7 Sweetest Candy Shops in Calgary Canada

The 7 Sweetest Candy Stores in Calgary

Cosmopolitan Calgary is the center of the Canadian oil industry and located in Alberta, Canada, but it also has deep western roots and some super sweet candy stores that offer a variety of amazing confections. So saddle up and come along with us through Canada’s sophisticated Cowtown and take a look at our picks for the seven sweetest candy stores of Calgary.

Sweet Fusion – Candy, Soda, Fun

Located in Glamorgan Shopping Centre, fun and colorful Sweet Fusion is described as Calgary’s best candy store and has retro and specialty imported candies and treats among their huge variety of other bulk confectionary goods, plus specialty sodas.

Sweet Fusion is proud to be a premiere destination for all things sweet, being the ultimate place to find rare and imported candies, sodas, and novelties. Owner Paul Yuzda opened Sweet Fusion in April of 2016 because of his own quest to find those hard-to-find candies for himself, as well as realizing Calgary’s shortage of candy stores.

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Customers love the friendly service, the selection of candy, and the fair prices on bulk candy. You’ll find many candies you’ve never heard of here, such as Guava and Pineapple Laffy Taffy, Dutch Licorice, and an assortment of Mexican candies.

Epiphanie Chocolate

Epiphanie Chocolate is a gourmet specialty chocolate shop and store, and along with their many varieties and assortments of house-made chocolates such as truffles and molded chocolates, they also craft custom chocolate orders for corporate and personal events and celebrations.

Owner Debra Fleck has a true passion for chocolate, and creating gourmet specialty chocolates at Epiphanie Chocolate is her way of celebrating and sharing her deep love for rich, pure chocolate with the rest of the world.

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Loyal patrons say this artisan chocolate shop is the best place for chocolate in Calgary. Fan favorite chocolates include the Double Smoked Bacon, the Passion Fruit, and the Ginger.

Pixie’s Candy Parlour

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Located at The District at North Deerfoot, Pixie’s Candy Parlour is an old-fashioned candy parlour that features a genuine 1950’s soda fountain, vivid pink walls, white and teal shelves and displays, and boxes and glass jars full of bright, colorful candies.

Founder Jackie, also known as “Pixie,” started the Candy Parlour in 2013 at a local farmer’s market after having searched for local old fashioned candy stores. The candy store became a hit, and after moving to a location in 2015, Pixie’s keeps bringing the joy of old fashioned candy stores to new generations.

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Customers agree that this candy store is a bright and fun bit of candy nostalgia. Some of the unique candies you can find there are the Tabasco Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Rotisserie Chicken Flavored Candy Canes, and Pixy Stix in flavors like Cucumber Watermelon, Mango Lime, and Pineapple.

Yummy Co. Retro Candy Shoppe

Located in the Crossroads Farmers Market, Yummy Co. Retro Candy Shoppe offers a stroll down memory lane with their extensive offerings of retro and imported candies and sweets that you can’t easily find. They also make up variety boxes called Decade Boxes and Candy Time Capsules that are full of candies from different decades from the 40’s through the 90’s that make a unique gift.

Owner Jody Turner began Yummy Co. as an online candy store back in January of 2001 and within two years became so popular that a physical location was necessary. They now reside in great tourist attraction Crossroads Farmers Market.

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Customers say that this is the place to go for nostalgic candies. The Candy Time Capsule boxes come highly recommended, as well as the Curly Wurlys and Dutch Chalk Candy.

Gummi Boutique

Gummi Boutique is a candy, soda, and ice cream shop that specializes in gummi candies that range from mini to the largest gummies in the world. You can get other types of candies here too like the standard favorites and some British, Japanese, and Mexican imports, but if you’re looking for a truly unique gummi candy experience, this is the spot to be!

Whether you’re looking to buy candy in bulk, unique candy gifts such as baskets and huge gummi bears, and even holiday themed candies and gummies to put the finishing touch on any holiday celebration, Gummi Boutique offers a fun, sweet experience for all.

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Patrons seem to agree that Gummi Boutique has a great candy selection for great prices. Recommended favorites include Lemon Pop Bottles, the Peach Penguin Gummies, and the Black Cherry Mustaches.

The Chocolate Lab

The Chocolate Lab likes to classify their chocolate as fine chocolate re-imagined, and this description couldn’t be more accurate with their Bonbons, which are decadent morsels of edible art that can be mixed and matched in collection and custom boxes. These beautiful little bite size works of art come in over 40 different flavors including varieties of dark, milk, white, and ruby chocolate.

The world’s finest chocolatiers working at The Chocolate Lab takes pride in only using the freshest, finest ingredients in their chocolates, and make it an every day mission to explore the limitations of chocolate and just how far it can be taken.

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Fans talk about how beautiful each individual chocolate made here is, and how they taste just as good as they look. Favorite Bonbons include the Dreamsicle, the Shichimi, and the Lemon Yuzu.


Located in Dragon City Mall, Qalala is a family owned business right in the heart of Calgary’s Chinatown, and they specialize in candies and treats from all over Asia. You’ll find an outstanding variety of KitKats you won’t typically find anywhere else, as well as popular Pocky.

Based in Calgary since November of 1999, Qalala is the way to get all of the imported candies, snacks, and sodas you could ever want from all across Asia without having to go to Asia to find them yourself.

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Fans say this is the ultimate place to get the unique and sometimes rather wacky treats that come out of Asia. Favorite candies include Wasabi KitKats, the Blueberry KitKats, and the Lychee Gummies.

Take a chance and dip into any of these seven sweet candy stores in Calgary and see if you can find a nostalgic childhood favorite, or try something new!