15 Blood Orange Desserts You’ve Gotta Try

Have you ever tried blood oranges? If you’re an orange lover, these cannot be missed! Blood oranges are a bit different than your average variety of orange, as these oranges either have red or red-streaked peel and the entire inside of the fruit is blood red, hence the name.

Blood oranges have their coloring because of the presence of anthocyanins, mainly chrysanthemin, which is a set of pigments that is common in flowers but not so much in citrus fruits.

Along with their unusual coloring, blood oranges are also special because they are extremely nutritious with a large variety and high amounts of vitamins and minerals, which include Vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber. They’re also associated with many health benefits, including potential weight loss, improved health in the gut biome, and raised immune system functioning.

Now that you know a bit more about blood oranges, why don’t you come along with us as we check out 15 awesome desserts that you can make with or infuse with blood oranges and reap the delicious flavor as well as the benefits of this amazing citrus fruit!

Blood Orange Upside-Down Cake

This is a fun citrusy twist on the classic pineapple upside down cake, only with this variation you’ll use blood oranges. The result is a beautiful, delicious cake that will amaze you and anyone you choose to share it with!

Blood Orange Bars

Blood orange bars are in the same vein as lemon bars, and between the fresh sweetness of the blood orange juice and zest and the buttery crust, the flavor profile of these heavenly, fruity bars is on point.

Blood Orange Curd

This curd is made in the same way that you would make a lemon curd, but of course instead you’ll use blood oranges. Once you’ve made your curd, you can use it in a variety of recipes that call for a citrus curd for a burst of sweet orange flavor.

Blood Orange and Grapefruit Tart with Lemon Cream

Delightfully bright and citrusy, and lightly sweet, this beautifully colorful dessert is one that is sure to impress. The best part is that it’s a versatile dessert that can be enjoyed all year long.

Blood Oranges with Caramel Sauce and Cocoa Nibs

This sophisticated blood orange dessert will look beautiful on your table and will cause dancing tastebuds all the way around. The caramel for this dessert is a special blood orange caramel that you can easily make to top off this gorgeous, flavorful dessert.

Dark Chocolate Blood Orange Cake

Orange and chocolate are just two flavors that pair well, and this is most definitely true for dark chocolate and blood oranges. The slight bitterness of the dark chocolate cake helps to balance out the sweetness of the blood orange juice that it’s infused with, and then you get even more of the sweet blood orange flavor in the blood orange buttercream frosting.

Blood Orange Mousse with Blood Orange Sorbet

Another delicious blood orange infused dessert is a blood orange mousse, which takes the juice of a total of 12 blood oranges and one lemon for the sorbet. The mousse is heavy and creamy on the tongue, while the sorbet is cool, light, and oh-so-refreshing.

Orange-Scented Olive-Oil Cake with Orange Compote and Ganache

This delicious dessert delivers double on the blood orange goodness, with the zest and juice infused into the cake itself, then you combine the blood orange segments with honey to create the sweet and citrusy compote.

Almond Shortbread Cookies with Blood Orange Glaze

Take these delightful almond shortbread cookies up a notch with a sweet, creamy, dreamy blood orange glaze. You’ll need the juice of blood oranges as well as a whole orange in order to make the glaze.

Blood Orange and Pomelo Marmalade

Marmalade is a delicious addition to many different recipes, and of course it’s absolutely divine on toast or biscuits, but have you tried a marmalade made with blood oranges? You can make your own with the flesh and the peels of blood oranges, lemons, and pomelos. This combination makes a dark red marmalade that is more bittersweet than typical marmalades.

Blood Orange Ice Pops

Make this just like you used to make popsicles as a kid, either with popsicle sticks and a cup or a popsicle mold. All you need is some blood orange juice, some blood orange slices, simple syrup, and salt, and you’ve got a beautiful, delicious way to cool down on a hot summer day.

Blood Orange Treacle Pudding

Treacle is a traditional British dessert, which is livened up with the use of blood orange zest and juice infused into the batter. Once it’s finished, you then top it off with candied blood orange zest and a bright, citrusy sauce.

Chocolate Dipped Candied Blood Orange Slices

This is a simple, yet elegant and delicious dessert option that merely requires cutting and candying some blood oranges, then dipping half of them into chocolate and letting them harden. Once again, the combination of orange and chocolate is a classic that never goes out of style.

Blood Orange Cupcakes

Tasty and portable, cupcakes are one of the ultimate desserts, so of course it makes sense that blood orange cupcakes would be included in this list. Between the infusion of blood oranges in the cupcake itself and the frosting, plus the beautiful ruby red blood orange wedge garnish on top makes for a dessert that is appealing to both the eyes and the tastebuds.

Blood Orange Chocolate Truffle Torte

The taste of rich, decadent chocolate truffles and blood oranges meet to create this outstanding torte. Semisweet chocolate chips, a whole blood orange, and a bit of blood orange juice are just a few of the things you’ll need to create this fabulous dessert. Don’t forget the whipped cream!

Incorporate Blood Oranges in Your Desserts

So, whether you’re a lover of citrus who hasn’t been sure about this amazing variety of orange, or if you love blood oranges but haven’t been sure how to incorporate them into your desserts, we hope that these suggestions have inspired you to add this delicious citrus fruit into your dessert making.


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