8 Fun Alcoholic Dessert Drinks to Try!

8 Fun Alcoholic Dessert Drinks to Try!

When it comes to desserts, all true dessert lovers know that there is more than one way to get their fix for something sweet and satisfying. But have you ever thought about alcoholic dessert beverages? We’re not just talking about sipping on some Bailey’s, but real dessert cocktails and beers that deliver not only that sweet satisfaction of just having an amazing saccharine indulgence, but also a nice little punch of something a bit stronger.

Alcoholic dessert beverages are great for serving at dinner or holiday parties of all kinds as well as for just a nice, quiet evening in alone sitting by a fire or watching some good television. There are all types of different drinks that you can buy or make that go from super sweet with chocolate and cream to more fruity variations, meaning that there is something for just about every palette to enjoy. So let’s take a look at eight of our favorite kinds of boozy dessert drinks so you can get an idea of what all is out there and help you decide which one (or more!) is right for you.

Sapporo Chocolate Mint-Flavored Beer

Beer for dessert? Oh yes! Japan’s popular beer brand Sapporo has released a chocolate mint-flavored dark beer as their ninth release under their Hoppin Garage series, which was first introduced in 2018 to give Sapporo the chance to explore some more unique beer flavors. This is a dark, stout-like beer which was made to be a dessert to be enjoyed after a meal. Evidently, it’s great poured over ice cream, making it a great boozy topping as well as a dessert all its own. This chocolate mint-flavored beer will be available for purchase on Amazon as of February 2nd.

Chocolate Dessert Cocktail with Bailey’s Irish Cream

This is a chocolate dessert martini that caps off a meal perfectly with its infusion of Bailey’s Irish Cream. It’s an easy recipe to put together, but it delivers when it comes to the rich chocolatey flavor intermingling with the Bailey’s, almost like mixing a chocolate ganache with Bailey’s and vodka, making it a decadent boozy dessert cocktail. Garnish with a chocolate cream made from Bailey’s and half and half, as well as some fresh raspberries.

Samoa Cookie Martini

Do you like to pair your favorite Girl Scout cookies with alcohol? With this thick, creamy drink, you can have it all in a glass! Even when the scouts aren’t selling these delicious treats, this recipe can help you satisfy that chocolate, caramel, and coconut craving with a nice little kick from the caramel vodka and dark Creme de Cocoa. Rim the glass with some toasted shredded coconut and you’re ready to rock!

Pastry Beers

Boozy dessert drinks have really caught on in the world of beer, it seems. Several different breweries have started taking inspiration from the sweeter things in life, like Oozlefinch Beers & Blending brewery in Fort Monroe, Virginia, which created such masterpieces as Das Yummy sour ale, which is inspired by Key Lime Pie. They also have other beers that mimic dessert favorites such as coffee cake and even the very specific flavors of banana pancakes topped with maple syrup.

Orono Brewing in Orono, Maine, has a series of pastry sour ales that are a tribute to Hostess fruit pies, a long-standing treasured treat for many, to create that feeling of nostalgia all the while enjoying a nice alcoholic beverage.

It’s not just breweries that are thinking outside the box, but also some convenience retail chains. Sheetz, a Mid-Atlantic chain of convenience stores that started partnering with breweries to create beers that incorporate their snacks and candy, such as their blueberry muffins and watermelon ring candy. A great example of this was their collaboration with Wicked Weed Brewing of North Carolina, to create their Project Happy Hole-idayz, which was brewed with Sheetz’s famous donut holes.

Mamaroneck, New York, is the home of Decadent Ales brewery, which opened in 2016 with the suggestive slogan, “Eat your beer.” With flavors such as Tiramisu imperial stout and an I.P.A. called Blueberry Frosted Pastry that tastes like a blueberry Pop-Tart, they couldn’t have picked a better slogan.

Banana Cream Pie Cocktail

Another rich, creamy, boozy dessert drink, the Banana Cream Pie cocktail enlists RumChata, banana liqueur, and the rim of the glass is covered with finely crushed graham crackers to bring the whole dessert-in-a-glass experience together. So if you’re looking for something a bit more daring next time you are craving Banana Cream Pie, this one is certainly worth a try!

Brandy Alexander

Although this dessert cocktail sounds like the name of a nice lady, it is actually a sweet, classic creamy drink that is quite a crowd pleaser, and it’s super easy to make with just three ingredients; Brandy, Kahlua, and cream, Garnish with a sprinkling of cinnamon to add some extra flavor dimension.

Boozy Bailey’s Oreo Milkshake

Booze? Bailey’s? Oreos? Milkshake? Yep, you heard it right! A decadent, creamy, boozy milkshake made with America’s favorite cookie is the alcoholic dessert beverage that we didn’t know we needed! You get the amazing, classic cookie and cream flavor combination, but spiking it with that Bailey’s and Vanilla Vodka sends it over the edge and makes a classic treat an adult beverage worth raving over.

Mississippi Mud Pie Martini

Everyone has heard of Mississippi Mud Pie, and many folks have tried it, but have you ever tried it infused with alcohol? This brilliant martini recipe brings it all together with RumChata, vodka, Kahlua, chocolate syrup, chocolate cookies, and chocolate shavings. This drink is a rich, creamy, chocolatey delight that packs a punch with the RumChata, vodka, and Kahlua, making it great for parties or a nice night in.

No matter what kind of alcoholic dessert beverage you prefer or how you choose to enjoy a nice boozy dessert drink, make it a point to really savor it and, of course, enjoy it responsibly.


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