word On The Street

Loyal patrons highly recommend the green candied apples, which reward the inside of your mouth with a sweet and sour punch of flavor. Customers say walking in is like stepping back in time and there’s just something about the smell of all the sweets culminating together.


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