10 Fun Cookie & Ice Cream Combos – Oreos, Strawberry & More

Enjoy 10 delicious ideas to combine cookies and ice cream. Oreos and ice cream sandwich are the most popular but we encourage you to try these others.

10 Fun Cookie and Ice Cream Combos

Some things are just meant to be together, such as peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips, and eggs and bacon. But today, we’re focusing on the delicious combination of two dessert favorites, ice cream and cookies. Regardless of whether you love to crumble cookies into your ice cream or if you prefer ice cream cookie sandwiches, the pull of a good cookie and ice cream combination is simply irresistible.

Although just about any cookie can easily be paired with any sort of ice cream you wish, there is something so satisfying about putting together the perfect cookie and ice cream combination that manages to capture all of the highlights of each one, while also managing to complement each other.

Are you an ice cream and cookie lover who is interested in knowing about some fun cookie and ice cream combinations? Then come along with us and prepare to make a grocery list as we check out ten fun cookie and ice cream combos, plus some bonus tips on choosing the best cookies to use for cookie ice cream sandwiches.

Golden Oreos and Strawberry Ice Cream

If you love the classic strawberry shortcake ice cream bars, then this cookie and ice cream combination can act as a wonderful substitute when you don’t have any. Simply crush some Golden Oreos and then stir them into your favorite strawberry ice cream and you’ve got a classic ice cream bar copycat with minimal effort. Add a bit of whipped cream for a little something extra.

Chocolate Cookie and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

A chewy chocolate cookie and mint chocolate chip ice cream adds to a classic flavor combination by bringing in more chocolate. If you want to make this one even more fun, we suggest that if you decide to bake your cookies yourself, add some Andes Mint Chocolate candy pieces to your cookie batter like you would chocolate chips.

Chocolate Chip Cookie and Praline Pecan Ice Cream Sandwich

An unexpected but delicious ice cream cookie sandwich combo, there is a symphony of flavors at play here, from the classic chocolate chip cookie to the vanilla ice cream with a slight hint of caramel, as well as the pecan pieces. Trust us and give this one a try!

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie and Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

Although it’s rather tame in the arena of trying new things, sometimes it really is the simple things that make us the happiest, and an oatmeal raisin cookie and vanilla ice cream sandwich definitely hits the spot. The chewy oatmeal texture, the plump and juicy raisins, that hint of cinnamon, all coming together with creamy vanilla ice cream. Great, now we want one, too!

Sugar Cookies and Banana Split Ice Cream Sandwich

If you love a good banana split, then this one is for you! Slap a slab of banana split ice cream, which basically consists of the classic banana split ingredients including cherries, walnuts, and fudge, in between two sugar cookies and let your tastebuds take you away. We promise this one is worth a try!

Samoas and Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Girl Scout Cookie favorite Samoas are unfortunately available only one time of year, but the good news is that many stores have their own brand of this delightful cookie. To add a little something to your bowl of salted caramel ice cream, we recommend crumbling up a few Samoas and sprinkling them on top. This crunchy cookie, along with its caramel and chocolate drizzle and bottom coating, makes a great ice cream topping on just about any ice cream, but salted caramel is our favorite choice.

Peanut Butter Cookie and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

This fun ice cream cookie sandwich combination brings together a classic combination of flavors. Between the salty yet sweet peanut butter cookies and sweet little morsels of chocolate throughout the cool, creamy vanilla ice cream, this is an ice cream cookie sandwich combo that would appeal to many different tastes.

Chocolate Chip Cookie and Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich

A double threat, this cookie and ice cream sandwich basically takes a safely edible ice cream version of the dough which made the cookie in question; creamy and chilled versus baked and chewy. So, if you’re a chocolate chip cookie lover, this is definitely an ice cream cookie sandwich you should try!

Classic Oreos and Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

What is a less thought of idea that can possibly make strawberry cheesecake ice cream any better? Add some crushed Oreos to it. Something about the addition of the classic, crunchy chocolate cookie gives a bit more dimension to the ice cream. Perhaps it’s the well-known combination of chocolate and strawberry that really makes it.

Molasses Cookie and Peach Ice Cream Sandwich


This one came out of left field, but it’s a great combination that will no doubt remind you of another famous peach dessert. From the molasses cookie acting as the ‘crust,’ to the peaches woven through vanilla ice cream, it’s like a frozen version of a peach cobbler. So, if you’re a peach cobbler lover, we highly recommend this one!

Choosing the Right Cookie to Make Your Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

When it comes to assembling the perfect ice cream cookie sandwich, the best kind of cookie that you can use is a chewy one. This is because they don’t tend to break and crumble as easily as their soft and crunchy counterparts, and therefor can hold up better with the cool, creamy ice cream in the middle.

As for whether it’s better to use homemade cookies or storebought ones, you can’t really go wrong with either kind. Storebought cookies make it much quicker and more convenient to make your ice cream cookie sandwiches, but homemade cookies make them a little more special in a way, from a sentimental point of view. So, really, it’s dealer’s choice.

Have Fun With It!

Even though there are some ice creams that will just go the absolute best with certain cookies, we still encourage you to try any kind of ice cream cookie sandwich combination, or any kind of cookies in your ice cream that your heart desires. It’s something fun to do with those you love to make some sweet summer memories, or to add to some memories you’re already making. Either way, we hope you enjoy!


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