The Top 4 Bakeries in Sydney – Delicious Cakes for All Occasions

Discover the top four cake shops in Sydney, Australia. From wedding cakes to birthday cakes, these four shops offer delicious cakes for all occasions.

The Four Best Cake Shops in Sydney, AU

Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales, Australia, is located on the east coast and is the most populated city. You’ve probably seen one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks many times in pictures, the famous Sydney Opera House that is similar to sails on a boat. Full of history, once upon a time, Sydney was a British colony of exiled convicts, and since that point in time, it has become Australia’s hub for fine dining, arts, and entertainment.

Sydney is also home to the incredible Royal Botanic Gardens, Darling Harbour, and the Skywalk, the outdoor platform at Sydney Towers, which offers spectacular 360-degree views of the city and the suburbs.

Along with these landmarks and fun places to visit, Sydney also has a fine selection of cake shops to choose from. No matter what sort of occasion you may need a cake for while visiting Sydney, knowing where the best cake shops in the area are located is a good first step in the right direction. So, let’s go on an adventure to the Land Down Under and check out the four best cake shops in Sydney.

Black Velvet Sydney

Located on Darlinghurst Road, Black Velvet Sydney is a sleek, classy establishment that can create custom cakes for any occasion that one could ever possibly need a cake for. They also make beautiful seasonal cakes and other treats such as cupcakes. If you or someone you love has certain dietary restrictions, such as gluten free or vegan, they can also accommodate your needs this way.

Back in 2014, Black Velvet Sydney was established with a mission of bringing sublime dessert options to Sydney. They’re always looking for more talented cake artists to ensure that they only churn out the best of the best cakes for every occasion imaginable.

Word on The Street

Clients who have ordered here before appreciate the promptness and clear communication that the cake shop maintains with them throughout the entire ordering process. Fan favorite cakes include their cookie number cakes, their red velvet cake, and their vegan cakes and cupcakes.

La Renaissance Patisserie and Cafe

La Renaissance Patisserie and Cafe, located on Argyle Street, not only makes and serves cakes, but also fruit tarts, pastries, and more. This patisserie and cafe is a little piece of France in Sydney. Here, you can get an artisan-designed special occasion cake that is customized to the wants and needs of your celebration, or you can choose from some of their most popular cakes, which includes their chocolate Juju cake.

La Renaissance has been located inside The Rocks since 1992, making thirty years in this historic part of Sydney, but was founded in 1974 by Pierre and Sally Charkos. Pierre was a French trained patissier who had a passion for creating beautiful, delicious pastries. Although Pierre passed away in 2005, you can still feel his presence throughout La Renaissance by the way the traditions of creating only the best cakes and pastries lives on. Jean-Michel Raynaud, also French trained, is at the helm of La Renaissance, bringing to life beautiful, delicious cakes and pastries, both custom and signature creations.

Word on The Street

Folks who come here regularly love the cakes, pastries, and other treats that they can get here, and are impressed with the creativity of the cakes. Fan favorite cakes include their Milles Feuilles, their Juju, and their Tranche au Chocolat.

Mrs. Jones the Baker

Located on Moore Lane, Mrs. Jones the Baker is a well-established artisan bakery and gelato in Sydney. This bakery gives you the full experience of seeing pulling loaves of bread from the ovens, frosting their cakes, and so many more behind-the-scenes moments. Although they excel in many different types of fare from cakes to pastries and more, our main focus here is on their cakes. Whether you’re looking for just a slice of cake, an individual cake, or a whole cake for a special occasion, you can find it here.

Mrs. Jones the Baker wants you to have a full sensory experience when you walk into their bakery. It’s about so much more than just purchasing a cake or a pastry, it’s about the truly immersive process of preparing and baking, of frosting, of decorating. They take pride in only using the best ingredients, most of which are organic based, and they offer dairy free, nut free, gluten free, and low sugar options as well.

Word on The Street

Patrons love how friendly the staff is just as much as they love their cakes, pastries, and other goodies. Fan favorite cakes include their carrot cake, their Lemon Drizzle cake, and their Chocolate Eclair.

Black Star Pastry

A little cafe located at Shop 26, Black Star Pastry is home of the world’s most Instagrammed cake, and once you’ve checked out some pictures of their amazing cakes, you’ll see why. Each of their cakes is a work of art, from their First Snow, which is a limited-edition Christmas cake, to their Zen Cheesecake, which is inspired by a Japanese Zen rock garden (it really does look like it could be a Zen Garden, we’re not kidding!).

Along with their fashionable single-layer cakes, they also make tiered cakes that can serve anywhere up to 160 guests, and include varieties such as Raspberry Lychee Celebration, Chocolate Mirage Celebration, and Dragon Cake Celebration, which is made with Dragon Fruit. Each of their cakes is meant to be its own adventure, with a story being interwoven through each slice. We encourage you to definitely make the trip to Black Star Pastry if you are in Sydney, we promise you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll get some amazing cake pictures out of it, too.

Word on The Street

Many comments from locals and tourists alike tend to trend toward having had “the best cake they’ve ever had in their life,” especially their tiered cakes. Fan favorite cakes include their Watermelon Strawberry cake, their Mango Yuzu cake, and their Chocolate Mirage cake.

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